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Are we going forward or going backwards? Knowing self-sabotage is very important,

the more I know about self-sabotage, the more I understand about how mental processes

emotional processes work and how do I I can leverage a situation in the best way

possible. Hi Carlos Hoyos here, high performance for leaders, leaders with purpose. We are

making a series of content a series of episodes talking about the process of

self sabotage the greater our responsibility in relation to our life in relation to

our team our organization our company, higher must be our level of self knowledge

self awareness to know when we are whether or not entering the process of self-sabotage

and the better we know the processes of self-sabotage, the more we identify

our employees, our partners in our business partners if that

is being positive or negative, that is, behavior patterns that support us

and patterns of behavior that limit us, then self-knowledge external knowledge

this mastery of whether we are going forward or backward. Know the

sabotage is very important, the more I know about self sabotage, the more I

understand about how mental processes emotional processes work and how can I

leverage a situation in the best possible way. Within this model that we are working on,

Shirzad Chamines model of self-sabotage, we talk a lot about saboteurs, we talk

about the critical judge who is the commander who calls all other saboteurs and we talk

about several other saboteurs and today I I would like to talk about the saboteur who is

very tense for people who like to run and like to perform, it is precisely the saboteur

hyper achievement to high execution, or that is, it is not that balanced execution

focused on results is doing for the sake of doing, hitting goals by hitting goals, even if those

goals don't make sense, that is, you define an action and why you defined the action,

you have to perform even if that action don't bring a move in the direction of that

that we want, this is a process of very profound self sabotage in people who

produce many results. How are we used to producing many results,

we believe that all kinds of results it's good, not necessarily the result

worthwhile, the sustainable result that makes us go to the strategic,

so that we can grow and develop in a balanced way. Many accomplishments

happen because people get addicted in the dopamine process, they perform

something has a dopamine discharge has a recognition achievement brain chemist ahh

I did one more activity, right and when you understands this dopamine discharge process

of the brain when we perform an activity when we hit a goal, we can

use that in a positive way or we we can be victims of this process and stay

literally running addicts. High top performers performers are people

who are focused on a high level of achievement and execution, there is often no

determination process if that execution makes sense or doesn't make sense, sometimes

it's something that the person is simply accelerated is doing doing doing, the

people already talked about identifying something that is important versus urgent, but when

enter under the judgment, under the halter of this saboteur we became slaves of execution

execution do activities complete complete complete and often we don't stop

to assess whether what were doing makes sense or if what we're

doing could be done in a more intelligent or could it be delegated, that

it's a big was a trap of people that grow in their careers and understand

that run more, have more results there is more recognition, but then they saw

super controllers of tasks and activities, not only wanting to control others, but wanting

control the entire execution and there it does not delegate, do not invest time in developing other

people, because the big lie of this saboteur is that I need to do everything and I am able

to do everything, it's a lie, I'm not able to do everything and perhaps the best activity,

this activity would be much better done by another person who has more competence, more

conditions than me and maybe even more happy doing that, I don't need to do

everything, it's important to know how to delegate is important develop team so that team can

be leveraged in a smart way. The criterion here is not the number of activities

you do, number of lines you crosses on your task list but the value

that you produce for you, for your family in your community, for the country, for your company,

depending on the degree of performance you have what counts is really the value you

is aggregating, the result that makes sense. Ultimately what did you do that gave

value? When I serve executives and I serve entrepreneurs are often in the

would run, but they feel that they are not doing would need to be done because they

are doing minor things, activities minors that do not add up, so important

you dissociate yourself from this day-to-day madness of hyper realization and focus on what

really matters, in what really has purpose. If that information resonated

positively with you, like share, give your feedback, leave your comment here,

how do you do that self process sabotage, what do you use to win

this process of hyper realization, of high executors who stay in a way, in a madness,

in an addiction to execute execute execute ok? Leave your comment here, share that

other people can also benefit of this content. Until our next meeting

may God bless you, that you have a extraordinary life with purpose and with

balanced execution, planning and executing thinking before running out doing things

fine? That's a big hug.

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