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Brian: Hello, all you beautiful people out there.

Today, we have something extremely exciting planned for you.

We are Unboxing Machina.

That's right, inside of this box

that was, looks like it was hand delivered to me

by Ace Ventura is the exclusive, shiny brand new,

beautiful Vox Machina Funko Pops.

And right now we're going to dig into this box

and see what they look like and check them out.

Let's go.

I have with me, Ashley's, what I call the murder weapon,

fishing knife here.

All right, let's see, wow.

This cuts like butter, babe.

I know.

(cardboard ripping)

All right.

I'm not a lefty.

All right, let's see what we got here.

Oh my goodness.

What is this, what is this? (paper rustling)

What is this?

Do you ever see the magic trick where they pull the,

all right.

Oh my goodness. (angelic choral singing)

Oh wow, let's see, who's first?

(gasping) It's Pike Trickfoot.

That is pretty, look at this thing, oh wow.

She has her eyes closed.

I would too if I was married to Scanlan.

Spoilers for campaign one, probably throughout this video.

But let's see who else we got here.

All right, there's Scanlan, he's looking good.

Aww, that brings us to Pike's bestie, Mr. Grog Strongjaw.

I thought he'd be bigger in person.

Do we get to keep these?

I hope so.

I hope so too.

Oh, and then we have the happy boy, Vax'ildan.

Lots of spoilers coming up once we unpack this one

and see what kind of Easter eggs we've got here.

Percival de Rolo III.

Notice how they couldn't even put his entire name there.

It would be Von Fredericksteins

Whataburger Wienerschnitzel the third.

He looks great.

Ooh, the "practically gods" herself.

Keyleth in druid form.

Not yet in goldfish form.

The little freckles!

It's adorable.

All right.

The queen of sexiness herself, Vex'ahlia.

Look at that, now this is not the broom one.

Hopefully you already were able to snag one of those.

This is just, I'm looking good, I'm pretty, I got my bow.

I'm very deadly.

That's it.

Let's dive into these bad boys.

(enthusiastic trumpeting)

Here before me, the seven heroes of Tal'Dorei.

We're gonna do Pike first.

I'm a little bit impartial.

Oh, there she is, the precious princess herself.

We got wings!

They're kind of translucent, that's really cool.


Campaign one, back when clerics healed.

Pike Trickfoot.

Taking a quick nap or, you know what?

She's praying to Saranrae.

Moving on quickly.


Okay, Keyleth's next.

Already nature, you can hear animals in the background

being summoned by this powerful druid.

Whoa, that is incredible.

We've got the antlers, the flowing hair.

This is really cool.

Look at all the detail on the little dress in the back.

That's awesome. (dog barking)

Hands out, ready to cast a spell, flowers in the hair.

You can hear the animals being summoned.

Okay, up next, we have Percival de Rolo.

Look at those glasses.

Wow, wow wow wow wow wow.

What a great outfit.

The gun, we got the gun on his back.

Sideburns, it's incredible.

It's cool how they can fit so much detail

on the little things, I love it.

(singing) Vax'ildan, Vax'ildan!

(singing) He's still dead!

But he lives on in our hearts and now he can live on

on your shelf with your very own


Ooh, wings, eyes like the darkness that lay within his soul.

Look, he's got a little feather!

He's got a little feather! Look, he's got a little feather!

He's got a little feather.

Dagger, dagger.

Can't show you where the other one is.

Or I would.

Smartest man in the room.

It's Grog Str, it's Grog Stonejaw, right, Ashley?


The detail in this Funko Pop is so cool

'cause you can literally see all the places

that Cory Barlog just ripped off Travis's ideas

for "God of War," giving him zero credit.

He's got his axe, he's got his ale.

I mean, he's ready to party.

Pike fits perfectly on his back, just like in the show.

It's kind of a, look at this, friends.

This is...

I'm barely have to even, I don't even need to use my-

Let's not.

Okay, I'm moving on, I'm moving, we're moving on here.

Best class, bard, right here.

Scanlan Shorthalt sitting inside of (singing) Bigby's Hand!

His head moves.

That's cool. Do they all move?

We'll check. Go all the way around?

It doesn't go all the way around.

Unlike Sam's actual head.


(imitates sick guitar chord)

Let's see if Pike's head moves around.

No, no.

She's stationary while she prays.

It's our lady danger.

Oh God help.


Look at that, how cool is the bow?

Got her feather, she's got her little cape.

What's it called, is it a cape?

It's a dress.

It's a robe?!

It's Vex'ahlia.

Hello darling, prepare to die.

Let's see if her head moves.

Ooh, a little bit.

She can just kind of check the peripherals a little bit.

Should we do a full head check?

Do a full head check!

Okay, Grog's head.

Whoa, whoa!

He's looking at me.

He's looking at you.

He's looking at the folks at home.

He's looking at his friends.

Hello, everyone, hello every, hello.

I can't really do a Grog voice.

Grog, full 360 movement.

Very, very important to know.

I think we're going to have a

Michael Keaton-Batman situation because of these wings.

Yeah, look, he has to move his entire body

if he wants to look somewhere, you know?

Remember that, Michael Keaton's Batman costume?

Never seen it.


Do you think Percy's head will move or not?


You do?

Let's see.


Nope. It's a, oh wait, I loosened it!


I think they all move.


He can shoot over here and then turn around

and shoot over here, turn around.

And finally Keyleth.

Okay, well she's limited because of the hair

and that's okay.

But the hair is worth not being able

to turn your head all the way around.

That's what I've said for years.

(enthusiastic trumpeting)

Well, there you have it, friends.

You got to get yours, they're incredible.

Leave them in the box, take them out,

do whatever you want.

But it's good to have a little reminder

of a very, very bad group of people.

Isn't it Funko Pop?

What did I say?

Foonko Pop?

Funko Pop.

Putting the funk back in popping.

It's time to end this video.

(epic adventuring music)

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