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So today we're going to talk about how you follow some very simple tips to create super effective videos.

So if you're already using videos in your business, follow these simple steps for your video content giving your Customer the power of surprise and delight...

Firstly, think about what type of video you are producing - is it a response to an enquiry?

Is it on the back of your first meeting with the Customer to thank them, or better still is it to ask the Customer for their feedback following their Vehicle purchase?

The sound in our videos is important, when communicating key information to Customers.

When shooting videos outside or in any noisy areas, make sure you are using a Windjammer on top of your microphone.

Wind noise or noise from ongoing traffic nearby is very easily picked up - so we always recommend using a cover, this little guy, for your microphone, which minimises the wind noise and will elevate your voice.

When introducing yourself, your location and positioning are very important - Customers can form an impression of your environment if this isn't carefully considered.

You can do this by: Choosing your background It's always great to have a background with your brand logo - instantly telling the Customer where you're from.

Great backgrounds can also be your dealership building, the showroom or the product the customer is interested in.

Lighting - Good lighting is key to a great video - make sure the viewer can see you and the vehicle clearly

and remember you should always watch your Videos back before you send them out - as that is what the Customer will see.

Surroundings are very important, the slightest thing, or the most obvious can be off putting when helping the Customer to form an impression of your business.

Here's a clever little tip - do you guys always give out your contact details during the Video?

Well, your right to do so, the Customer needs a call to action and they need to know how to reach you.

So, listen up if your using CitNOW when you send your Video, the Customer watches it in a beautifully branded presentation page - which contains - your contact details - including your direct line and email address.

So when your shooting your video you can simply direct the Customer to these details on the page and say something like:

"and you'll find my contact details to the left or the right of this Video, including my phone number and email address"

takes a little practice but is so cool to do and saves you having to spell out all those letters and numbers! Simple and cool stuff..

Thanks so much for watching, see you next time.

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