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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Le PILOTE est HANDICAPÉ ?!?! Non mais vous rigolez ...

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A life accident happens to you and leads to a handicap. Or you were born

suffering from an irreversible pathology, and you think you "dream to

become a Pilot is gone forever". In reality, not really ... Hi everyone, my name is

Nicolas. You have understood, in this movie we are going to talk about flying and

handicap. First of all one thing. If

you are currently suffering, or you were the victim of an accident which

caused to you a significant handicap, I would like to testify to you all my

compassion. I am used to say that the world would be better if there would

have more solidarity between humans. So from the bottom of my heart

take care, and I really hope this movie will

help you. YES it is possible to become a Pilot with a strong physical

handicap, and this for almost whatever the pathology is.

Let me take three concrete cases. If you are currently suffering from a

vision problem, the "Mirauds Volants" association will help

you, will help people with vision problems to access to a flight

deck. If, on the opposite, you have a ear capability

issue, if you are deaf, it does exist the "Aéro-Club des Sourds

de France" (ACSF) which thanks to dedicated aircrafts will help you to fly an airplane.

Last but not least, if you are paraplegic, if you have lost the use of your two

legs, please be aware that there are more and more

Aeroclubs in France and in Europe which own dedicated aircrafts. In

fact very easily, the rudder is replaced by hand-flying rudder. You

will move the plane on the yaw axis not with your feet anymore

but with your hands. You don't believe me that all of this is possible?

Let's talk about Dorine Bourneton. Dorine Bourneton is a French woman

born in 1974.The 12th of May 1991, At the age of 16 years, she

is the victim of an air crash of which she is the only survivor. She lost

the use of her two legs, and from that point her dream to become a Pilot

is gone. In reality it is strictly the opposite ... Thanks to her motivation and a very

hard work, she becomes the first disabled woman

to be an Aerobatic Pilot.

Moreover, thanks to her, since 2003 Pilots suffering from an handicap can

apply to a professional activity. Yes you understood correctly : becoming

a Commercial Pilot for aerial work. I strongly recommend to you her two

excellent books : "La couleur préférée de ma mère" and "Au-dessus des nuages".

I give you the links in the description below. If you

know more about helping others to fly, please do not

hesitate to share in the comments. I wish you plenty of flight

hours and a lot of beautiful moments on top of the clouds.

Thank you very much for having watched this movie. See you soon for

the next one, take care, ciao

The Description of Le PILOTE est HANDICAPÉ ?!?! Non mais vous rigolez ...