Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Classic Sesame Street - Ernie & Bert: Ernie cleans up

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Bert: Hey, Ernie! Hey, Ernie! Hey, stop it, Ernie!


Bert: Hey, Ernie! Hey, cut that out!


Bert: Hey! Hey Ern, hey Ern!

Ernie: What?

Bert: Hey, c'mon now, cut that out! Would ya'?

Ernie: Oh.

Bert: Look at this mess, Ernie!

I tell you: you are the sloppiest person I ever saw!

Ernie: Uh.

Bert: Now, if are not going to clean this place up,

I'm gonna move to Oscar! His garbage can is cleaner than this place.

Ernie: Oh, well...

Bert: Wow!

Ernie: Okay, okay! Okay, okay, Bert!

I'll clean it up! I'll cleaning it so clean

you wouldn't recognize it!

Bert: Ah!

Ernie: I tell you, when I'm done you could eat on the floor!

Bert: Ah, ah, ah! I belive that when I see it!

Ernie: Okay, you just go and I get some work here!

Bert: Okay, sure you do?

Ernie: Mmmh-hmmm!


Ernie: Okay! Here we go!

Bert: Hey! Hey, Ernie! This is beautiful!

Ernie: Mmmh-hmmm!

Bert: I never seen any place that looks so good!

Ernie: Right.

Bert: Hey, did you finish?

Ernie: Uhm, well. Almost, Bert!

The only thing left is my toy box.

Bert: Well, go! Do it!

Ernie: Okay.

Bert: This is beautiful!

Ernie: I'll clean up my toy box.

There's, uhm, my Rubber Duckie, here!

And here my ping-pong ball!

And that's my X, to mark the spot!

And that's my Spot! That's a dog, that's his name, you know...

Down here I've got my worms collection, I forgot about that!

Over here there's my paperclips collection!

Let's see, my football halmet! Down here we got the...uhm....

Oh, here there's my peanut butter sandwich!

Over here we got the...

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