Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Conan the Destroyer | Arnold Schwarzenegger Battles His Way Out of a Crypt

Difficulty: 0

we come in peace then let us go in peace

let the girl come forward we've been waiting for her all our lives we are the keepers of the horn

it belongs to us no longer who are you conan i have heard of you

you know the legend written on the wall the tripped from the day of my birth then you

know what will happen if the horn is placed back in the forehead of davis the god will live again

and we who give him life will stand by his right hand and rule the world with him you will die

in the great evil that will come from his rebirth we will control him no one is able to control him

his power and his evil are too great give us the girl who will take her enough talk

back to the crypt



get out


behind the dragon there's a tunnel it could be our only way out the jewel take the jewel

hurry hurry

that way

malik malik come on

yeah oh

it's the leader he's the wizard he's forcing the mouth open well stop him kill him or something

my dagger is gone you kill him not me it's bad luck to kill a wizard wait

there's a better way to take care of a



don't stop hurry hurry




run run

where are the others you're coming don't


they've gone taking their horses or been captured let's flee wait

a tucker

tarama is planted from the beginning we get the horn

your guards will kill us and takes the girl and the horn back to her and her promise to you a lie

where are we going to charizard what's for to stop china's sacrifice but it's her destiny

it can't be stopped you don't have to come i will i will i won't i mean what's in it for us

what are we some charitable institution we're thieves go i won't help

hey hey wait for me no you can't do without me go go way conan wait


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