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I'm going to ask you to sort of go back, transport yourself back in time,

about 10 years back, I guess, when you were here.

And if there's anything interesting you recall from the time that you

spent with us.

>> I would say that what impressed me the most was the talent of

the students that I worked with.

The talent of the faculty that I worked with, their passion for

the discipline of computer science for information security in particular.

The fact that they treated me as a professional colleague.

And really I learned as much as I could humanly learn.

Didn't sleep much during that time.

I would encourage those listening whether they're doing this full time or

part time at night,

just drink deeply from the well while you have this opportunity.

And really when you're done to understand that this

a constantly evolving space and that you need to not stop learning.

You have to continually feed your mind with new information, new knowledge.

>> I have advised many PhD students,

but you clearly stand out in that one respect, the uncommon army

discipline that you brought to the academic environment that we have here.

And I thank you for coming down today and having this conversation with us.

You actually have a website, isn't it?

>> So my personal one is

And actually that's a good point.

It's important to have, I think, a professional presence online,

something each researcher controls themselves.

And then my professional website is

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