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eCl@ss e.V. is an industry association founded by major companies in the chemical industry

that now features more than 150 members.

The association focuses on developing the eCl@ss standarda classification system

that allows products and services to be described according to a standard

that is machine readable across various languages.

In addition to several well-known, globally active companies,

our members include a number of medium-sized companies.

Siemens, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller and Schneider Electric are members, just to name a few.

We integrate the standardized exchange of engineering data

using eCl@ss into our system.

This includes both - WSCAD Suite and,

a cloud-based article database, where we adapt the entire structure

according to the eCl@ss format.

Our goal is for E-CAD Software users to have

readily available data they can use without delay.

Weve been involved with eCl@ss from the start and are big fans.

Data underpins everything in Industry 4.0.

Everyones talking about the Digital Twinthat is, bringing together everything

from mechanical engineering to technical drawing to electrical engineering and cable systems in 3D prototyping.

But if you dont have the plug or right components in your system,

or if your components are flawed,

data quality will only suffer.

It's important to have sound data, which is something eCl@ss allows.

With eCl@ss we finally have a standard for data exchanges

that we can use in our software without

having to rely on proprietary interfaces.

This makes exchanging data much easier for our clients and for us.

The interface is simplified and

brings all the benefits that come with a standard.

Yes, weve been very pleased with the trade fair.

We've had a lot of very interesting attendees come to our standparticularly international visitors

from America and some from Japan.

They all want to promote eCl@ss within their companies.

As a result of increased machine-driven communication between companies in Industry 4.0,

people have begun to understand the need for systematic communication,

a standard in communication.

And as companies begin to operationalize

Industry 4.0, they come to us askingCan you help us?”.

The engineering sector is very important for eCl@ss

and here at the SPS Drives, we have the opportunity

to get to know our clients better and exchange ideas with them.

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