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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: LIVE ENGLISH LESSON - 25th March 2018 - 2pm UK time - What is an 'Old Wive's tale'?

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I know what you're thinking you are thinking mr. Duncan you are here at the

wrong time what has happened? there is nothing wrong

with my clock in fact the reason why the time is different is because early this

morning we put the clocks forward by one hour and that's the reason why the time

is different coming up today we'll be talking about old wives tales what is an

old wives tale I hear you ask also mr. Steve will be here at 3 o'clock with

lots of chat yes he is back from his travels and of course it wouldn't be

live English without you on the live chat after all it's a Sunday afternoon

here in the UK it's just after 2 o'clock and this is live English

a doobie doobie doo doo doo bee doo doo doo oh my goodness what a beautiful day

we are having today I hope you are here I hope you have joined me at the right

time as I just mentioned everything has changed as far as the time is concerned

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today are you okay

I hope so are you happy I really really hope so so here we go again it's Sunday

Sunday again these weeks are really flying by they are flying by they are

going by so fast so here we are coming towards the end of March and April is

just around the corner in fact a week from now it will be April the first and

next Sunday is a special day for another reason do you know why next Sunday is a

special day do you know maybe you can tell me later lots of things going on

today all first of all well of course we must take a look at the view because

today is a glorious day it is so beautiful I hope that we're the way you

are is nice but early this morning we put the clocks forward by one hour

because officially it is the start of British summer time now I know this is

going to get very confusing because we are still in spring so it is still

spring time but now the clocks have changed in preparation for summer

arriving I know it's very confusing it's very confusing but it still spring so

let's have a look at the view this morning I woke up this morning to this


so there it is the actual view this morning that greeted me as I woke up

there it was of course some people might say it's very strange to sleep in your

garden but there you go I'm a bit of a strange guy I sometimes so there is the

view that greeted me as I woke up and there we are looking across to a place

called little Wenlock so in the distance the place you can see there is called

little Wenlock it's true apparently little Wenlock is supposed to be the

highest village the highest village in england it is supposed to be the village

that has the the highest point or the highest altitude and there we are

looking out towards Shrewsbury ah this morning the view was quite amazing look

at that almost complete blue sky so there it is today's view and to be

honest with you there is pretty much the same view at the moment outside I'm

hoping that we will have a chance to go outside later if we have time because we

have a lot of things to do today of course we have you on the live chat

let's have a quick look at the live chat because I don't want to forget you and

there we go we have flung here hello Wong hello JC Jordi hello Martha Martha

is here hello Jamelia hello - Alan Alamgir Hossein it's amazing

yes we had a lovely lovely morning here and to be honest the afternoon is

looking quite good as well analytic brain mr. Duncan have you been going

hope you feel fit and healthy yes I'm ok thank you very much a very busy week of

course I was here on Wednesday night as well with my late and

even though we had a few technical problems the other night so I'm keeping

my fingers crossed today that we don't have any problems

today with the technical things you know what technology is like quite often

technology will go wrong normally when you need it most so the other night on

Wednesday we did have some technical problems I'm hoping that I've sorted

them out so I went for a lovely walk yesterday and yes you can tell that

spring is on the way and summer is not far away following spring because look

look what I saw yesterday poking out of the ground you can see already that the

the wild garlic is coming up if ever there was a sign that spring is on the

way and summer is not far off either it must be the sight of wild garlic

beginning to come out of the ground there it is some lovely wild garlic that

I spotted yesterday on my walk do you like garlic do you like eating garlic

some people like it some people don't like it personally

I love the taste of garlic the more garlic the better last week I had a

pizza with mr. Steve and I put so much garlic on top of the pizza it was

absolutely delicious do you like garlic I know a lot of people don't they find

the taste rather disgusting but I absolutely love it so spring is here

would you like to see some new lambs would you like to see some baby lambs

okay let's have a look right now oh look at that

isn't that beautiful a beautiful scene with the the use and many of the use at

the moment are giving birth to their baby lambs and their oh look there's one

of them now running away I think lambs are very shy so there you

can see the view beautiful view not far away from my house and you can see there

are lots of newborn lambs because spring has definitely arrived there are lots of

little lambs and in the evening you can hear them all you can hear all of the

lambs bleating bleats a great word so the sound that the lamb makes is bleat

bleat I'm not sure if the use are very happy with me filming them they look a

bit nervous so there are some more little lambs can you see them aren't

they absolutely lovely they're so cute so in the early hours of this morning

British summer time arrived but of course it is still spring at the moment

here in England so yes it is quite confusing at this time of the year

because some people say that summer has started because we've put the clocks

forward for British summer time and other people say that it sells still

spring so as far as I'm concerned it's still spring so springtime is definitely

here now and as if you needed reminding look at that some beautiful little

newborn lambs oh my goodness I don't know about you but I always get

very very happy I always become very happy I have a big smile on my face

whenever I see lambs the only problem with lambs is they also

taste very delicious as well that's the only problem and there they are posing

for me posing for a photograph lots of lovely newborn lambs I hope you enjoyed

those images so spring is definitely here now would you like to hear some of

the spring sounds I have a microphone at the moment in my garden so listen

carefully you will be able to hear some of the spring sounds can you hear them

can hear the spring sounds birds singing in the distance it's a beautiful spring

day even though it feels a lot like summer I must be honest

so I hoping later I'm hoping that we can go outside for about 20 minutes towards

the end of today's live stream we have mr. Steve here yes mr. Steve will be

here after 3 o'clock

Dibby Dibby Dibby Dibby Dibby doop yes it is Sunday afternoon and this is live

English live from the UK or more specifically from England or even more

specifically from my little studio on the side of Wenlock edge hello to you

and I hope you've had a really good week next Sunday is a special day do you know

why why is next Sunday special can you tell me why it is so I have a feeling

that there are some people who haven't joined me yet because they are getting

confused with the time change now normally we follow this which is GMT

Greenwich Mean Time but now we are following b st b st which is British

summer time so there you can see on the screen BST is now the time zone that we

are in because we have put the clocks forward by one hour so that means my

live stream for some people will be actually appearing at a different time

even though here in the UK the time is exactly the same because we've put the

clocks forward by one hour so BST means British summer time and for the rest of

the year we follow G M T which means Greenwich Mean Time which is the area in

London where the time zone begins around the whole world mmm it's true so next

Sunday is a special day but why I will be revealing the answer a little bit

later on lots of people on the live chat I don't want to ignore the live chatters

or else I will get into trouble I hope the spring will come to Russia in

three or four weeks me too yes I hope you have some lovely spring weather in

Russia very soon Anna Maria says very entertaining oh

thank you very much do you mean my live stream oh thank you Tobiah

says oh hello it's a good idea in Egypt it should also be done in Germany oh I

see yes because some people put their clocks forward and some people don't

they don't do it Pedro is here hi Pedro I also - Garcia

we still have snow here says Garcia oh my goodness well we had snow a few days

ago in fact this time last week we had snow but today the weather is absolutely

gorgeous it is a beautiful day would you like to hear the sound from outside here

it is again can you hear the birds singing it's springtime Spring has

arrived yes it feels very very good I must admit I always feel very excited

when spring comes ts says Mr Duncan how is the feeling when you spend your life

in one second but the clock said that it is one hour I'm not sure about that I'm

not sure what that actually means I'm not sure what you mean by that ts guy

agender says hello from India oh hello to India I like saying hello to

India because I don't normally get the chance to do it so a big hello to

everyone watching in India at the moment so spring has arrived would you like to

see some more spring views okay just for you here are some more lovely

picturesque scenes of the spring weather

hmm yes the view in my garden it's a beautiful spring-like day even

though the clocks did change this morning for those who are getting a bit

confused I will mention this a few times because I think it's very important to

mention that the clocks did go forward by one hour and that is the reason why

my appearance seems to be at a different time even though here in the UK it is

the same time mica owed hello Miko watching at the moment in Japan hi yes

you are right there is some cherry blossom in the garden it is starting to

come out among amenorrhea says hi from Hungary Hungary hello to Hungary talking

of Hungary I'm feeling very hungry at the moment because I haven't had any

breakfast I was rushing around this morning doing all sorts of things and I

forgot I actually forgot to eat my breakfast so I've had no breakfast I've

had nothing to eat today Pedro says do you drink alcoholic drinks do you mean

me do I drink alcoholic drinks very very occasionally normally for special

occasions maybe if I go to a party or perhaps if I go to a wedding yes

weddings do you like weddings do you like going to weddings because I am

going to a wedding very soon myself and also mr. Steve we are going to someone's

wedding a lovely friend of ours called Emma is getting married would you like

to see a video lesson that I made 11 years ago I'm not joking we are about to

have a look at one of my first ever video lessons that I made after

returning to the UK and Here I am visiting some of my friends and also

attending a wedding with mr. Steve and see if you can spot just how young we

look just how young we looked 11 years ago

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England today I'm at a friend's wedding

whose wedding is it today this is the raising of relations your cousin yes

what's her name Emma Emma oh I see yeah and James and James Emma and James very


a traditional English wedding normally consists of three parts you have the

church service when the bride and groom are blessed then you have a special

reception where all the friends and relations meet together and have a meal

and quite often also in the evening you'll have a large evening dinner and

maybe a disco with people dancing and needless to say drinking lots of beer

we've now arrived at the wedding reception so let's go inside

so here we are at the reception and as a starter we have voila look at last

salmon mousse one of the main differences between having a meal here

in England and having one in China is they bring the courses separately

whereas in China they bring all of courses at the same time compile them in

the middle of the table but here each course is served one by one okay I'm

getting very excited now because the main course is coming mmm

that's a nice wave Cheers okay the main course has arrived and

look we have gravy as well look at that lovely mixed vegetables lamb

potatoes and a lovely beautiful silver gravy boat this kind of dessert is

called profiterole it's a soft pastry with fresh cream inside believe you me

it tastes delicious

lovely first Lisa Frank thank you for the very kind words it meant a lot

I'm surprised McClain meant a lot I would like to thank you for the great

start you'd given Emma in life since I feel it's met Emma's family I have been

made to feel very welcome sharing many of the family values I was taught

growing up and today of course I haven't just gained a wife but also a second

family I want you to know how much the support and guidance that you have

offered to Emma me over the years has meant especially in last 18 months

because without your health we would not be here today

they are the happy couple well the party has come to an end it's time to say

goodbye from me mr. Duncan here in England

it's a Sunday afternoon I don't know what time it is where you are because

the clocks have changed in the early hours of this morning we put the clocks

forward by one hour so just in case you are wondering why I am on at a different

time I'm not it is this the right time here but maybe not where you are so you

might have to adjust your time for joining me next week okay okay and of

course you can catch the livestream later on as well when it is repeated on

YouTube hopefully with some subtitles as well lots of people are saying hello the

live chat is bursting at the edges you and mr. Steve looked very young in the

video thank you very much for that we we certainly felt young some people are

saying mr. Duncan you look younger now than you did 11 years ago how is that

possible I don't know maybe I'm getting younger maybe I'm like Benjamin Button

maybe I'm getting younger and I will end up as a baby again I don't know

Garcia is here I am one hour ahead of you oh okay then go see oh well done

resolver is here did they have children yes Emma and James now have I think they

have two children I think they have a boy and a girl so yes they have two kids

now after 11 years of marriage and they are still together and still very happy

in fact when I first posted the video on to my youtube channel they said oh my

goodness all of my friends have been watching the video that you made at our

wedding so thank you to Emma and James for giving me permission to show the

video on my youtube channel and yes they have I think they have two children now

and they are still happily married after 11 years Wow so a very

good example of how a marriage can last I love this lesson says Jamelia really

thank you very much Jamelia that's very kind of you sniper DZ or sniper DZ says

how is the lifestyle in England could you tell me the lifestyle if you wanted

me to give you a very brief summary of lifestyle in England or in the UK I

would say that we are probably reasonably comfortable with our lives

there are some people who do struggle to survive they have to struggle they have

to have maybe two or three jobs to make ends meet if you make ends meet it means

you have to find enough money to survive you just about manage to make ends meet

so there is poverty in this country but not much not much poverty and of course

there are social problems just like any other country so and of course we do

have a class system here as well we have working class of which I I would place

myself in that group I am working class I have to work to survive just like many

people do but I would say that life in England is quite comfortable quite

comfortable not too bad we we still have complaints to make we still moan in fact

that is one thing that English people do very well and that is moan we do like to

have a little bit of a moan sometimes even though life in this country is

quite good so there I hope that answers your question live chat is very busy

fionna hello Fionna congratulations on your lovely spring day thank you very

much that's very kind of you why don't you get married says Fung

Thank You Fung why don't I get married well what what

makes you think that I'm not going to get married why do you think that I'm

not planning to get married I might be for all you know I might be getting

married this year or maybe next year who knows how is the weather in England

Jakub the weather is gorgeous today oh my goodness would you like to have

another look at the view this morning the view this morning was quite amazing

so yes the weather at the moment is gorgeous and there it is again a brief

view from the window and that is an actual view taken this morning

so there it is the view at the back of the house as well the Sun was just

coming over the top of the trees it was a beautiful morning and there you can

see some more views and this is looking towards a place called little Wenlock I

live in much Wenlock and in the distance you can see little Wenlock so there it

is there is the view this morning for those who are interested the weather

today feels very much like spring and of course as I mentioned already I'm going

to mention this a few times today the time has changed here in the UK we have

gone forward one hour so for some people it might appear that I am here at the

wrong time but I am here at the right time because as you can see the time is

coming up to 25 minutes to 3:00 here in the UK and mr. Steve will be here at 3

o'clock lots of things to catch up with from mr. Steve because he wasn't here on

Wednesday I don't know where he was he disappeared he vanished so we'll find

out all about that later on on Friday I went to the dentist

as some of you might know I don't like going to the dentist not one bit

I don't like going to the dentist and there are various reasons for that I

will let you know why I don't like the dentist in the moment but something very

strange happened on Friday whilst at the dentist now the lady who was doing my

teeth she was checking my teeth to make sure that they are okay and first of all

she was very pleased with my teeth she said Duncan your teeth are really

really good you have kept them in very good condition but one of the strange

things that happened on Friday at the dentist she actually got me to help her

while she was treating me so I I had to hold the thing that sucks the water out

of your mouth you know the thing it's like a suction tube it in your mouth so

she asked me to hold it because her assistant wasn't there so because her

assistant wasn't there that day I had to help her with the procedure so I was

holding that the little tube that goes into your mouth while she was working on

my teeth it was a very strange moment I was actually hoping that she would

reduce the bill a little bit so I wouldn't have to pay so much because I

gave her I gave her some help but no no the bill was exactly the same as it

always was dear ma yes it sucks all of the water out of your mouth it's it's a

horrible sound so I don't like the dentist but why why don't I like the

dentist well here is the reason why

growing up is not the most pleasant of events it is often filled with scary

moments and unpleasant experiences of all the upsetting and traumatic moments

from my childhood one in particular still lingers strongly with me I would

have been about eight years old at the time and I had to go to the dentist for

a multiple extraction this procedure involves the removal of many teeth at

the same time in my case it was ten yes I had 10 teeth taken out whom one go

this is normally done whilst the patient is under anaesthetic in those days they

often used nitrous oxide to put you to sleep many of you will know this

particular substance as laughing gas so try to imagine the scene an

eight-year-old boy under anaesthetic having ten of his teeth removed if that

wasn't bad enough after the procedure ended I was not

fully revived I had not come round from the anesthetic which meant that my

parents had to carry me unconscious through the dentist's waiting room and

out to a waiting car my only real memories of this event include the

moments just before the laughing gas was giving to me via a large rubber mask

which was placed over my face in the dentist's chair and much later as I came

round from the anaesthetic itself at home even to this day I can still recall

the foul taste of stale blood in my mouth not to mention the strange

sensation of having 10 of my teeth suddenly vanish

this horrific experience put me off going to the dentist for many years

needless to say these days a trip to the dentist is not as traumatic as it was in

my childhood modern dental surgeries are more welcoming and the procedures are

over much quicker of course even now going to the dentist

still has its unpleasant moments the worst part of it for me

must be the scrape or scale this is where the dentist removes the hard

plaque that is built up at the base of the teeth with a sharp tool this

particular scaling procedure can be very painful indeed it all depends on how

badly affected the teeth are so the more you look after your teeth the shorter

the scaling procedure will be these days people are becoming more used to taking

care of their teeth on a daily basis so much in fact that nowadays doing your

own dentistry is becoming commonplace there are lots of wonderful gizmos and

tools available now for cleaning your teeth thoroughly at home things that

poke things that scrape things that squirt and things that buzz and Hum Do

It Yourself dentistry is becoming the norm with home dentistry kits now

available for purchase on the Internet although I wouldn't do it myself without

having had some form of guidance or training first

surely one of the worst dental procedures of all must be an extraction

an extraction is where a tooth is literally pulled out of the jawbone just

like I had when I was 8 some people even pull their own teeth

out I can't imagine anyone wanting to pull their own teeth out

can you these days most dental work is carried out with the patient awake and

conscious this includes the drilling into and extraction of teeth normally a

local anaesthetic is used in the form of an injection into the area of the gum

where the procedure is to be carried out the injected part of the mouth will

become numb thus ensuring that the procedure will be a painless one how

often do you go to the dentist do you like going to the dentist when was the

last time you went to the dentist neglecting your teeth is not a good

thing to do as when you get older they will become unhealthy and fall out

bad mouth hygiene has also been linked to other physical ailments such as heart

disease and certain types of cancer fortunately for me I learned my lesson

before my teeth became too bad which is definitely something to smile about

it is true no one likes going to the dentist the dentist is not a very good

place to go I don't know what it is whenever you go to the dentist when you

first walk in to the waiting room something happens everything around you

seems to change suddenly your mood alters you feel very nervous a little

apprehensive maybe because you are about to go into the dentist's chair so yes I

had a terrible experience when I was young they took ten of my teeth out at

the same time ten a very bad experience is going to the dentist expensive

I think someone asked that question earlier yes it is certainly in this

country it is very very expensive Rossa so yes going to the dentist in England

or should I say the UK as well is quite expensive very expensive that is one of

the reasons why many people don't go and of course they end up losing their teeth

because of poor hygiene so of course you can have free dental treatment as well

on the National Health Service but quite often there is a long waiting list for

that there is a long waiting list or should I say a long queue

so yes you going to the dentist in England is a very expensive thing and

that as I always say you never see a poor dentist dentists are always very

wealthy having said that my dentist Jonathan he is absolutely brilliant he

is probably the nicest dentist I've ever had so I think if your dentist is a nice

person then it puts you at rest it puts you at ease you don't feel so nervous

when you have to have your teeth done still having said that I don't like the

dentist very much at all Khalid is here hello Kali eat hello there from Freiburg

in Germany I am originally from Morocco I am a big fan of yours I really want to

visit you someday as you are most welcome to visit where I am Thank You

Khalid for that that's very kind of you 10 teeth in one go is too many yes I

agree I agree it was a horrible experience a very traumatic experience

Thank You Mika for for sharing your your sympathy there thank you very much for

that you where says I don't like the dentist I don't think anyone likes the

dentist really who likes the dentist unless of course you like pain there are

some people who like receiving pain and maybe they enjoy going to the dentist

maybe they get a thrill out of it but I certainly don't

what is your brushing technique oh I see let's have a look

brushing technique from the live chat I've just met my dentist twice to check

my teeth thank you very much one for that and it cost me a large

amount of cash yes me too it's very expensive

going to the dentist Suresh asks are you now

brushing do you know your brushing technique

well I always brush my teeth three times a day in the morning sometimes after

lunch and always before I go to bed I spend a very long time these days

brushing my teeth some might say that I've become obsessed with brushing my

teeth I think I have I think sometimes I'm very obsessed with my teeth because

I think that maybe they will start to fall out and if I had a choice if I had

a choice between loo using my hair and losing my teeth I

would rather lose my hair I don't want to lose my teeth definitely not I want

to keep my teeth forever at least I'm trying to anyway would you like to have

a look at today's mystery idioms here they are now

mystery idioms here is the first one mystery idiom number one it is something

that is used a lot in the English language it is a well-known expression

in English but what is it it is a well-known expression in the English

language and here is mystery idiom number two this is something that you do

so there is a clue for this one this is something that you do and just to give

you another clue everyone does it so here it is there's the second mystery

idiom and there is the first one but what are they the answers are coming

towards the end of today's live stream we have mr. Steve coming in ten minutes

lots of things to talk about today I thought it would be interesting to have

a look quickly it's some clock idioms now in the English language there are

quite a few idioms related to clocks tick tock tick tock

so clock idioms well first of all we have clock off if you clock off

it means you finish work you officially finish work so the time that you end

your working day you often say you clock off that is when you finish your work

for the day you clock off there is of course clock on which means to start

your day at work so as you arrive at work you clock on some people will

the arrival of their time at work by punching a card in a machine so they

clock on but also in English we can just mean I've arrived for work I'm at work

I've just arrived at work I have clocked on so nine o'clock in the morning is my

clock on time Oh another one here this is a good one I like this one against

the clock against the clock to do something against the clock means you do

it with a limited amount of time so maybe you only have a minute or maybe

ten minutes or maybe twenty minutes to do something that means you are working

against the clock you are doing it in a limited amount of time you are doing it

against the clock but do you know any clock idioms anyone out there know any

clock idioms at all let's have a look shall we mr. Duncan I'm going to leave I

will watch the second part at night see you on Wednesday

oh okay Pedro Pedro is going he has something very important to do

I think Pedro is going to watch his favorite TV show that's what I think

ELISA or al sir is here hello al sir have we have we spoken before have we

said hello to each other before I'm not sure

Ghosh er says I am against the clock for doing my dinner oh I see

so go xie has a limited amount of time in which to make dinner so you are

working against the clock Silvana is here hi Silvana glad to see you again

I'm learning a lot with you thank you very much for that from Brazil but now

I'm living in France Oh a big bonjour to you Tomic says a

round-the-clock yes that's a good one Thank You Tomic for that if you work a

round of a clock if you work around the clock it means you work for many many

hours sometimes you might find yourself working late into the night we can say

that you are working around the clock you are spending a lot of time at work

you work around the clock Bella is here hello Bella nice to see

you also Oleg is here Oh punch the clock yes you

can punch the clock that means that you arrived for work officially or of course

it can mean that you finish your work officially you punch the clock you clock

on and you clock off we can also use the word clock as a verb

yes TGen also believe it or not clock can also mean to hit someone so if you

if you punch someone in the face you clock them you cook them you give them a

good hard clock also if you clock something it means you spot something

you see something for example I have clocked mr. Steve in the studio he's

preparing for his live moment at 3 o'clock so if you clock something it

means you see something you notice something you clock something or of

course you hit someone you give them a good clock I am against the clock for

doing my homework says Gigi or Gigi oh really so yes you so instead of doing

your homework you are actually watching me live on YouTube I see okay

well I hope you get your homework done in time and a big hello to China Sal

where is here saying hello to everyone oh that's very kind of you thank you

very much sniper says I want to visit the UK mr.

Duncan I'm so fascinated by the way they live you are fascinated by the way we

live that's very kind of you where is mr. Steve asks Ricardo mr.

Steve will be here in three minutes time mr. Steve is just three minutes away are

you happy are you excited about that I think so and the big question today is

where has mr. Steve bean where has he been because he wasn't here on Wednesday

and to be honest with you I really needed mr. Steve on Wednesday to help me

because I had some technical problems on Wednesday night did you see it

it was a disaster so today I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything goes

okay today I am hoping that we have no technical problems today we will find

out anyway because mr. Steve will be here did you see him earlier in the in

the wedding video he looks so serious a lot of people have said why did mr.

Steve look so serious in your wedding video I don't know why by the way it

wasn't my wedding it was actually some relatives of Steve's it was one of his

cousins Emma and also James and by the way as I mentioned they are both still

happily married after 11 years isn't that lovely I would love to hear you

talk about Henry the 8th Henry the 8th did not have a good marriage

in fact he his marriages were so bad he kept divorcing and then marrying and

then divorcing and sometimes he would chop the

heads office wives he would chop their heads off so Henry the eighth really

could have done with some marriage counseling I think I think he could have

done done with a lot of marriage counseling don't you I don't know where

mr. Steve is does he know it's one minute to three he's not even here yet

where is mr. Steve mr. Steve where are you I spotted him just but he's

disappeared again come on mr. Steve we are now working against the clock

I think mr. Steve is still very busy preparing so mr. Steve you are now

working against the clock time is running out tick-tock tick-tock oh there

he is I can see mr. Steve suddenly there he is

Oh mr. Steve is in the studio everyone are you excited are you thrilled I

really really hope so so mr. Steve will be here in a moment back to the live

chat very quickly Tomic says mr. Steve attended a

conference for his work didn't he ah Tomic how did you know that how did you

know that did have you been watching me again over the bushes I think so jewel

reira says mr. Duncan can you help me how to learn English yes I can that's

the reason why I'm here I'm here to help you with your English another person who

is here to help you he's always very willing its mr. Steve at 3 o'clock as

live his life can be

Debbie Debbie dip-dip dip-dip do doop doop doop doop doop mr. steve is here

hello mr. Steve come in this is mr. Duncan

calling mr. Steve over hello mr. Duncan hello to everybody out there in the

world of English how am i I'm SuperDuper although to be honest Steve I could have

actually done with you on Wednesday night yes I was away on Wednesday I

couldn't appear live with you in the teaching English unfortunately because

occasionally I have to go away with work and attend these conferences and things

like that we were away for three days team-building as we do I was in the

middle of a forest cutter at a theme park about so exactly where I was but it

was like a theme park and we were doing all these these themed team-building

exercises so don't say center parks I won't don't whatever you do Steve don't

say Center parks I wish you hadn't said that mr. Duncan never mind that's where

we were no I said I said we won't stay Center Park

exactly we won't so we haven't and I wasn't there at all but we were team

building we're in the middle of this forest there was no phone signal it's

quite stressful really we had to to do all sorts of things that lays a quest I

mean it's a cycle for miles I wear to cycle to all these different things and

so two miles cycle summer do this laser Quest and sort of shoot each other with

lasers and and then we had to go onto archery we had to cycle another two

miles and do some archery there a minute Steve you know they actually gave you a

bow and arrow they did yes I had a bow and arrow is all very safe and of course

you're in a team so we were in teams of sort of five or six and of course the

idea was that there were like five teams of six and we were all set off at

different times to do these activities and you had

to collect these points along the way and then find out who was the winning

team who went back into the room after two hours found out who was the winning

team it wasn't us I'm never on the winning team why do you think why do you

think that so is is it you do you let everyone down no it's all the others

they useless oh I see and then we had all these so you have the physical

skills like the archery and then running around laser Quest and then we had to go

on a lake and row across a lake as fast as we couldn't try and beat the other

teams and then they put within your packs and mental skills as well or

puzzles so as you're going along you have to sort those out in your team so

how well did you do at the mental tests well we did quite well with the ones we

could google so what you are saying sheet what you are saying you actually

cheated people were cheating yes but one was you had to they they dressed they

written out all the a particular song of I can't figure it is now the famous

group had sewn and then we had to fill in the missing gaps where they left out

words but of course it was ridiculous really because all you had to do was

look it up on the Internet it was the Queen that was very easy it

was a queen song it wasn't Bohemian Rhapsody it was

actually it was Bohemian Rhapsody here's this the real life is this just fantasy

that's it so we had to they might have said is this just and then there was a

gap and we had to put in the gap cause I'm trying to do my queen here well

caught in a landslide no escape from reality that was one of the missing ones

reality reality okay

a lot of people earlier by the way guess what I showed earlier I actually showed

the video that I filmed 11 years ago at the wedding of your cousin 11 years ago

and everyone was saying it seems very strange to see mr. Steve looking so

serious because you did very serious in the

video you look very serious yes I can be very serious I'm a bit silly sometimes

when I'm live with mr. Duncan on a Sunday or a Wednesday but I can but of

course I expect my family were with us so I have to be very serious then yes he

has to be on his best behavior I'm the best behaved or he gets he gets a

smacked bottom no I don't not anymore apparently I have a sweet voice a sweet

voice the people were enjoying my my rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

very good got people very excited apparently so so you had a good time

then and of course I'm guessing that you were very good at the cycling the other

day because I because you told me that you were beating everyone yes there were

people I don't cycle at all I've been on a bike for years in yet for some reason

I was able to to to go faster and longer than people who half my age

that's incredible so people in their sort of you know late teens that sort of

thing and so yes it was all good fun and then in the evening of course the idea

is then that everybody goes for a meal and it's about a hundred of us - most of

them of course drink far too much mmm alcohol I don't I'm very good when it

comes to alcohol only because I just don't want to feel horrible the next day

so I'm watching them all suffering the next day because they've all got severe

hangovers and they all think I'm being very good but I'm probably older than a

lot of them so I've done all that when I was younger and I don't I just don't

want to wake up the next day feeling awful and then having to drive back

because it's quite dangerous really so I'm probably a bit too sensible these

days we did some bowling as well ten pin bowling it was all very exciting it

sounds like it yes I I'm not very good at bowling you know what happens

whenever I try to bowled the ball I always end up injuring my fingers do you

forget to let go well I I let go but but I think it's the strain of

of holding the ball and pushing it forward so so it really does kill my

fingers I end up with really bad fingers for days afterwards so I'm not a big fan

of bowling probably a strain on your joints yes I think circle joints I think

so you've got a strong fingers yeah I've got quite strong fingers and hands and

you know I chuck the ball down there knock all the pins down yes I can

imagine with your big banana fingers they would do that we would end up on

water as well for some reason whenever we have these team-building conferences

we always end up on water somewhere so you were very good you stayed sober I

did that's good good I thought to myself I've got to be sharp for mr. Duncan's

liveing this show on Sunday peso I need to stay sober Applegate normally I like

to get drunk before your shows oh I see I need joking well unless you have a

drink down here I can assure you it's pure water okay not not vodka no pure

water because we do have some some Russian viewers on at the moment so the

clocks went forward this morning Steve I know it's caused a bit of confusion for

some people because then it appears to some that we are on at a different time

but here it's the same time but in some places we are appearing at a different

time and that's because the clocks went forward summer is on the way but we are

now in the midst of spring time and I'll tell you something it really for the

first time it really feels like spring outside it's quite warm the sun's out I

felt like going out and doing some gardening for the first time you know

since the new year I've really felt like going out there and and and preparing

the lawnmower sharpening the blades changing the oil I love doing all that

we actually watched a program last night didn't we mr. Duncan whether it's

selling this new lawnmower that it's just empowered by batteries so that

that's the new type of lawnmowers battery-powered you charge them up but

they're no fun they're no fun for a bloke who wants to he wants to clean his

spark plugs and change the oil and put the petrol in and sharpen his blade you

know these new electric ones are a bit boring I think you seem to be mentioning

your blade a lot oh yes it needs sharpening you so you've got have a

sharp blade and a lawnmower that's it otherwise it you'll get left with weird

tuff there's nothing up properly there's nothing worse than a blunt tool there

isn't no you need to keep it sharp and a breeze reading because I normally take

it to be sharpened take it to a specialist who's sharpens lawn mower

blades because I'm always a bit afraid with with that that if I take it off it

won't go back on properly and it might spin off somewhere when I'm mowing the

lawn but I was watching some videos on YouTube last night okay telling me how I

can remove the blade and sharpen it myself that'll save me about 12 pounds

but don't forget to be careful you don't want you to cut your fingers or your

hand off no I won't but it's the last time I took it to be sharp and they

didn't sharpen it very well I was a bit annoyed so I spent 12 pounds and I

didn't sharpen it very well so I'm gonna do it myself I might use a grinder along

the edge remember when I use the grinder in the studio yes that was a very we've

still got sort of burn marks everywhere where mr. Steve was was sending sparks

around the studio and he was using it on my head at the time I need a vise that's

what I need I need a bench and a vise and I can put the blade in the vise and

then file it down so it's really nice and sharp haven't you got enough vices

already go into those it's a Sunday afternoon and we are going to explain

that we're coming towards the end of March oh my god it's April next week

Steve it's April in an April which means what's coming up have you mentioned

what's coming up next week not yet we're excited about that I'm very excited I'm

in fact a little bit of we we came out earlier I was so excited and what a lot

the smell was because next sunday is Easter

it's Easter Sunday and of course Easter Sunday is an exciting day for those who

like eating chocolate and that includes myself and also mr. Steve as well he

also likes to eat chocolate also next Sunday interestingly enough it's also

April Fool's Day is it next Sunday Sunday so it's

actually the 1st of April next Sunday yes so it's also April

Fool's now I was a bit worried I wasn't sure if you go you were going to play

any tricks on me for April Fool's Day I wasn't sure that the trick would be I'm

not buying you any chocolate no I say well I can always buy my own that's

unusual for April Fool's Day to come on Easter Sunday strange is April Fool's

Day is always on the 1st of April but of course the the Easter holidays is a

movable is movable it can be week before or week after mmm as that moves around a

bit so to fall on the same day as Easter Sunday which is traditionally if you're

Christian and believe in it into the Christian teachings that so when Christ

was resurrected okay to have that on the same day as April Fool's Day seems a bit

strange to me and today today of course is Palm Sunday

yes Palm Sunday which is a with this of course starts the the Holy Week which is

in the Christian celebration of the Christian religion this today is the

start of what's called Holy Week ending in in the Easter Sunday next Sunday so

we're talking about we like the chocolate but of course a lot of

religious people watching mice may say to us that that really isn't the main

point of it is a Sunday we should be thinking about maybe more religious

aspect Easter is all about the chocolate it is to do a lot of people because some

to me it is yes it's chocolate that's all I think about I remember when I was

a kid I was always excited at Easter time I parents would hide the Easter

eggs around and we could never find them even though

we tried to find them but for some reason they always had a very good

hiding place and to this day we never ever found out where our parents hid the

Easter eggs weeds so this day we did we still don't know where they put them

oh I see but there they put them somewhere and then obviously you were

searching the house so they maybe bought them a few days before hmm

and hid them but you weren't quite naughty children you know your sisters

used to hunt the house to try and look for them I see the same thing happens at

Christmas sending hams I would say but you never

found out where we never found out where I would like to know where they hid them

so if my mom was watching could you please tell me where you used to hide

the Easter eggs when we were kids because it up in the loft we still don't

know look up in the loft we looked in the loft we looked in the

Attic nothing there so I don't know where they put them so there we go so

it's Easter Sunday next Sunday we will be here of course with lots and lots of

Easter eggs I think I mean I'm expecting a really big Easter egg from mr. Steve I

was trying to think why do we eat Easter eggs on Easter day and I don't on Easter

Sunday it is remember why it is symbolic symbolic yes it has

symbolism right this is starting to sound like a religious podcast was it to

do with the end of Lent it is yes it's a well it's it's symbolic the egg is

symbolic of I think because it resembles a rock oh right okay the rock that was

in front of the tomb where Christ was was laid after he was after he was

crucified on Good Friday which is next Friday have you had some sort of

Epiphany today no no I'm just relaying what Christians celebrate at this time

of the year you know lots of Christians out there and lots of people of other

religions who might be interested you know you know no you know that let

endorsing it I trust that okay we get it Steve these things are going on so we're

talking about them I thought maybe because I've got to tell you now that

the the Abbey in much Wenlock is now closed that there aren't monks there

anymore I wasn't sure if you were going to to join the monastery or something

although having said that you've got enough bad habits already that's a joke

isn't it mr. Duncan hmm about a habit is something that you do regularly which

could be good or bad for you but a monk's habit is that is what is the

clothing that he wears with the hood and the brown cloth hmm so yeah there's the

joke that's it and thank you very much for explaining it so well oh I hope I

did I'm not sure that I did so it's live English mr. Steve is here

it's lovely to see you everyone's commenting on how well you look oh and I

thought I'd look a bit summery because it's it's hot out there it's lovely

weather and I thought I'll just wear something instead of being covered up

and it's very hot in your studio it is with all the lights with all the lights

and I'll tell you something else there are lady Birds we mentioned the lady

Birds last autumn yes and I went to that mention them on Wednesday night is well

tonight they're everywhere there's one in crawling over your light there yes

they're everywhere I don't know how many there are in the house but I've never

seen so many but what happens is well Steve is some of the lady birds they

hibernate but they hibernate in very strange places they do indeed around the

house and then when they wake up they think where am I what's going on it's a

bit like when you go to sleep sometimes and you wake up suddenly you don't know

where you are I think that must be the same feeling that the Lady Bird has when

it wakes up from hibernation I think it must be very similar although sadly we

have killed quite a few lady birds by accident accidentally stepping on them

because they keep landing on the carpet and of course you can't see them because

they're so small so there are lots of dead lady Birds around their house in

fact at the top of the stairs there is a big pile of dead lady birds that I've

gathered to throw out later I know they need it

they need to get outside they've got a bit of energy left from their

hibernation and they need to get outside quickly and and eat something or drink

something I guess I don't think whether I mean that lady birds eat aphids don't

they that feed on other plants but I don't know what they they can't be many

a feeds around at this time of the year so I wonder what they feed on maybe they

go into a flower and have some of the nectar yes I yes I know that they feed

on other insects but maybe they feed on something else at the start of the

season yes I'd like to know that if anybody knows what lady birds feed on

before the aphids come along we'd like to know that's very nice

so what have we got today Steve uh well we have some interesting things we're

talking about old wives tale ah so what is an old wives tale here it is I'll

just show you on the screen for those who aren't sure what I said look mr.

Duncan surely you know that I will have prepared a much better lira

I must addition yours looks much better I can't wait why let me just get rid of

this ha ha what a waste of time that was yes you didn't think that well you see

that dojos we need to prepare more before we come on old wives tale what is

it it's a widely held belief that is now thought to be unscientific or incorrect

based really on sort of superstition passed down through the generations

usually by women but when we say old wives tale we're not talking necessarily

about married women were just really talking about women it's a slightly

derogatory term really so it's a bit unfavorable comment to make but it comes

from sort of hundreds of years ago when people didn't really understand how the

world worked and they sort of look at something and observe something and and

and I'm sort of think that that was true and sort of it got passed down over the

years as a sort of a folklore tale but it was also used to scare children

- and into not adopting certain behaviors hmm

so it's quite commonly used to do that don't do that or this will happen to you

that sort of that sort of thing but often it wasn't true it's like when your

mum tells you not to play with yourself well says if you play with yourself you

will go blind that is if you keep if you keep playing down there with yourself

you'll go blind do you know I saw that one I was looking up old wide tails and

I thought that's an old wide I'm not gonna mention that one though because

that's a little rude well it is the Duncan ways in straight away with what

if there is no subtlety where I am concerned so yeah yes so you might say

that a good example of an old wives tale is is if is if you you play you play

down there you have a little bit of an adventure down there you know when you

are young your mother might say don't do that you will go blind my mother ever

said that no I think your mother encouraged you to do it just to get you

out the way the Bible even refers to old wives tales apparently there is a

mention of it in there telling people to avoid listening to them or believing

them well I think that's where it comes from I think that's rather that the

actual expression comes from I think it is again once again we are straying into

religion it is a I think it is a biblical expression or something it is

quoted from the Bible when they talk about that so you try to put off people

you shouldn't really be listening to these old tales and fables you should be

you know listening to the truth you might you might also say it's a bit like

fake news yes but I'll wised her there are some that are very old but there are

some that are a more modern and it's usually yeah so it's usually you to

scare children or a lot of things to sort of talk about pregnancy or

childbirth a lot of a lot of old tales come in there and I think but we've just

explained it but maybe we need to show an example so that people get an idea of

what well you've mentioned one which was wasn't going to mention myself but

you've already mentioned it here's another one don't swallow gum or it will

stay in your stomach for seven years we had this one at school as well except

the showing gum we're talking about yeah chewing gum

so you chew the gum and and normally you spit it out or you've disposed of it

safely somewhere but when I was little and this is the same thing this happened

to me at school at school we always used to say that if you swallowed chewing gum

it would stick to your heart and kill you yes and I think that's adults or

your your mother telling you not to swallow it because they think it's gonna

be bad for you so they make up a story that will scare you so that you don't

swallow it in fact if you do swallow chewing gum it isn't dangerous and

apparently bitter is you your body can't digest and it pretty much comes out the

same way went in apparently but probably not a good idea to swallow chewing gum

and so your mother comes up with a story to scare you that's it so you might say

that swallowing chewing gum is something that they don't want you to do just in

case you choke on it so to stop you from doing it yeah you choke on it they give

you a horror story yes because you could breathe in and and and it could go into

your lungs rattlesnakes cure rheumatism - yeah so anyone from this country

because you don't have rattlesnakes in the UK surely no one believes that well

apparently if you it's an old wives tale that you you get a rattlesnake poisonous

snake kill it boil it up and then eat it or drink the juice and that's supposed

to you're supposed to keep the venom in as well you don't want a rattlesnake

that's that where the venom has come out because the venom in it is supposed to

help you with rheumatism rheumatism of course is that condition which elderly

people often get where their joints swell up and they're very painful joy

and that's quite debilitating for for four people as they get older sometimes

you hear about your grandmother with rheumatism in our joints could be your

fingers could be your ankles normally your fingers isn't it they will get very

swollen hmm it's horrible rheumatism it affects all the joints normally in your

hands and sometimes in your wrist as well very horrible normally affects

elderly people it does but I tell you who it doesn't do any good for the snake

the snake doesn't come out of it very well oh definitely not it's not good for

the snake it's not good for the snake here's another one don't crush your eyes

all they'll stay that way that's another one old wise tale that that's almost we

could almost say old mothers tale as well because my mum used to say that to

me it's also sometimes when I was in a bad mood my mum would say your face will

stick like that exactly your face will stay like that forever if you keep

sulking something your mother used just didn't want you to do something so say

something that will scare you and then you won't do it hmm and it'd be

interesting actually to look at the live chat we call it old wives tales but

there must be in every country I would think something similar used to describe

these old tales that are passed down that really aren't true will based on

any scientific fact but the people still use today yeah almost like myths so yes

like a myth really so we call them old wives tales but what are they called

in your country we'd like to know and if you've got any examples that you use in

and you just laugh somebody says something who's oh that's an old wise

tale and you laugh so it'd be interesting to see what you have in your

countries out there right here's another one

shaving your hair causes it to grow back thicker a lot of men will be thinking of

this one especially men men nowadays you know I was watching TV the other night

Steve and there was a come for a special kind of soap that you put

on your chest but for men who want to shave their chests me I'm not joking

it's actually a product now there is a product you just you just smooth it over

your chest and then shave the hair off your chest you just used shaving cream

would you like to have a look at my chest

it's articularly what's your chest like Steve oh I there's a bit of maintenance

goes on there do you shave your chest I do sometimes yes because it gets very

itchy and irritating and I think for some men it looks nice but if you've got

sort of just straggly little bits hmm it's neither one thing nor the other so

I think sometimes just get rid of it yes some women like hairy men

yes exactly some women like hairy chests on the land it makes them feel as though

they read it with a real man a masculine person with lots of testosterone

what you're gonna say them so yes I think some typing you tend to if you

depending on what your partner wants or what you want maybe you will either

maintain that area or not I mean there's lots of other areas of your body you can

maintain in that way but yes there is an old wise tale that if you shave your

hair wherever it is on your body it'll grow back thicker most it's totally

untrue because it just would have got fit it probably appears to get thicker

but it probably would have done anyway yeah I mean if it was true then any man

that's shaved it would just get thicker and thicker but it doesn't mean and of

course the irony is these days what's interesting Steve is that beards have

become very popular with men but at the same time they're shaving their chests

very odd they're getting they're getting hair on their face and then they they're

getting rid of the hair it's on their body isn't that strange yes of course

beard suits some men better than others and you can see some pretty disastrous

examples I mean every other presenter on television now in this country has a

beard and it works for some men and looks awful on others mmm but there you

go drinking is it but some of these are wise tales they're not all some of them

are based in our Luke are actually quite true and you can actually say that there

are wide tales but science has proved that in fact there is some fact behind

it but there's probably sometimes by accident people discovered if you did

something it probably did work and so it like for example chicken soup drinking

chicken soup is good when you've got a cold apparently that's an old what you

think of that as an old wives tale but in fact it is based in in scientific

fact now because they've shown that drinking chicken soup it won't cure cure

you of the cold but it will relieve the symptoms because there's something in

chicken that apparently reduces the inflammation in your lungs and your

throat so it appears that it's getting better because it's relieving the

symptoms so it's not making it better but it appears that it is so there is

some basis in fact with that so it's almost like something you might compare

it to like a like a horrible remedy yes so chicken soup apparently is quite good

for you when you've got a cold here's a here's a sort of an old wives

tale relating to colds again eating or having vitamin C supplements will

prevent a cold that has been proved scientifically not to be true at all but

it's still something that people will say you need vitamin C obviously you

need some to be healthy but taking lots of it

won't prevent a cold and it won't actually stop you getting one it won't

really help the symptoms either we had in this country many years ago we

had a research centre which was based solely on their sole purpose was to try

and cure the common cold it was get went for the decades in the end they they

abandoned it because they couldn't find anything that actually worked

let's vitamin C was one of them I think some studies show that if you have a

high dose of vitamin C might slightly reduce the in how long a cold lasts but

generally it doesn't really do anything so you might or just have an orange a

day and be done with it so do you know some this is another old wives tale can

you believe this one smoking prevents colds oh my goodness

now that is actually true held belief in some countries that's smoking because

the idea is that you've got all this poisonous smoke going down well put in

some way kill off the bugs that if you flew but of course it doesn't do that

no it just killed a person off yes eventually killer I've literally had

conversations with people who come from won't say which country and they said oh

no smoking is good for you it actually strengthens you and it'll

stops you getting colds that's actually a belief that is held well as a way of

encouraging people to smoke in China they actually say that it will make you

stronger Yeah right there we go yes in China it was part of the marketing so

that they have a very very very high number of people who smoke in China it

is absolutely incredible how many people smoke in China and even this day to this

day it still encouraged a lot because the cigarette manufacturers want people

to smoke basically imagine imagine the size of China and if even just half of

China smoked how many cigarettes you are selling

every year but you could sort of believe why people would think that because you

know smoking all that poisonous you know you could you would imagine that it

might actually kill off the germs mmm but of course what it's doing is

reducing your immune systems ability to fight the cold in the first

in theory it seems as if it would work in theory it seems though it might do

something a little of what's bad for you does you good but in the case of Smokey

Joe the rule doesn't apply there that's like saying if you jump under a bus

if you jump under a bus then you can you you'll you will live forever yeah buses

will never harm you he's another old wise tower reading in

dim light is bad for your eyes yes reading in dim light is bad for your

eyes so do you think that's an old wives tale well apparently it is an old wives

tale and reading in dim light does not harm your eyes at all using your eyes

doesn't harm your eyes but the only thing that really harms them is looking

in indirectly at the Sun and that will harm your eyes but actually just using

your eyes I mean it might be difficult you might get a bit of strain but it

won't harm them because the eyes are recover so apparently that's rubbish

feed a cold starve a fever is my mother always used to say that so if you've got

a cold if you've got a temperature the fever you should not eat anything

and if you've just got like the common cold sniffles a sore throat you should

eat more and freaking and to feed it to fight it off apparently that's been

proved to be rubbish as well you should if you feel you should eat on both okay

when you're ill you should always eat apparently because it's strengthening

you the last thing you should do when you're real is starve yourself because

that is not going to help your recovery apparently but of course if if you're

not gonna feel like eating probably if you've got a bad fever probably if

you've got a cold it's not gonna your cold doesn't put you off eating but if

you've got a high temperature of fever like the flu and then you probably don't

feel like eating particularly if you've got gastric upset as well but you should

try and eat something even if it's just chicken soup because that will be good

for you apparently yeah an apple a day keeps the doctor away is

true okay that's not open that so an apple a day keeps the doctor away is not

an old wives tale it well is it is a sort of an old wives tale but in fact it

is based on truth because apples are full of antioxidants vitamin C nutrition

so it's actually part of a healthy diet so if you do eat not necessarily just

apples but fruit then that will be good for you because everyone knows that

fruit is good for you so if you have an apple every day it's going to be good

for you because it's full of vitamins and minerals and nutrients too to help

you be well so in fact it is a good idea not necessarily an apple but fruit it's

good for you yes so you might say some fruit a day or well here of course we

have this obsession now with having five things every day that are healthy for

you so it kind of seems to be based on that yeah at original idea opening an

umbrella indoors that's a more modern one of course so the umbrella hasn't

been around for centuries but opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck hmm

now I've this is something I always if I ever have an umbrella I don't like that

must have been instilled on me from a young age maybe by my mother I don't

know but I always feel very uncomfortable opening an umbrella

indoors because that's something that has been drummed into me for me a young

a young age where it comes from I don't know maybe because they're quite big and

if you leave them lying around you might trip over them that's probably where it

comes from but I would imagine it's probably

because you would only really use an umbrella outside but when it's raining

so if you to use inside it's like a superstition or like an umbrella inside

because you never see it it's very unusual so maybe it comes from a bit of

superstition as well but I never feel comfortable

opening an umbrella indoors which you sometimes do if it's all wet and you

want to dry it out hmm so yes that's an old wives tale but

maybe it's you know baby it's just but maybe it's superstition maybe it's

because you might trip over it and cause an injury so what if there's a leak in

your house what if there's a leak in your room and you want to stay dry you

might want to put your umbrella up to stay dry so you can't do that so instead

you just get soaking wet and get pneumonia and then die maybe put the

umbrella on the roof that might be that might be better yes yes yeah to be

honest I don't believe in any of that so I have I have many times opened an

umbrella indoors what's happened to you nothing that's what's happened nothing

if you break a mirror you'll have seven years of bad luck

yeah I think these are sort of verging into superstition now though yes but

they're sort of it comes under old wives tale okay apparently have I got any more

as anybody what have we got on the live chat I want to see what fever always

another one wait an hour after eating before you go for a swim before you'll

get cramps and drowned is that is that a load of rubbish sort of apparently you

can eat you can go for a swim straight out of eating but you probably shouldn't

if it's a big heavy meal you feel uncomfortable hmm you can sort of get

cramps if you go into cold water after having a heavy meal and there are cases

where people have said to have died as a result of that so but I think you know

if you just have a light snack and then go for a swim it's probably perfectly

all right yes you might eat you might eat some food that's very bulky and very

heavy yes you might eat a bowling ball and then jump in the water and then of

course you sink straight to the bottom apparently there's no evidence to

suggest that it is bad for you but you probably would struggle if you were a

weak swimmer because if you've had a heavy meal you'll be a bit tired and

your body won't want to exercise because all the oxygen is going into your

stomach digest the food so you may struggle if

say got very choppy the waves and you really had to exert a lot of energy you

may struggle a bit on the heavy meal you'd certainly find it more difficult

to swim just in the same ways you couldn't go for a run after a swim

because it would be very uncomfortable what a term one that I remember from my

childhood was was pointing towards a rainbow if you pointed at a rainbow I

was told that you would get bad luck oh right but that's an old wives tale

y'all writer apparently another one is pointing at a at a funeral car a funeral

course says you know when Oh and everyone's going past or being in the

back of the funeral car that's very bad look that not an old wives tale that's

an actual fact if you're in the back of a funeral car you are having a very bad

day pointing at a funeral possession is parented and walking on a grave that is

an old wives tale if you walk in a grave you will you will suck up the spirit of

the dead person and then something bad will happen to you that's a an old wives

tale as well of course you don't really want to step onto graves you might fall

in you never know if it's an open one it's the same thing why you wouldn't

step on a drain cover but this is always a slight risk you might fall into the

drain that's it or maybe also avoiding cracks in the pavement or cracks in the

pavement you might fall over so I think most of these old wives tales seem to be

preventative yeah a lot of them are to do with yes stopping things bad

happening to you or maybe they're related because of course hundreds of

years ago people don't really understand how things happen they apparently

another one if if a woman when she's pregnant it's an old wives tale it turns

out it's true if a pregnant woman and I've never heard

of this one it's just so bizarre you won't believe it if a pregnant woman

gets bad acid reflux when she's pregnant it means the baby will have a full head

of hair when it's born and can you believe it

apparently they've done a study and it shows that it's in fact true

because the hormones involved in that will make a woman have bad acid reflux

and a lot of women do get problems with acid reflux severe indigestion

survey indigestion apparently the hormone involved in regulating that will

also be the same hormone that ensures that your baby has a lot of hair on its

head when it's born Australia apparently there is a connection so it would not an

old wives tale there are lots of old wives tales surrounding pregnancy with

mainly concerned with whether you have a boy or a girl hmm

if certain conditions are in place all that means you can have a girl or all

that means you're gonna have a boy that most of those are completely untrue

conceiving on a Wednesday that sort of thing yes conceiving whilst both both

people involved are standing on their heads yeah there are lots like that

surrounding pregnancy but there we go have we got anything on the live chat

well most of its most of its been in gone so let's have a look at the live

chat and look about old wives tales let other can you see the screen in front of

you I can indeed Shelby do you think eating dog meat will push away all the

bad luck I'm not sure oh that's that's obviously coming from somewhere well I

can't read but who where that's from I think that's coming from Vietnam but it

isn't lucky for the dog no it's it's definitely not

lucky for the dog maybe it's not not actual meat made from dogs maybe it's

just dog meat that you would oh here's a good one Valentin says one more example

if you encounter a woman with an empty bucket you will have a bad day oh that's

definitely an old wives tale yes never heard of that one I've not actually

heard of that one maybe that means that you know hundreds of years ago a woman

was sent out or was got went out to get water from the well and if she didn't

get in it she had an empty bucket which means you'll have an unlucky day because

you won't be able to find the water either yeah so she's having a bad day so

maybe you'll have as day as well walking under the rain will

cause you to lose your hair there's Olga well it's true maybe I

didn't have an umbrella when I was younger that's it walking under the

ladder yes don't walk under a ladder well that that well

take your pick there probably if you walk under a ladder and there's somebody

above you carrying something then it might fall in your head so yeah that's

definitely I think is a good idea avoid walking under a ladder yes so some of

these are kind of superstitions really yes but the old the old wives tales that

there is also another expression you can use Steve and that is urban myth

urban myth an urban myth and that's very similar but they are often modern yeah

modern myths so things that people believe did happen but actually didn't

for example in the film three men in a baby with Tom Selleck Ted Danson and the

other guy that no one can remember ever there is supposed to be a ghost that

appears in the movie during one scene there is a scene where they are actually

at a window and apparently the the the thought or the belief is that there is a

ghost in that scene behind one of the characters in the movie but a lot of

people have agreed that it is just an urban myth it is an urban myth it is

something that people believe but isn't actually real it's just an urban myth

yeah another one he's another one is that this is one of my favorite ones

because I am into music there was a song in the charts many years ago called

Baker Street by Gerry Rafferty and I loved this one and there was a an urban

myth that in that song there is a there is a saxophone being played

do-do-do-do-do-do parody it was supposed to have been played by a well-known TV

presenter called Bob Holness right and that was the the crazy crazy myth that

this TV presenter was the was the saxophone player on Baker Street by

Gerry Rafferty which was a big hit in the late 1970s so that could have come

about because maybe somewhere at someone somewhere saw saw this presenter playing

a saxophone and somehow this story started yes yeah that's more yes that's

that's more of a sort of a story about something that isn't true an urban myth

has to be a slight difference whereas the the old wise tales are supposed to

be based on fact because they're not yes another urban myth not normally in local

areas as well you might have urban myths for example where we live there is

supposed to be someone that walks around at night the Beast the Beast

yes where we live so yes so that's a bit of a urban myth so there are lots of

urban myths around the UK so if you go from one place to another you will find

all of these little stories these little urban myths about what happens in that

area or maybe something that a lot of people believe happen but actually in

reality it didn't nowadays of course we call it Wikipedia people get a lot of

their information from Wikipedia yeah there's also a lot of false information

on Wikipedia as well so yes let's let's not dwell too much on that anymore

urban myths mr. Steve I've just about run out now I don't have any more or old

wives tales oh count sheep to fall asleep hmm that's so that's what your

mother would tell you but it is sort of part apparently that's true if you count

sheep then it distracts you from the worries

of the day and the visual element of seeing the sheep jumping out of an over

a fence or something distracts you from that the worries of the day because

don't you find mr. Duncan I know I do whenever I I might be very sleepy when

I'm watching the television downstairs before going to bed I might even start

to nod off and then I get get ready for bed getting to bed and then suddenly my

mind's very active hmm all the worries and the problems of the day come back

and all the worries of the next day and it's very difficult to shut that off

sometimes but something like counting sheep

and it does actually work because it parently totally distracts your mind

away from this thing that your things you're worrying about just enough for

you to just go off into the land of knowledge I think it's very similar to

sort of meditation though yes that's right it's rain down because your brain

is staying in one place it's it's focusing on one particular thing so I

think it must be very similar to meditation so I can understand how that

might work talking of Dreams mr. Steve Dreams yes I

had a very strange dream last night and a parrot that you did as well yes I did

actually we both we both this morning we were

talking this morning about our dreams and Steve had a weird dream and I had a

weird dream my my dream was was sort of I think it was something like the

x-files where I discovered this secret lab where things were going on that were

very unusual and there was this very strange it was a human being but it was

very very deformed and it was highly intelligent very intelligent but it

didn't look like a person look like something out of alien in in one of

those flasks yes it looks like one of those things it didn't quite work out so

so like they tried to develop something but it didn't turn out very well

but this this particular misshapen weird-looking human was very small

it didn't have hands or arms it just had these strange little little pointed

spikes that came out of its body but the strange thing is it could do these

amazing things it could play the piano it actually played the piano in my dream

and also it was very intelligent what did you eat before you went to bed

mister but it couldn't speak but it could it could communicate by typing and

it was very intelligent and then eventually in the dream I discover that

this poor little creature is being held against its will it doesn't want to be

there so I rescue it and take it outside and that's it so I let it go but when

it's outside something very strange happens to it it starts to dissolve and

break apart and inside there is another animal that then just runs away and then

the dream slowly fades away so that's that's my strange dream I'm sure a

psychologist would be able to understand what you were thinking of or if you've

got any problems that needs sorting out in your life did you have any because of

course that's a bit of an old wives tale again isn't it that if you eat cheese

before you go to bed yes then that will make you dream parently there's a bit of

truth in that yes as well and I certainly know if I have cheese I dream

quite vividly but apparently if you eat anything before you go to bed it it will

sort of get your digestive system going which at the same time makes your mind

more active so eating before you go to bed anything is a bad idea because it's

it's activating your mind at this because you you you've work your body's

working a way to digest the food and apparently it makes you your mind active

as well yes so it's may not but there is something in cheese tryptophan I think

it's called tryptophan an amino acid that apparently it's sort of excite your

brain a bit so you might have more vivid dreams I have a feeling that your brain

Steve might have a lot tryptophan in it I think it's an amino

acid I think tryptophan R we corrected there by somebody very interesting so

what about your dream mr. Steve you had a very weird dream as well

in class it involved that involved a very important person in this yes I was

it was something to do with the prime minister of this country and I was I was

some kind of spy yeah or some kind of working for mi5 or some not a spy I

think I was working for mi5 or some intelligence agency no strain - isn't it

pardon that's the same thing a secret agent yes that sort of but I wasn't a

secret agent I was sort of I was trying to protect I don't know there was some

information about the prime minister that shouldn't go get out and I was

helping to protect this information away from that from the press and from the

public but I knew what this critical bad bit of information was it might damage

the Prime Minister and I prevented it from getting out but because because I

knew about it I had to be killed by these by the Secret Service so there was

this chap trying to kill me and trying to slit my throat at all it was horrible

Oh run away and I was and and I it got quite mad I had to get a a new phone and

sort of faked my identity out I went to a joke shop and bought a wig shop what

was it a clown wig I don't know but I I sort of you know what can happen when

late at night when you're dreaming sometimes when you wake up you actually

wake up but you want the dream to continue so you just sort of it you sort

of carry on in this sort of you're sort of not quite conscious not quite awake

state but the dream is still going on sometimes you leave wake up and you want

the dream to continue because it doesn't end and you want to see how it ends it's

quite frustrating sometimes isn't it dreams yes I had before I went to bed

probably a bar of chocolate well I eat a lot of chocolate last night so that's

probably the reason why it oh we had some cheese and onion crisps

er cheese that's what it was it could that although I have a feeling that

there isn't much cheese in those particular crisps I think most of it is

just chemicals and colors might have been just enough to get our fevered

imaginations going it's very strange though that you had a

weird dream and I had a weird dream as well very strange we are going soon the

mystery the mystery idioms let's have a quick look at the mystery idioms here

they are before we go and there is the second one that is something we all do

something we all do and there is the other mystery idiom if you think you

know what they are let us know just for fun

that's all it's just for fun you've got a busy day ahead of you Steve

today the rest of today yes because I'm going to a wedding in a few weeks time

and I was asked because they want they want to have a choir at the wedding and

because they know that I'm in a choir there they want to there they're going

to form a small the choir and sing about five songs while the wedding is going on

normally during the signing of the register and when they went when the the

wedding couple first comes in and then when they go out so we're doing that so

I'm going for a rehearsal this afternoon as soon as we finish I'm going to get in

the car and shoot up off the road and go for a quick rehearsal and then back

again but yes that's what I'm doing today's a busy day really because I

won't be back too late that's the reason why we are wrapping up quite quickly as

well to allow Steve to make his way and then tomorrow we're in a concert for

Easter a local church so I've got to get all the music ready for that as well so

we're going to be seeing some some sort of Easter related hymns and songs and

next Sunday it is Easter Sunday and that means just one thing just one thing only

today's Sunday next Sunday just one thing nothing else

lots and lots of lovely delicious chocolates but will you because you're

coming on at two o'clock and you will be on next Sunday weren't you live yes

Easter day of course so the thing is will there be any chocolate left before

you come on live or will you have eaten it all there would be plenty to go round

you better take a picture if you assuming you get any Easter eggs of

course then you better take a picture of them because you like scoff them down

before two o'clock scoffs to eat something very quickly you scoff scoff

well thank you very much to you that went very quickly I don't know how I

can't believe it because we were going to talk about uses of the word sex well

we are back next week we can do that next week we are here once on Wednesday

night as well don't forget we are so I'm back on Wednesday night for those who

are wondering let me just show you quickly the times for those who aren't

sure Sunday 2 p.m. Wednesday 10:00 p.m. and of course both of those are UK times

a very strange-looking kay is it you can of course write it that way but it looks

it looks it looks like a Chinese symbol yes okay don't worry about it Steve and

you're saying yes okay good I'm just gonna wrap the show ovation we're just

wrapping the show up here Steve Sunday 2 p.m. and Wednesday 10 p.m. and that's

when you can find me don't forget they are both UK time UK I wasn't gonna be

here this winter but I am now yeah so mr. Steve will be here on Wednesday

night as well I hope you can join me just before we go let's have a look at

the mystery idioms mystery idiom I can't guess that one mr. Duncan you can't

guess that one the answer is get caught in red tape how you get caught in red

tape the meaning to be prevented from doing something due to complex rules

and regulations you get caught in red tape and all Hatton Lee and the umbrella

was confusing me there okay and the second one this is something we all do

everyone does it we did have some correct answers to this

one spend a penny spend a penny the meaning to urinate or go to the toilet

for a pee pee or a wee-wee is to spend a penny if you spend a penny you go to the

toilet because of course many years ago in order to go to a public toilet in

order to get in you had to you had to put a penny in it in a slot that's it so

that's where it comes from so that's why we say you spend a penny it was always a

penny to go to the toilet in a public toilet it always cost you a penny I

think nowadays I think nowadays it's a pound yes well you used to have to pay

then it was free but now you have to pay again now yes I'll tell you something if

I was paying a pound to use a public toilet

I would I would make sure I had everything saved up it would be coming

out of every single hole I've been on holiday to countries where you where

there isn't a slot machine there's a man in a kiosk and you have to give a coin

on your way in to go to the toilet there because it's paying for the upkeep of

the toilet and somebody to clean it in Malaysia yes that's right in Malaysia

and also in China in some places as well you have to give a few were a few Sen to

someone or if you were maybe maybe one jao in the UK it was a coin called a

penny so there we go I think we've cleared that one up the

the reason why we say spend a penny see you next week Steve of course next week

Easter Sunday and of course Steve we'll be back Wednesday as well after 10 p.m.

on Wednesday night don't forget it's UK time see you later Steve bye bye bye bye

to everyone nice to have your company it's SuperDuper to have you here as well

mr. Steve and that's it mr. Steve is now preparing

to go and do his singing because he has a busy night ahead of him all I'm

wondering now is am I going to have my salmon later so does that mean I'm going

to have no salmon am i having my salmon Steve yes you are

good ok then no it's ok it's alright ok Steve was stopped now we've got to go I

asked him a simple question he gives me a lecture so are you going so he's gone

now you see he's gone it's definitely gone no because we can't hear you Steve

that's a lovely way to end the the very slick live broadcast I'm going