Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Potatobreeding #83 potato breeders association

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It's not always sunny in the potatoes.

On a foggy morning after some rain we are harvesting the trial field of the breeders association.

With material from "Den Hartigh" and a number of volunteers.

Between the different fields are tubers of a variegated variety.

Despite the less favorable conditions, and the good organization of Pieter, the boxes were quickly on the trailer.

During the potato harvest with brother Jilles I can usually be found in the shed.

I'll make sure the potatoes get into the boxes.

On each box comes a card with variety name, plot number and stock number.

But look for more explanation at the vlogs of Jilles Boer.

Thanks for watching.

The Description of Potatobreeding #83 potato breeders association