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Greetings nerdy list aficionados and welcome back to top 10 nerd you all wanted more she

hulk you need more savage she hulk more sensational she hulk more adjectiveless she hulk. Theres

more to know so were back. Im Sasha Amanda and I swapped vids not really for a

reason we do that sometimes. These are the Top 10 Scary She Hulk Facts You Need To Know

Part 2. Lets get started.

Number 10 - The 90s Movie starting off with something fun, there were many a cancelled

90s project and each one is pretty fantastic. Theyve actually been trying to adapt the

she hulk for years since her origin in 1980 theres been interest and in the 90s we

got close. This was after two failed tv projects there was hopes for a movie. Larry Cohen was

set to direct you may know him from cellular, captivity, Phone Booth, The Stuff. Ten months

after he was announced Brigitte nielson was set to be she hulk we got to the set photo

stage and everything. But it never happened. 90s she hulk I feel like that would have been

a mess which makes me want it more.

Number 9 - Supported Tony During Civil warLike I mentioned in the superhero couples

you wont believe exist series Jennifer Walters and tony have a good relationship

and she ended up supporting him during civil war which was interesting. So Civil war boiled

down to pro superhero registration Tony and anti superhero registration Steve. Sometimes

going over who sided with who and why could get real convoluted. I mean yes Jennifer is

a lawyer but at the same time her cousin is the hulk and shes always or well used to

be supportive of him. So her supporting tony despite his secret prisons with Reed was interesting

but we needed conflict it cant just be Tony and Steve punching each other. Still

the pro registration side was presented as wrong and hence so were the people who supported

it there were claims that this argument was nuanced which it is but it wasnt presented

that way.

Number 8 - Competing With Wonder WomanSo Marvel has long had a bit of a chip on their

shoulder that they dont have a female heroine exactly comparable to wonder woman and from

me thats not a dig both companies have some amazing female characters but wonder

woman is very unique for a time there was hope that She Hulk could be their wonder woman.

Writer peter David expressed as much stating She-Hulk has the potential to be our Wonder

Woman. A powerful female with a strong moral center and a determination to do what's right.

She's also a unique combination of brains and brawn. The ideal She-Hulk story is one

that plays on both aspects of her make-up, the intelligence combined with her strength.

However, theres a little hitch in her origin that bothers modern marvel and in their minds

keeps she hulk from achieving this status which they appear to currently be trying to

assign to Captain Marvel Carol Danvers. And it may result in some changes to her origin

in the mcu but more on that later.

Number 7 - Breaking the fourth wall so she hulk used to break the fourth wall she had

some metaness in her character and at times appeared to be aware that she was a comic

book character and would most frequently make jokes about the comics code which she was

frequently accused of violating. This would add to the humour of her character though

she would never approach what Deadpool would years later when he was introduced.

Number 6 - Shes Beaten Sentry so She Hulk is quote the powerhouse which by the way is

now Franklin Richards superhero name. Fun Fact. She Hulk would accomplish this during

dark reign and the four part series "All-New Savage She-Hulk. She ends up being enraged

after Sentry dismisses her in a fight so she pummels him to the ground this is quite impressive

given the overpowered status that he occupies in the Marvel universe so for her to be able

to do that be afraid of the she hulk or perhaps question the power levels of the situation

is this a Harley taking out Superman and the flash situation at separate times not at the

same time. Share your thoughts I enjoy hearing from you. I really do.

Number 5AccupressureSo She Hulk has a host of skills cause she isnt always

as powerful as the hulk has Bruce is but the trade off is that she has more control usually

but because of this she has learned other skills such as hand to hand combat she was

trained by Captain America and also Gamora. She also has an extensive knowledge of acupressure

points which in comic terms makes you have about 20 extra points to your approaching

god tier. She would use this on the abomination a character who was named as such because

of the fact that stan lee noticed no other character had the name. Deep. But she hulk

is called the she hulk so. Still acupressure is yet another weapon in she hulks mighty


Number 4 - Tearing The Vision In Halfso Amanda mentioned this in part one but lets

get specific about how this happened. I mean yes vision is a synthzoid but its still

dramatic nobody likes getting torn in half. This occurred during the sensational she hulk

run. So She hulk has been on many teams and that includes the avengers. After returning

to the team she would spend time with fellow Avengers Jack of hearts and she would just

kind of passively absorb radiation off of him this would overtime lead to her being

unable to control her changes or herself. And this would lead to her tearing the vision

in half. Hulk tear, hulk rip, it turned out that this wasnt jack of hearts fault at

all but the scarlet witch and her abilities back when she was still a mutant. I will accept

no substitutes that retcon made my heart sad. But I digress Wanda and Vision have a complicated

relationship that is actually very far from romantic when you break it down. I dunno Ive

subtly influenced reality to have my husband torn in half thats all Im saying.

Number 3 - Wyatt Wingfootwere actually going to talk about the abuses she hulk suffered

here but I wanted to name the number after Wyatt cause not only does he support her but

he doesnt get talked about enough. Except when hes trying to usurp the position of

best friend to Johnny storm from spider-man. So She Hulk met wyatt while she was on the

fantastic four during the period where the thing had left. And he was there for her when

some scuzzy things happened such as a paparazzo taking her picture while she was sunbathing

topless and the only reason it didnt fully get out it was her was because an editor colour

corrected her skin. She was later forced to strip naked by a corrupt shield agents who

then medically examined her to see if she could be left unsupervised like her cousin.

But this was really so they could get spank material. Jen hadnt really encountered

things like this before so it freaked her out and obviously made her feel unsafe. Wyatt

was there to help her through that cause Wyatts a dependable sort a genuine nice guy not a

fake nice guy. Except when hes trying to push out Peter let Peter have one friend whos

not evil hes earned it. These incidents are often whats referenced when we come

to the digital era and jen calling out bruce her cousin the hulk for being jealous of her.

Now bruce and jen have different experiences but when you force me to compare the litany

of horrors commited against her and him she doesnt come out looking great in my opnion

for calling him out for being jealous yeah he might not know the whole story fair and

be having a bit of the grass is greener. But Hulk got shot into space he was such a problem

where he then got to see the new people who embraced him die. He was cut up into pieces

and kept in jars to see how far his rejuvenation lay. For years he lived on the street hunted

by a special task force, hes been feared by friends and foes alike the amount of time

he has been hated in canon far outweighs the time hes been loved oh and if he gets too

smart he risks going full maestro. So yeah I can see from his perspective being jealous

of pretty much anybody else even with the bad things that have happened to them. I mean

would jen want to be bruce and if so why, like that reporter who wants to be the hulk

in the immortal hulk like girl have you read all the hulk you should want to be someone

with a good life so like no one in the marvel universe, I dunno maybe doom. Being doom could

be ok. Share your thoughts Im curious do you feel jen was right to call out bruce for

being jealous of her if so why I want to know cause theres really world issue context

and then theres the marvel canon context they can cause different responses.

Number 2 - Fighting The Comics Code - Now she hulk is known in many circles for being

hot sexy, big and green she can bench press you and look hot doing it I want to be bench

pressed by the she hulk, but nowadays this status has a bit of a complex relationship

with fans however back in the day it was seen by some as more of a sign of empowerment cause

she hulk was fighting the comics code authority. Established in 1954 as a result of senate

hearings following mass hysteria surrounding comic books and the link to juvenile deliquescy

an unfounded link just a hypothesized one, further exacerbated by Fredric werthams seduction

of the innocent which on top of policing violence in comics was quite critical of sexuality.

The code was created so the industry could self regulate or face government intervention

they chose self regulation. This would create a panic around the presentation of women for

years there was a no cleavage not too much skin unless their evil all kinds of things

one of the ways comic creators would fight back would be to reveal more of the women.

So her ripped costume was actually a big f u to the comics code. Her naked cover aside

from being based off an extremely popular photoshoot of the time was again an f u you

cant police female sexuality. Now for some this loses its punch cause it was largely

pushed forward by men but for others this was a big moment. She hulk has had a long

history of being used to further ideas outside of her character itself and that brings us

to #1. Fighting The Comics Code

Number 1 - Controversy Changing Her Origin Disney plus has been threatening a change

in origin for the she hulk now whether they do or dont is less interesting than the

why behind it. The mcu has changed many origins to suit itself and its canon so if it did

it wouldnt be unprecedented however it is why some people feel it should be changed

that is fascinating. The she hulk originally gets her powers after being shot by some criminals

that were involved in a case she was prosecuting jen is a criminal lawyer to save her life

her cousin bruce banner gives her a blood transfusion the gamma in his blood causes

her to adopt hulk like characteristics and she transforms and decides to embrace this

and becomes the she hulk. Some feel that the fact that she gets her powers from a man is

sexist and makes her less of a character and stand on her own two feet as a character less

while others feel she hulk is far more than her origin and it doesnt lessen her anyways

as she made the3 choice to be a hero she could have done nothing become a villain or hidden

but as established she was a lawyer and she wanted justice so she was already doing things

to make the world a better place so her becoming a hero after an incident like this made sense.

Others feel were just way to focused on origin stories just throw us in head first

open the show with her tearing vision in half. Do you think she hulks origin takes away

her agency would it be better if she had gotten a blood transfusion from a woman or should

that still hold the same argument of shes less of a hero cause somebody else gave her

her powers. Or is she a legacy character. I mean if we have like 6 flashes and dick,

Jason, tim , steph, Damien , carrie if you stretch robins why not she hulk. Just side

note tons of characters have weak origins and turned out fine even the hulks is just

ok its iconic but I survived a radioactive explosion its not exactly my parents are


So much to talk about leave your feelings down below I love the she hulk and I cant

wait for the show. I want green she hulk in court give me that. Its what I want. Can

you imagine if it was just a courtroom drama people would flip tables. Im Sasha thanks

so much for watching top 10 nerd dont forget to like share comment and subscribe for more

nerdy lists. Hit that bell notification so that you never miss a vid and well see

you again soon bye bye

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