Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Myth or Fact? 1.4 Litres Average Consumption per 100km

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Hello, Im Matthias Kloepfer, and Im responsible for the development of

hybrid transmission software at Mercedes-BenzI am here at the

Mercedes-Benz Customer Centre in Sindelfingen.

With our Mercedes-Benz A-Class Hybrid, we will drive now more than 100 kilometres nonstop and

we will observe fuel and energy consumption on our trip.

The electric range on the display is 51 kilometres

based on my former driving behaviour.

According to certification, we have around 70 kilometres

We start off using only electricity from the battery.

Okay, we have driven 22 kilometres. The combustion engine still hasnt been used.

The battery level is still 71% and we have 41 kilometres remaining electric range.

The energy consumption so far is 13 kilowatt hours.

And so we drive on electrically through Stuttgart.

Now weve covered 69 kilometres.

The battery is nearly empty and the combustion engine has kicked in.

This means if you drive 69 kilometres every day,

you can drive just off the battery without using any fuel.

Now we have 93 kilometres and there we have exactly achieved our

average fuel consumption of 1.4 litres and 11 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometres.

This means if I drive like this every day, I can exactly achieve this average value.

If I go on, as we are doing now, fuel consumption will increase, of course.

Now, we have driven 112 kilometres with a fuel consumption of 2.1 litres.

This shows that the advantage in fuel consumption is mainly due to charging.

The more often I charge, the lower the fuel consumption.

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