Practice English Speaking&Listening with: EXPLORING TAIPEI

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We are now at the "Food Court" at the Shilin night market in Taipei

It's a huge, underground food paradise

We just finished a delicious plate of cooked shrimps and fried crab

And now it's time to check out the rest of the night market.

Hi guys! We are now at Taipei 101!

What's Taipei 101?

A super awesome, tall building. Look!

I can feel it (the building) wobble

Are you filming already?

We are now at Taipei 101

on the 89th floor

We just went from the 5th to the 89th floor in about 20 seconds

In the fastest elevator in the world!

and now we're enjoying the view

a little scared of the height, but we stay strong

Pien, what are you doing?

I'm fishing for shrimp

Yes, we are catching our own dinner here

I'm very good at it, I already caught 3 of them

Where do they go after you catch them?

To the grill

Did you catch one?

I caught another, my 5th

Bram has caught only 1

But I'll make sure we'll have something to eat tonight

Bram just threw a shrimp outside the net

So, we have been shrimp-fishing for 2 hours

I caught 8 shrimps and Bram caught 2 of them

So fortunately, thanks to my shrimp fishing skills, we can have dinner

One of them was just climbing on the outside of the net, so I hope I can pull it out of the water.

Oh he falls off, too bad

But, have a look

Our dinner!

The are now going to cook them with salt and garlic

So here they are, our guys

What a catch!

It's our dinner, as well as the endscore of our fishing competition

which I lost gloriously, unfortunately

But it's going to taste just as good!

You can only eat 2 of them!

We'll see. I'm going to eat your biggest shrimps first!

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