Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Experiences with Matrix Rhythm Therapy - Interview Dr Sowkhya Sagare Physiotherapist

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I am basically an Ayurvedacharya. I visited

Germany to learn the Matrix techniques. Now I am running my own clinic with is Ayush Holistic

Ayurvedic treatment and rehabilitation centre in Sangli. This is a very unique center because

we combine here the Ayurveda with the Matrix. Because of this combination it has helped

our patients for the optimal development for the life. Now it has become very easy to detoxifying

the body, mind and spirit. We use Matrix as well with some traditional Panchakarma treatments.

First time I heard about the Matrix was in a magazine which is called Physio Times. I

am basically an Ayurvedic, afterwards I have learned the pyhsiotherapy techniques and now

I am using the combination of all the three that is Ayurveda, physiotherapy and the Matrix

treatment in my clinic. So this is very unique and very benifical for my patients because

it has to increase the longevity of their lives. We first categorize the patients. When

the patients first come to us we ask them what purpose they have? Whether they want

to become healthy or whether they come for a disease purpose. When they come for a disease

purpose for expample back pain or any unhealing purposes then we categorize the patients in

that way and we help the patient by doing Matrix treatments, panchakarma treatments

and some ayurvedic treatments. If they want the healthy life then we start the treatments

with the Matrix, then we put the patient for some ayurvedic treatments, which are all always

traditional panchakarma treatments and we enhance the longevity of their lives, we

try to eliminate the toxins. By removing the toxins the immunity power increases. It has

become much easier for us because Matrix fits Ayurveda. It can purify the body biologically

restore the physiological balance and can reverse the underlying pathology. Because

of these things we are able to detoxify the body very soon. We are getting the results

very quickly.

The Description of Experiences with Matrix Rhythm Therapy - Interview Dr Sowkhya Sagare Physiotherapist