Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Krishna Mckenzie Organic Farming - Emergence India Rolling Stone

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Hello Krishna Mckenzie, most of you know me from my work inpermaculture but did you know i'm also a musician

over the last 14 years my band EMERGENCE hasreleased three albums and a number of singles

all of this music is available on our official artist channel EMERGENCE music India that is

located here on this channel check the link in the description below all the playlists

are there you can listen to this music but you can also find it on all digital platforms

such as SPOTIFY and iTunes, we've started a recordlabel called SOLITUDE RECORDS at the moment we're

the only artist on it but there are more artistslined up to join it it's really exciting because

music is the adhesive that brings a society together without a healthy society and community

permaculture is not possible, so i request youplease go and find that music listen to it put

it on SPOTIFY share it with your friends this isdirectly supporting what we're doing on the farm

thank you very much and i really hope you love my music

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