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hello how's everyone happy

night to those who are going to see this program

live and those who are going to join

later to see it in happy delayed

night to each and every one of you

welcome to your channel I want the

savior this day we're going to play one

novel theme different from what not

we are used to playing but what

It will help us greatly to be able

really know the needs

food of our country for it

we have as a special guest

our friend piero elas how are you

Engineer Elijah, how are you? How do you know? find happy night excuse the time

that at this time is not the usual one

to do the programs but we will

see if we do our best to do them

post me a different schedule what is it

how is engineer

very good

and very excited about the topic that is going

to play

let's really say a very important issue

as a result of the same situation as in the

different countries we are suffering in


today more than ever because it is important

Let's see what will be the different ones

food alternatives than

populations must have and then

let's say how to face these crises

both environmental and social and

productive so that

populations of the various countries in the

in our case, let's say the certainty

and the technologies to be able to produce them

mainly foods that

We consume and that very good night and very

happy to be able to interact

well in principle thank you for your

participation despite time

invite all the friends that

let them share, let's go

placing your comments here live and

in that way we will achieve that everyone

friends can interact not because

only you matter, you are ours here

collaborators this is a medium that is

designed for you and wherever

They are going to be able to make their comments

in the end we will open the space for

some phone calls so that

can give their point of view and for

start I want to put this

slide the slide is how

overcome food crisis first

Let's start by wondering what the

is food crisis I'll mention it to you

I'm not an agronomist or anything to do with it

I eat things but not

I produce

I think in most people in what

What do we do but the question here is that

It is a crisis and on the food issue

because a crisis is a problem but

What can you tell us about

engineer elas by the way he is

agronomist by profession and works in the

Mar and he therefore has a lot of experience in

he is in this area which is a crisis

elas engineer and especially food

well thanks for the trust


it's important

intervene clarify that the peoples

populations have them

the right to security


and on the other hand the towns have the

right also to be able to have what is

food sovereignty

food safety is one thing

something else is food sovereignty

food safety is

country responsibility is done in

As for having the availability of

quality food in quantity and

ease of access to

to the population

of the respective country in this case one

food crisis is precisely

and are the critical points where

product of climatic factors or

the factors at this time of the

countries of the world we have entered as a result of

the pandemic

we see ourselves precisely in a difficulty

to be able to produce the food that the

population then requires a crisis

food is precisely the

problem in which it is immersed

the country's population and on the other hand the

difficulty in which those who must of

produce food do not have the las

conditions do not have the means

to be able to intervene to be able

produce product of factors such as

said at the beginning the factors in the

which the phenomenon is irreversible

climate change and the situation today

which adds that it is the pandemic where

this phenomenon adds to the problem

where the productive force the force

productive that are the producers and the

rats come to true farmers

currently not

they do not have the conditions so much

financial technology and let's go

let's get into that topic if you look at


as a matter of hurry the problem is that

there is no food, let's say in synthesis

problem is that there is no food

enough for the amount of the

population by different

a sad man comes from food


not enough food availability

so that the population can have access

have the conditions to be able to obtain

foods with pilot whales but one

engineer food crisis and includes

the fact that not just because go can we

get it from outside and import it

What has the jce bukele done and can

because there has not been a crisis but no

is the solution or correct would be to harvest

we are not going to enter that

matter for example how much we import

versus what we harvest like this roughly

just a favor engineer as I know

which is a different format if you can

look at the camera because when he crouches down

the picture is cut and our friends

viewers don't see it so good

in a nutshell how much matters

versus in percentage how much is imported

versus how much we harvest locally

Let's go to the items El Salvador on

founder is already a country where he has a

dry runner are around 113

municipalities of which we say are

marked by that name the climatological

climate change

we at el salvador level as as

product country we had been reaching

be self-sufficient in the production of

corn 4 we produce corn around

10 yes

nineteen million quintals 19

million states and population

requires 23 million digitals for

to be able to say that we are self-sufficient in

corn production according to a

the amount let's say our

population requires so much for consumption

human as for what he consumes in the

industry I want to give you an example

engineer something that happened to me and

Well, I just want to comment on it, look

that I talking to someone in control

of diana quality, she told me

next which seems like a

opportunity that is being missed

They told me if we consume

100 percent corn than in his

most target products have and

whether or not the commercial is worth it

they are paying the referral but we

He said that if they consumed the

100% corn from El Salvador would stay

El Salvador without corn because all his

products occupy 100% of the corn and there

the tortillitas come to go good everything

not then it turns out that they me

they say we buy all the corn

from outside that is, they are not buying it

locally or what you ask me

is mentioning it should be added

for example by day his mouth and others

more companies related to the topic of

mouth that are not food of course

I want to mention the lady who said

that requires that they are the typical food of

Salvadorans don't but we consume them

of course yes but no they are not food

most nutritious you can say for being

fried product but mentioned the fact

that one hundred percent of product

imported corn so what do you think

you this regarding the food issue

we are talking about and verse that

we have for example almost four

one billion quintals that are not there

entering then why are they 19 million

no forgiveness 19 million

are required that is, there are four million

basically sorry the reference in

four million what we lack of

quintals to be able to cover at least

I don't know wrong, let's fine tune the los

2019 data we are producing

18 million

let's say we didn't have the pandemic

we were let's say with our best

this lets say production estimates

18 million

there is a balance sheet so called in

where there are estimated millions of

quintals in the Salvadoran population

requires for human consumption of

according to that reference to that sheet of

balance if it is recognized that is a one

statistical information carried by the

Central American countries

in terms of food security

our population requires only for the

human consumption 17.7 million


and then for him to put smoke from the

industry the poultry industry and then

the processed food industry

there are around 7 million

quintals for the poultry industry and

about 4

million quintals required

for feeding and then the

industry properly let's say of their

products as I put the example of

Diana walks let's say and other industries

similar are consuming the

differential so that we

we require as a country to have one

production between 23 to 24 million

quintals to be self-sufficient in

human consumption and consumption


today that today 2020 we expect a

production of about 18 million

of quintals because we had the

climatological effects of hurricanes

the two correct weather phenomena

that is, on the subject of corn I believe

that all cultivation but on the subject of

corn helps me understand if there is a lot

water also ruins the crop that is

It is not the people due to the lack of water and

nutrients are not they are both

factors of whether we have too much water

flood and all plantations

that they are not harvested from maiqueta then

we run the risk of losing it on

product the time to remain and

that's what has happened up to this one

good time

the point is that the mine is not looking for it but

it is good that I commented on the bean

Let's say the Salvadoran population consumes

2.5 million quintals

ok this is consumption and how

Salvadorans we are special must of

be red bean not like


although the flowers is very different from

black if that's totally critical and

production bean production in

El Salvador is for 2.3 2.2 there he walks

say the production average 2.2

2.3 million quintals therefore

we have to import around 300 thousand

400 thousand or 500 thousand quintals for the

have the food security of what

requires population

I know a question and it occurs to me that

I'm going to invite a nutritionist but

I think you have the values

nutritional of this because I have

heard in other countries for example

What does it say in guacara, not los los

Latin Americans like beans but

hear me

the beans are so delicious and about

everything just done or why and me

I would like to understand why it is part of the

basic basket that we are going to talk about

that but beans corn rice or

whether those kinds of things are part of the

basket and they are delicious for them

others what acted and they will see the

delayed program that is, we invite you

let them taste the red beans good

than what we consume in one

soup for example with carnitas

veggies beans just did that

it is super delicious with a lemon tortilla

is this delicious cream and cheese now

if you want to make a smoothie and that's another

recipe but regarding value

nutritional corn beans rice or

whether that produces enough energy

because in the end it's like the vehicle

we like the vehicle and the food to

clean food is our energy is

enough that let's say it's like that

what most salvadorans eatos

some by choice and some by choice

because it does not have functions then to cast

the basic basket especially the

basic basket of the rural sector and not

let's say now the bean is one of the

the products in the basic basket by

its nutritional content high in

protein is high in minerals


calcium and magnesium

and also high in iron content

then but his greatest strength is

say in protein carbohydrates is

one of the foods is precisely a

legume plant with a content

nutritional and

let's say the economic crisis

and the part of culture from Mexico and

all the part of Central America then

we are high consumers in beans

we are not going to fool ourselves but what

It would be necessary to expand it a little more, no and

be creative about that the question

regarding these three products rice

rice beans and corn by the way is

incorporating welcome jose he us

Say hello from Washington like these voices

or thank you Cristian, nice to meet you

greet you good also to give the

word so you can express yourself

on the theme we are dealing with

on the topic of food and the flu

well getting back to the subject this engineer

Elijah, I would like to know, I know I don't

remove hunger but it is enough that is

these three elements that we say are

which entails that if we verify the

make it a house both in the city

as from the field they are always there

beans rice and corn for the tortillas

or for different things that can be

doing it in this case is enough that

to survive or I ask you this

because many of the friends who go to

see surely they are going to ask that

no because no what happens with him

yes not in nutritional terms

the bean despite its benefits that

have nutritional is high in protein

and other minerals is not say the

unique product to complement the

diet must necessarily be the basket


the nutritional diet should be

combined with horticultural products and

fruit trees fruits and undoubtedly

some meats are not the savior

Let's say that despite having

all a great wealth that is

untapped part of the ocean


no the population does not have the culture of

consumption of one of the main meats


what is the fish then there in the

country has to work hard to

exploit that wealth that we have as

many times I have said we are from

back to the production part of the

200 nautical miles we have and we don't

we're popping the grains

taking advantage of what is not

and let's say that is part of one of the

components so vital to the

food security and

nutritionists feeding is

precisely with quality that is

precisely this type of food

that comes to give the population

other nutritional conditions would run

returning to the items

El Salvador is be close let's say the act

sustainable in what is production of

beans corn production but when already

we bring the country to rice production

knows it has come in a decrease in

several decades so that the

rice production in el salvador is

quite minimal around three

one thousand to five thousand apples is

mainly in the districts of

irrigations and I see this as one

engineer opportunity because the truth

that's where it comes back or here we can

see from two points of view and I will

I want to tell a story to friends

who are listening to us say that

there were two sellers and they went to sell

shoes to africa one arrived very happy

because it says no one arrived sad because

says that in Africa nobody wore shoes

They sold shoes and so he arrived very sad

in the boss and I tell him there is no one used

shoes and then came the other super

happy said boss and we will sell like


because he is because therenobody uses

shoes or here there is one

chance at this guy on this issue and

let's talk about what is it

are we doing or what kind of

opportunities for friends of

outside who want to invest in this

here the labor force as you know is

quite economical for the agricultural theme

It is not the right thing to do but it could be improved

I believe that using technologies that

we are going to get into that we could

produce better and much faster than

used because the current problem

is that what we harvest sometimes


Well, we have practically been importing

a good amount as we are

mentioning right now that although we are

almost draw as they say we could

be better no I think that's where

enter the challenge and in this issue and in this

this topic we will enter the next one

point that is the issue of what happened to him

I would like you to grow coffee

a short story about this and let's

put a graph

and then we are going to give him a chance

also to Jose because they who live in

the outside have a vision totally

different from what he the savior

productive as you imagine it for the

experience that has a reason to be

Salvadoran diaspora so like this to

roughly I put a graph of

decrease we have had in

coffee issue and although it is true

pandemic problem has been one of

the problems that have hit us all

the world as the main problem

here in the cafe the main cafe

I think problem and lack of will

politics who had thirty-something

politicians years since then and that

did not bet on coffee after the

coffee was one of the elements

main export and one of the

best coffee worldwide in fact

there are other countries that are already going to us

comment on that experience they use no

I know what the coffee formula is called

I don't know if formula or sample

or to the product, let's say the

is sown modified seed better other countries

how Costa Rica are taking advantage

Although the coffee is good, the coffee in the

Salvador is the column has been

the backbone of the economy


in fact the 80s on

Salvador had been producing around

3 million quintals of coffee

with the best genetic materials

generating material is called correct

at the world level in fact it can be

Salvador keep having that

recognition in European countries

for its rate of excellence and that comes from

and it comes precisely from the

genetic materials of the

different varieties than in the one here

in el salvador we still have like

for camera like files on

cuscatleco the marseilles all are those

are varieties and have suffered a

processing a genetic improvement

in fact, El Salvador had an institute

research of the cafe where we went

precisely the country at the level of the

Central American region with the majors

with the best genetic materials and

we still have

they are materials the only thing that in these

materials belonging to the family

of the Arabian species is the one that is

produce here that I have heard a lot

but I don't understand that's just a

term or is that product really

He came from another country and here it

genetically modified with what that

is a research process where

that of the investigation what it entails

is to make say better choices of

different populations of materials from

varieties or populations of coffee that

have been selected and here they have

undergone an improvement process ok

in the same way let's say countries like

France as Brazil Colombia

they are countries that have been at the forefront

technological and even Mexico

has an example that good to friends

They don't know, I dedicate myself a little

also to the issue of importing the

exportToday right now it has not been

done that for different situations that

we already know but in that term looking

a little bit the best product I came across

Costa Rica who is using that

genetic material that was designed in

Salvador and in El Salvador we

taking advantage on the one hand no and second

that they work with something that

They call specialty coffee while the

coffee at that moment that I am

mentioning the example was costing

about $ 110 a quintal in

Salvador the normal coffee the height


turns out they were selling

the quintal of specialty in 600

dollars obviously requires less more

care and other kinds of things that

We should be a single program

only coffee and we don't get one

time but the important thing is here that no

we are seizing opportunities

that they are giving us the land is

fertile if we only sow any

seed and grows there is rain and water that

What happens now that we have taken advantage

this type of natural technologies does

we are going to point out like this in summary form

various factors

as seen in the table is correct

data from 2014 to 2015 the country

drop from 925 thousand quintals by 2020

that today we are not 600 but it is

less we are there for the 450 500 thousand


we are in the creator christ but google

wind failed and then that's what but which one

It is the main problem of El Salvador

that we have lost all the coffee growing of

tableware what is that coffee growing is

the one that had the savior of the 900

meters high down from 900 to

200 meters is the result of close to

the 175 thousand apples

the producers

They no longer have coffee there, we lost the

forest and by losing the forest all the

shoal forest undoubtedly entered

in the problem of the water crisis or

be that of erosion or the deficit of

water has been decreasing year after year

because we have no infiltration we have

lost all the forest

and the worst we have also lost

we are losing the first strip of the

biodiversity that means that the

jumper is also a producer country of

bee honey also other products

delicious and the main flower of

beekeeping industry feed is

the straw flower

so that implies that's why we say

we are in a crisis where it is not

only if the coffee goes but we are

lost but but here's one thing

important engineer we are throwing him

blame the pandemic but this is not

a pandemic problem this comes from


this is not a pandemic problem

what are the main factors

first than the price the price of coffee

undoubtedly he is not defined by the savior

defines let's say countries highly

producers in this case say

Brazil is Mexico and Asian countries

where they define the price of the traveler

but the other element manageable by

we have been precisely technology

us the climatic phenomenon has gone

pressing coffee production

so that year after year it goes

demanding more height and then I don't know anymore

produces at 900 meters in west there is

to produce 1,000 upwards and

then and then we have lagged the

coffee growers have lagged in the part

technology of being able to have materials

highly productive genetics because

the problems that the leaves have on

The current coffee park we have is a

coffee park I've already had it, there were more

around 20 years old

then it implies let's say inversion

implies working with materials already

improved with other varieties and others

that can show resistance

Well, all the problems that will be here

those who not only the subject is

of rust but also the lack of

technology not good in that sense me

I also want to invite Jose to give us

his point of view as a diaspora is not not

obviously agronomist but like anyuier

Salvadoran we know and I believe that

historically we all know that the

Salvador was one of the countries

coffee exporters throughout

long time perhaps the one that the leader in

this mirror sense I know which one is your

opinion about not being given the

Enough push to what do you know

this because we each have as one

different vision you are almost 30 years old

of living abroad and has seen it happen

a lot of presidents and who doesn't

They did nothing for this that you can us

comment on it


good night yes first to

yourselves to the audience at

viewers already entering the subject in

the coffee affair

and has been neglected by this work ha

been the work of the same as always if

over there

from the sixties to the seventies and

after brazil el salvador was the

second producer of coffee in the world no

they were neither colombia it was not vietnam it was not

no other country was not Mexico was the

Salvador who was in second place

after brazil

but the country was gradually falling

because this part of the same poverty

where they were putting them from

always and not crying but it is the


at that time el salvador produced

large amounts of coffee and sugarcane

cotton sugar, corn, was worked

manufacture bean agriculture la

livestock all that to agriculture and

lamadrid then we fell into

this move by the same work of

the same as always as they always

They have led the country to poverty because

It is convenient for them that the country is

poor for that way and do what

they want with our country

but they only have one thing that is

important jos and also an engineer in

laws throughout all this time

definitely there is a there is a

neglect of the different rulers

but mainly I think apart

carelessness and disinterest is that

as they already lost their farm

literally before they saw the country as their

farm then when they lost the

control of their farm they no longer wanted

invest because I know that people who

Well, they say that they cut coffee, no

I know if there is someone in the audience that we

is listening that he can comment us

if they know someone they will hang up a

coffee but that are super jobs

complicated difficult heavy is true

not done all the time but during

all this time it has not only been the

disinterest of the government but of the


have been behind all this

government has never really been the one

invest in coffee as such but

have been private companies or me

I'm wrong about that, engineer elas


one of the factors is that this item of

coffee is one of the items that generates a

high amount of mini employment

being one of the crops

generators of employment in the same way

generated income and strengthened the

Salvadoran economy as it says


however politics politics that

previous governments

they were developing as production

coffee was not say in one

sectoral agreement in no family

with incentivizing in the field and giving it a

strategic vision of both

financing as market of the

land without and without money and well the

machinery technology understand that

there is a very industry there

diversified because one thing is

I cultivate something else is to bring that to how

It is called the place where it is processed by

human being

the correct profit in that place and if

I tell you because well the engineer more

or less was aware of that in

moment we wanted to do all this

It turns out that there is an industry of

Such the one that toasts the one that in the one that in

bag the one who distributes the one who exports

the one that matters or there are a lot of

things that can be perfectly

perform now in this sense always

coming backor with you by the way

Jose how good on camera

you like Daz migrated for you

for whatever reasons are surely

above all insecurity what do they think

that not enough has been invested

in el salvador to be able to bet on

a diversified culture because coffee

I think it should be exploited

totally because we already have the

land at the height we have the hand of

play what happened what did you

Do you remember not, at some point I have you

heard in others in other programs

who said that you come from

places where the

was developed agriculture that you can comment on

respect jos everything first

place I mean see what

and when he spoke of the cutters of

coffee I went, I went to cut coffee and I

I know the procedure for carrying the

Conf although it does not go to Santiago Maria

advocated for oluta changes they will cut

coffee and there you can buy color no

goals to one there was a place not a place

that was called the received cold water

I was going to cut coffee and also until

so I know the process quite a bit

for those times to people

-owners the owners color the media


coffee companies what the

did same as always and they started

kidnap that's why bourgeois started

to lose interest in the matter of

coffee because they started kidnapping

these people and they started to get money from him

and it is like that because everything was neglected

I am talking about this because it is the root that

people of those colors colonists those people

who was dedicated to his farms to his

farms for example of cotton

also the same as always

political parties at that time which

the psn and the party predominated

Christian Democrat PSN had the

gun control and started to

kidnap the owners of the coffee plantations

speaking it like that in soles from there he started

to deteriorate interest in the

production of cotton and cane coffee

of sugar and gold and among others


ok there is one thing I want

ask you and how are we here

a program with a square scheme no

but we are also going to tell it part of

our stories I remember that my

Grandma told me and I think she told me

you can confirm she had jose and that the

people who cultivated living an extreme

poverty what I collected in the cafe

Well, and she told me what they were wearing

a chorizo they say and that they ate with

several tortillas and the fat from

they ate chorizo and they left the chorizo

for later to be able to eat it

last but in the meantime they ate

she says that's how it was in the place where

her and this how widespread in the

country you who lived exactly like us

You comment on this process not on the topic of

coffee cultivation

Well, the truth of things that never

I had the opportunity to experience something like this

but it's natural when you don't have there

to live and you have to settle with it

that one has is understandable from that part

I never lived it but I respect the

person who has lived it is not true

because it is a person that I have

money no I went to buy coffee I know

bring coffee and I know what it is to work

all day and then talk coffee on

the afternoon and be all that I freeze

be choosing coffee go to the mob

that the hopper is instead a place of

cement where it is thrown where it is down

they place the trucks to take them to

the benefit made them massively

good going back to the topic always in the

field of cultivation because all this is

part of the food crisis no

we have something that is important for me

I want to mention here we already saw the

graphics and there is a huge problem but

at the same time as the Japanese say

a great opportunity to invest in this one

type of items because we know that the

land is fertile we have the climate

we have the manpower and only

opportunity is missing we have clients

they eat himhad someone at the time of

that the country could perfectly

double or triple the theme of the

coffee harvest and still would not reach

for nothing abroad because the

coffee consumption is perhaps more

coffee that water I think not but good

we will always get into the matter

and I remember that no one looks anywhere

moment he mentioned the following and

You will remember that they said I know

consume approximately 8 million

bananas in el salvador alone

capital in one of the markets and the

Most of these bananas come from

outside in that sense that can

comment you are a member of this or

be so bad is the production of

banana or that's why I don't do it

we take advantage because we eat bananas

I think at breakfast and if you can at

dinner beans banana cream that more

the toasted or French omelettes and the

some fried plantain do it in puree

I don't know but it's part of how our

consumption that you can tell us about

there is a high consumption but there is no

high level texts made of this type

of products

as with coffee

Let's say the banana problem arises and

we reached the same point of technological

we require say

have the best technology

better variety materials for lo

which is the part to increase the

production and improve prices at the level

market of this past suits us

a lot to sow the banana like no like no

to that we have all the conditions all

the coastal area is the best

zone for banana production

because because the plate is not one of the

crops that require a lot

luminosity and there we have all the


what happens because we don't have it first

factor everything today technology has

advanced and

the productions of the productions of

banana export require

varieties of better genetic quality ok

the genetic materials we have in

the savior for production are

genetic materials that are already there

mixed are no longer genetic materials

for his performance but there it

I interrupt a little in money I think

today today is as easy as closing a

plane and go somewhere to a lab

in another country and bring your name

a moment ago a genetic material or

Either it is not that easy it could not be

so I understand that a while ago

It was not possible to do this but now it is

as easy as I go to the internet I search

genetic materials dx i carry z that me

agree in the country for the climate at

heat the luminosity the water part


It shouldn't be that easy because not

it is done if we have a high consumption of

banana plantain guineo and others and others

products then but for the purposes of

example we have put the banana that

consume every day twice a day

of course and indeed and indeed let's say it's

one of the president's bets for

that El Salvador is one of the countries

banana producers must of

producers and exporters why not

does this now then so he after

highlight in important one

than the technology for the production of

the best materials to have

plantations with high yields and

with export quality volumes

are produced in laboratories that are

They call biotech here in the heat no

we only have say a little

laboratory that does not have the conditions

As Mexico has it, we are going to

send the link to anyone to be there

pending of this because I believe that thus

how he has invested in many things

very good by the way and we thank you

you also have to invest in this and now

that he himself touched it, there is one like

We say a chance for this to be

also return a source of income and

a source of work because this

I suppose it also requires a hand

work is not that the plant nothing is

grows and multiplies

everythingrequires a process which is

then the gender in the process in the

main main factors is


Producers must be organized into

the first item and then set

one in politics that is

establishing the government is already

Considered to facilitate the

financing and that is going to be

through bands to what the

financing to producers for

stimulate production areas

ecological as because I know there is

some places that do not but

but like it's on standby, not like

that only a very minimal production

that is because it is two years so that

grow green banana nine months

let's go to

we have the areas for production

we have the weather conditions and there is

to work the market share on

domestic market for imports

the providers you have for

the national production is taking and

pushing the market that has it

Right now the providers of Guatemala and

Honduras were not over 20 exporters

to the savior, true is precisely is

guatemala and honduras and

here in el salvador we have the

conditions is that is to order

precisely the ease so that it

different seriously the group of

producers can access the

financing and provide them with the

technology and training also mm

in a technical assistance to be able

let's say develop plantations with the

most suitable technology in terms of

control fertilization levels of

crop pests managed and we would have

really in a couple of years

already being, let's say, fit in this

sense for example you jose let's go

ask someone who has lived longer

30 years abroad you eat

Banana in your breakfast or are you America

Americanized more junk food and that

or still

you preserve the fact of consuming products

Salvadorans who and who also to the

audience that is listening to us and

Seeing that you can tell us, I don't know which one

It is a typical Salvadoran breakfast for

example or a typical dinner which would be

by the way welcome to lily martinelli

heretic for your health we are praying

for you to recover from the cob and

blessings to all who are

earrings that you can tell us about this

tube you currently consume or no longer or the

beans and produce theme

Salvadoran no longer come up with so much

ease you who are in the

diaspora as not for example in my case

staff and if there are no beans the food

It is not good and about those red ones, true

because friends

there must always be beans for

always cook as they say

prefers red and good beans to

Salvadorans we call beans for

two not for those who do not know and will

see this program the standing beans

are the whole beans that are

freshly cooked, that is, they have not been

processed blended or ground

they are usually made with soup here everything

salt onion and well that is the soup no

that has a lot of iron but also

there is already processed product that already what

They call it ground smoothie I in it

staff I do not like the processed that

They sell in the supermarket, it knows differently how

there is more to you goals then it

They sell good unemployed as we call them

we thus only cooked exact

the blood in the matter of food

junk I'm not used to the

junk food for the whole way

take care of myself a little because if not it does not fall into

Forget scrap calibra win at

die some engage market

save a little taking care of yourself no longer

Let's say I don't know, he dedicates himself to eating

junk food so i at least

I try to eat pretty healthy what

good they are high consumers of banana

you too and on the banana issue

if you consume a lot of bananas

in their food or beans eggs

cream cheese that you think is breakfast

typical Salvadoran in the US for example

at leastwhat I consume I took it a

little consumption what they consume the most are

bananas bananas but even if it is

raw are not more raw and so a little


so it has vitamin a banana

when it's a little green or not when

is very mature and the other point that

they were talking about him

that of coffee production and

products in our country something that has

also missing that has been the hand

labor because labor is no longer

so easy

a lot of workforce came here

so there were two factors one was the

work of the same as always in

take people's jobs away from

the people who understood the

owners of the farms the owners of the

hacienda and the other was that the hand of

work had to emigrate most of all to

this country there are the majority of people who

works on the lake issue are the majority

They are from Honduras, it is also in the good ones

from Nicaragua the Salvadoran dream no

because today in that sense we are going to play

other issue than friends of the diaspora

will be identified and it is the fact of

that unfortunately the fact of the

remittances has prevented many of the

which at the time were a potential hand of


qualified for this have simply been

neglected because they prefer to extend the

hand and tell him look uncle look dad look at

Whoever send me 100 dollars and now with

that lives on his table

I think it's a very bad way to

think because we are going to talk about

another in another show about that about him

theme of the damage done to the at

families with remittances when they are not

pretend myself as a purpose but rather

they simply tell him that for the

medicine than for this but never here

You never buy medicine, so you don't

I know I think we succeeded in another program

that many of these are let's say bad

habits but we will talk about this in

another moment always regarding this

we are going to touch on an important topic that I

I want to talk to you here is the topic

next and it's on the topic of

technology and in this part we are going to

give the floor to engineer elas

you who are on the ground because I

I know that you and the other day that it

we took to the cocoa farm he made us a

pretty cool diagnosis and I think

what has happened in the country because I don't know

has invested in technology that is if it is

that if we invest there are people who have

$ 1200 iphone for example no y

do not invest in technologies for

produce we only become consumers

what happens with this theme engineer reads

it's good that's one of the problems of

sea that is like three decades ago in

where the technological level regarding

production team am

referring to machinery tractors

team irrigation equipment for the part

indoor production equipment for the

measurement of climatic conduits or

let all weather seasons be all

that part and especially team of

tillage either tractors or this equipment

that can be driven with traction

animal the country has lagged

technologically, he has not renewed his

interest of the authorities who have

been the current ones because we already have 30

and peak of years with this problem of

lack of starter

and in the agricultural part

and the disorder and what is called

side with ox is toward traction

animal ok that as technology all that

equipment technology for production

no no what happens we have come

getting here the job you had to

get let's say from the 90's in the

2000 for

dt in the country technology innovation

now we do not find say with

programs where you have to

build infrastructure has to


the mechanisms to renew the team

for production related to

equipment for the preparation of the

equipment to be able to use more technology

precise in the part of the systems of

production under gender and thel

drip for example could be called the

technology or I just don't know if

you remember I forget the name

and I don't have the video at hand but it's a

system to drive water from

down 10 meters down to

top trapiche does not have no name is a

but they don't use it, it's not a bomb, look at it

I don't know if you've seen it but I liked it

just the same pressure it carries

with 12 meters of height it reaches generates

some pressure is filled a kind of

chimbo pipe and then the same pressure

He boosts it again and there it is


I don't remember what it's called it's a system

by gravity where is a is

precisely one is an irrigation system

where it is combined is a system of

Israelite irrigation where this is combined

requires electricity I don't know if that is

is referring to electricity

precisely although they are systems that

here in el salvador they were here in

the zone of sonsonate that precisely in

the cooperative is called blind bar that

I had a similar system like that, we have

really lost that those advances

product that there was not much

importance in production


let's remember say decades where

we had finance ministers that their

policy was to acquire 100% of

food outside and just shop

buy buy but do not produce

now is the approach that takes

it is precisely to improve innovation

technology with equipment such as drones for

pest control

to be able to say the

online fertilization versions

because I remember that it is up to

little I know

well I went to visit a community

agricultural were 100 farmers did not have

I'm talking about a year and a half ago

or two years maybe they didn't have a street

they took out the material they produced and I

da gave me sadness when I knew it was and

I saw it because I saw it with my eyes with a

cart with a cart pulled the

product you can imagine did not have

the streets had big holes because

it wasn't concrete but it was dirt and

the other thing was that they were around

from the acelhuate river of the crops

general of them are cultivation by

example of celery coriander

I think they also planted onion but

they were like 12 types of crops no and me

radishes drew attention by

example caught my attention the fact of

that they had the part of the problem

connectivity down the street had the

irrigation problem because they had to

pay him the gangs 20 bucks for

open the flow of the dirty river or not

was the normal river any river but

It was the acelhuate river tomayate I don't know how

that place is called and they said that for each

homework they had to pay $ 20 to

Gang members imagine I think it's one

one of the things that many of

have these people problems

and that it should be touched by the

corresponding authorities why not

It is correct first that they are

owning these types of situations and

second, the fact that the majority of

these people live on that I

I asked how much they made per month and I

They said 150 dollars after two months

imagine and they didn't even have

a plow or anything but they had a

lord of the 100 who had a like him

call an ox plow let's put it like this

traction and with a stick I don't think

that is called nothing, excuse me

ignorance but of course it will or will not be done

ivn los surcos as he is doing the

grooves no

correct 15

so I thought what happened here is

that these people of the 100 farmers

only one had a side and that one them

charged each farmer $ 20 for

task to nothing that is to say they were

bleeding because the gang members

They were charging $ 20 to open them

the dirty water row for each task and

they say a normal person a person

maybe with an assistant he could do

two or maximum three tasks because no

they managed to do everything because

requires a great process but they

they had the dirty water problem that

It was the color they water and it is the

vegetables that go to

supermarkets we are not going to deny it is like this

and today the lettuce is therefore consumed

Today at Christmas it is one of the products

how much is consumed and it comes from there

so I want to give you this example

because it turns out that Mr. Callejas

they want at that time of the elected

that consumed a good part of the

products they told me that 100

radishes were 99 cents

imagine how select it was

its main consumer and the select one

sold five or six radishes for 72

pennies imagine the profit level

when companies come and say it's not

that really here the problem is that

this providers are the ones that are

raising the price and that is not the case

price rises is the wholesaler so

general is not the producer because the

producer is the one with the worst of

win then I can keep putting them

example I think but it is the story of

Salvadorans and we are not talking

from a place far away the place that I went to

visiting is a community around

Acelhuate river in Ciudad Delgado or not

we are talking about a community of

ahuachapn or from the union not from here

from the capital who thinks about that this

engineer elas and then we are going to give him

step to jose to comment us also at


before we forget the government

Has started you with a program of

provide equipment like tank for the

milk collection mincer shellers

and packers all that team is a

program that has already started to be able

support production zones to

Producers slow down service from

rent in a with a symbolic cost is

part of the program to be incentivized


as an income let's say of the team they are not

owners on a borrowed one

exactly goes the world a price like

I say symbolic to strengthen the

production and the area of


one of the 1st place problems

del Salvador is the pollution that

we have in the cloaks it was but

especially since the discharge areas

where are you living the water and where all

the river basin is the barracks on

brush the river salvatella we can't

tell us that it is a waters that is

they can use for cultivation that's

the most harmful thing you can have and not

there must extinguish the ministry of being

a question and the dirty water to be

transfers through the grooves to him

assign the properties where they sow

I think that's what they call that one

water is transferred the final product or


and we are eating in those zones of

production like the one I pointed out to them and

also the wetlands of the river del cerro

large where a lot of corn is produced for

consumption and vegetables are they are say

all products absorb through

its root system

elements harmful to health such as

lead which is one of the most damaging

precisely what the greats cause

kidney problems at equal levels

way in the high the degradation and the

carryover of thrown agrochemicals or

stalls in fit crops

indiscriminate they go precisely and I them

I want to comment on that a complaint

for a part of you that has evil

to take me into consideration

commented a couple of months ago who

ahuachapn there apparently still

they make several of cotton and cane

So what are they watering it with

herbicides from a plane I don't know if

that is legal or not but I would understand that a

generating this generates a lot of problems of

health to the people who receive it and

I comment because I lost about 11 guys

from second grade I don't know if you guys know

remember a story that came out in


and the area around people

that the sac died of kidney failure

includesive lo report 4 vision all

those senses all those people that

They left that died were relatives

mine and died for the issue of when

the plane culminated they were in

the cotton fields and they

they received even shirtless and

all the poison fell on them and obviously that

it did not happen in a year or in two years or in

three, that is, people were literally leaving

dying he was dying he was dying

Like 11 guys have gone

direct relatives died and it is

unfortunate because

sometimes we give more importance to

things and not people and in this case

It is a problem that must be addressed

by the corresponding authorities and

This complaint they made me is

recent that in ahuachapn is

happening this good

This data is not for us to analyze

reaffirming is correct they are more

durant is that they are applying in the

cane cultivation when accelerating

sucrose transformation process

to get this product as quickly as possible to

the mills and apply in a plane of

soma during which are by the wind in the

area where this crop is applied on

drag from that suggested product

visit precisely sum during which

accelerates precisely that situation the

reed is highly harmful to the

human health and similarly

is causing trouble on the ground

I also suppose with time not the

biodiversity and other nearby crops

then it is a problem that I understand already

that the environment ministry is there

about them for nothing because they are lives

that sprout us like maybe some

businessmen believe no and always in this

subject we invite bone that not of their

postures opinion you are comforts

for example we remove from equation

to the government that of course is

doing your part will be your part me

I would like you to comment to me, said I know if

you are comfort because they would be in the

disposition and we also invite the

friends who are in the chat by the way

greetings saint george greetings ernesto heretic

isabel wil james and all the friends who

are participating in the chat they can

ask your questions because that's not why and

we are going to put them on the screen for

try to answer them but to friends

who are listening and also you jose

removing the equation to the government you

It is comfort for being well in the

willingness for example to contribute

technology al salvador what you guys

know the one that is within reach of

you that surely is much better

than the one in El Salvador

currently or like that they pose like

solution to this situation that

unfortunately it is the daily life of

Salvadorans on agricultural issues that

they literally work with a comma and that

it's all to a comma it's like his

work tool no and it says

even in said that without the CVM to

farmer well he would not be a farmer but

why not give him tools

technological what do you think about this

you for example would do in the room

to support these agricultural sectors

vulnerable so far

of course you can work here and team


to carry out all those sowings

to help those people to help themselves

oneself but at the same time has

there is a problem the rivers are all

contaminated and it is necessary that is where

the government work also enters

because the rivers there are polluted

there are most electrics have

exits to the rivers and nobody has put

watch that and this should be another


most of that would be the beginning

because I know that with technology you can

implement irrigation plans or something

so things like that and tractors for

work the land better but also

depends on the rivers of which rivers

are healthy rivers are fertile

because most of the river are there

contaminated and that is a fact the

latrines have exits to rivers sehim

made strong

what you say is something that is

happening I think from the basin

principal of the river lempa we do not know that

even at the time I don't know about you

will remember the topic of what happened with

him with the record battery than a great one

contamination of different flow rates of

water and for example there was someone who

I made a comment, note that I have

River forgiveness, I have a farm of Xs

not of any product and I have a well

he tells me but the well feels water


I told him what I recommend before

that they start working with that is that

go do a water study because

probably contaminated with some

lead element or something like that and I know

because of all this we are

speaking then in that sense I insist

in the question to you for example

removing this fact which of course is

one of nobody's promises the fact of

clean the lempa river and all its

flows than in any one day task

Well, it will surely be several

generations but you have to start it

do you guys comfort over here if you

they also invite friends

who are

I thought you would like to participate, that is

make a kind of association of some

type to support the agricultural industry

which is just in its minor right now

or in its greatest difficulty by different

reasons apart from them the pandemic that

can you tell me about it eyes


we as Salvadorans have always

been willing because it's ours

land then would be the least that

we could always do and

when it comes to our country always

we are available to collaborate in

everything in our power by

his client in that sense I think

here you will understand a point and I think

that the majority of audience also

because I don't think it's missing

will because you live better then

that the Salvadorans who live here in

savior but still have his navel

here and they want to help one or the other

way here to Salvadorans now there are

many problems for example to create

a company today of tubas in the usa

five minutes of delays

You come to Salvador to want to invest

just transfer your money from states

united to the savior is a problem

second create a company there is not one

one-stop shop or website as is

tell you good step one go up this

document this other

this other this other and that's it and it's already created

the company and we started working at

invest to create the industry those are

problems that are unfortunately given to us

In the US it does not happen, that is, you come

literally five minutes delay to

start a business and start operating

because what interests the government

taxes are your taxes on

Savior of ever tried to do

a business you removing this area from

agriculture or if you have invested in

some agriculture you

in el salvador the truth of things

That is true there, everything is difficult

everything is complicated the laws are

too tied are

they try to put obstacles to

yemay even to go get a dui

you have to pay people

who are there to give it more life

for that even for that for and when

you go to the teachers if you want to

pass has to pay because they are doing so

charging people who pay those people

They are then charging him for everything

the whole building entered there is

complicated but that does not take away the

I want the will to work for

our country does not take away or us

going to remove

the desire the will the interest of

working for our country as a mother

and I speak on behalf of all

Salvadorans because they are in the majority

of Salvadorans are willing to

give one hundred percent for our country

and I'm sure that's the way it is and by

Of course here the commentsare

affirming that this is the feeling

of the Salvadorans I don't want to

tell them and to go to the

next slide we have

I want us to develop that we can

think about crops

home and here we return with engineer


because we don't do it because there are countries

like canada usa but more in canada than

you do this kind of thing that you don't

they cost nothing if here a bean is

sowing I remember it was part of

inclusive of a mechanism of a test

what was done when he was not in second

third grade putting a bean on

cotton they remember and starts to grow

but if we drop when we are

wiping the beans off the table and falls

a little dirt with water mud on

bean grows or we don't have that much

problem why why why is he

happening this that we are not

taking advantage of this for example for

sowing the cucumber or sowing the

legumes is coriander skin than

other things can be done as part

home grown or engineer lies

well that's a topic is a topic let's say

very interesting the safety route

food and there are several

there are several experiences like

peripheral production of orchards

that means producing precisely in

the spaces of the at the level of the zones

urban in this case say how much capital

or any other city where it is

occupy the spaces available to go

using say other alternatives

for the production of vegetables in

where the family can have

and your availability of products that

require their routine diet of

feeding in the same way say

Well, there is an experience where I know

produces excellently with what the

hydroponic production and let's say they are

technological factors and what I know

required precisely is how to order a

program where it has been supported

Well there I listened to my compatriot friend

where projects could be developed

of this nature to stimulate the

production at the periurban level which are

home gardens in spaces

reduced using this tools

as production alternatives

and increase food production

but that is how difficult the engineer

because it's easy it's a matter of ordering

a project and facilitate the population

technical assistance and training

to be able to do this type of project

which is excellent and would be added to

the family production it requires

precisely and would reduce expenses to

family and have the availability of

Besides being 11, they are projects that

would help in the psychological process

somehow today everything would have fallen

this with the paper and that we were

in the house for a long time I think there

we are seeing some great how

we can sow for example I did not know that

up to strawberries could be sown


so all this we are seeing

I really remember it decreased a lot to

my dad comes from the environment

agricultural and he mentions the type of a


he knows about the issue of the phase of the

moon and that I do not understand but

that that the crescent moon when it is

sows but he has a hand that

What sows it grows, I sow something

since I have no idea about that, I sow

something and you just don't believe me or

either because he has that as his secret

and then the invitation to friends who

we also participate in this type of

occupational therapy that at the same time

it becomes food therapy not because

It is part of the previous solution I do not

It is the complete solution but it would help

to literally have 100% products

fresh literally because we will

cut there on the edge of our de

our house from our garden no

I would not add to this that it is one of

the factors to consider

here and this program that is

developing would allow us power

let's say how are moystering

the different slides

crops that can be produced we can

make available as a profile a

little program on how to produce a garden

home how to make a home garden that

It would be a night of numbers and I will sign up

and I want to tell you what you have to be

creative in this and I tell them why

both my uncle and my dad like them

they come from the agricultural part

were farmers picked cotton

etcetera etcetera picked up coffee and that one

kind of things and they at home in the

third floor and well it's very funny

because you see from afar

and what they see are plants above some

people plants there they have corn they have

Chile, I have seen him seeded chile

take what I've seen the most good

they even have a stick from no tree

of guava imagine in a sowed

in a what's called in the middle of a

barrel and there it is and gives a guava that

they look orange because everything is on

secret I believe that in the nutritious that

they put him to grow then all

have in common we print our

creativity in these types of situations

or what do you think of an engineer

he is precisely a creativity

and these are easy projects of

implement and require precisely the

support to guide and train the

population but let's say manageable are

factors as long as they tell us

are not factors of economic highs that

we are going to require a loan

farm truth in January is going to bring

black earth a couple of barrels of

those who are about to jump to the

garbage or you can make a square of y

I believe myself and there it is for example when going

to the agro service to bring fertilizer the

plants that by the way sell one type

of seeds they can sow and would be

very interesting in a program of how

grow these kinds of things to eat

cool and I want to tell you that a

day I went to visit a friend and had a

pile of pots on top of each other

of these pendants and he was doing a

soup I arrived at lunch time

no formal for me but you can do that

step turns out that when I arrived I was

making chicken soup

and started pulling things out of the pots

and what are you doing ask and

Turns out it had celery coriander and another

type of situations there that he was

starting from his same crop in

hanging pots and caught my eye

because there we are looking

where to get in the 25 cents from

cilantro and we could perfectly

have in our house and in this sense

Let's ask Jose what he thinks

because I know that Canada does it but they don't

I know if they do home cultivation in the US and

especially now that the

is happening pandemic situation and kobe and

voluntary quarantine because it is no longer

Obligatory then but there is a lot of time

for occupying as occupational therapy

than fingers

some people use it people

who have lots in their houses and I in it

personal because I don't use it because I don't have

solar but people who have

lots in their houses and they do it

good rain the friend who could not

enter eastern canada

he told me not the importance that

has in this type of crops because

even the government of canada motivates

the people to sow and which I

it seems very interesting because apart from

than occupational therapy

helps us and motivates us to continue

working in this environment and on this

to your experience what is needed

really the farmer of el salvador

now if we go we rely on the

savior that the farmer needs

based on your experience and then we go to

talk about the technical part that is what

The engineer is going to tell us about

what he needs in technological life

current 2020 not but according to your experience

What do you think he needs

Salvadoran in his agricultural environment or from

what you remember or know

first land and then win

to work and what happens since

people don't want to work I see the

workers they work for work

from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m.

at 11 in the morning then there is no

Willingness to work I remember myself to

my time that we were raised to

3 in the morning and it was midnight

the night and we are working

For that matter, that's how it was before

what the new generations are today

new us on that

and they want me to pay them the full day

that is, they work half the day but

They want a full day, I don't know if that has

happened to you than some

way because they lived for that and today

know that the entire workforce of

some potential form has become

in a workforce simply that

reaches out for a remittance for

all that

the guilty in the majority are the

people who are here because sometimes

we have children there and son and how much

they will be able to find for work and will pay

ten dollars a day so don't work me

I'm going to send you 150 dollars I'm going to

send growing pain I'm going to

send your shoes I'll send you

this and I'll send you the other one then

children who grow up lazy and because of this

that the aelia wall the boys

They appear on the streets that they do not want

work and become a very serious problem

this problem is big this problem no

It is small, it has a lot of relationship

because we have touched different topics for

one side the environment of lack of

food worldwide but in

special el salvador because we do not cover

the fee to be drawn on the other hand

the fact of the culture of simply

send remittances without conditioning

or simply because of a lie

come and ask for a remittance no and the issue

for example the use of technologies and

the lack of interest in

previous governments

you for example as a diaspora and as

friends who are always aware of

these programs that can tell us

so what are the solutions that

they could work for us because we know that

In the US there are three and a half million so

so much that is money but it is close to

five thousand four hundred million that

enter into remittances that

They're just consuming on it at

nothing is pure consumerism they will stop at

restaurants that is not bad that

People eat it is fine but they send them

150 dollars and you win you spend 100

dollars in an exit that is we are not

producing nothing in that sense me

I wonder what is the option that you

can offer us as a diaspora that

They think I could fix this

problem or at least try one


I think one of the solutions

learn to work with the family and

let everyone do their job and

the father to be responsible with his but

with his children and let them work at

son should be taught to work he

must show how much each penny costs

so that he values it imposing that is the

problem that our country has because

most guys don't know how much

it costs money and the culprit is his

dad or is it his mom so there is no

interest a desire a will of

work because all the time the

person lives on tomato take these for

bad, no, it's not like that, they didn't teach me

so my father and I appreciate the study

a lot but he didn't teach me to live like this

this is how tomatoes live now

most person is to the gallery that

they have to be 11 in the morning and not

the majority have still risen


if that's a problem not from the

part social fabric and we know that somehow

form has influenced the theme of the

maras and gangs now in this

sense I want to enter the next one

slide for you to mention us about

the issue because the engineer mentioned it

the issue of the hydro whose and I want that

Tell us and I'll post a video

so that thepeople go making one

idea this is part of the technology that

could solve the food issue or

Engineer Elijah what do you think at

regarding these

it is one of the most accessible technologies



is a technological alternative for

as an option for different

sectors both friends of producers

as at the urban level, let's say where

would facilitate


the production the productive increase and

would reduce say would improve income to

family level and on the other hand

would have say options for

food safety that is, is one is

an option that can easily be

managed and developed here in the country

and it will require the accompaniment

technician to be able to train power

use that technological alternative

but it really constitutes an option

at the level of

and I want to comment on him in January, look at it

you know that the situation of

Venezuela is complicated because they have

so many resources but I don't know there it is

the father of the serene gentleman that is, it is his

idol and I don't know why when they go from

vacation not only keeps it and se

Stay there we don't want you anymore because I know

They go where is Mickey Mouse or not

if you are, it is true that there is

they go or do not take a vacation for

Venezuela or Cuba go where they are

mickey mouse

well to miami they go down 3 then in

this sense I want to comment on one

situation that was seen with a friend of

Venezuela because people are not bad

and the problem is the rulers

look what happened

we were talking about him

an excellent programmer and explains to me

next look here what is needed is

food we literally have no food or

whether that's one of the things that

we need and we require and I believe that

with so much reason not because we can have

even money if you don't have to buy

Well, we're not going to, we're not going to eat

then as they say that sometimes the

situations become opportunities

his wife turns out that she had some

hectares of land but did not need

so much that is, he told me about 50

square meters and had a kind of

vertical hydroponics farm and was that

I knew this topic of hydroponics and

I found it very interesting because they had

10 levels and I think they can be done

much older but in that case what he

I had were 10 levels in some pipes

an irrigation system through which

through the pipes the one of

was filled up then the bottom and in the part

above what they had were like

aragua storage species where

in the morning and at night they threw the

nutrients and did not require soil from

wait then he told me that

we lived in extreme poverty because of the

situation that he was living there was not

work then the programmer e

Engineer in programming images and de

that happened to be a farmer which others

you can but I make the reference because

now yes very well

and then I went to him and him when already

started cultivating this is this system

hydroponics started selling to

Colombia because he had a surplus and was

Making like five thousand dollars with the

hydroponics with a fifty meter

squares imagine what chance is

that came back

having several hectares of land and

he only cultivated 50 square meters

probably because it was what

he was enough to build because he requires

a series of pipes and things like that

guy who can tell me engineer

regarding this of hydroponics and that

if this is it

alternative permanent temporary solution

What can we talk about

is is a is a technological solution

excellent alternative what we require

what we require is this is like

facilitate you financially like like

we guide and how we can develop

an alternative other than the

banks can't be through this

prograss that now developed from

Salt with financing of 4 percent

What can that be funds for

initiatives for startups such as


these are types of entrepreneurship

profitable that allow to produce say

healthy foods and eyes that have

a market demand for that condition


who is going to take us precisely

to a solution but we require for a

side put a source of

financing to facilitate the

development of this program and then

be able to develop the capacities of all

the groups that will be involved i.e.

I mean to train them to stop them from

how to establish the is infrastructure

productive on site on

crop management system la

fertilization at harvest time

handling then marketing is

an engineer question why go here

we have a situation many of these

programs probably don't have the

enough echo in the population for what

that jos already mentioned, sometimes there are like

lack of interest from the people of the

new generations especially because

they somehow have the facility of

receive remittances

Now I wonder there wouldn't be a chance

that the government will create these species

from farms and they will give him the

opportunity to work people who

if I wanted to work but not

required and to be aware of that

but that he was a worker is the place

a job opportunity where

they were the farm and then either

hydroponics or whatever but whatever

of the government or a kind of

government company like this

possibility where

and that in fact in fact to put a

example in it in morazn is one of the

areas where rates are received

remittances and that can be seen one by the

amount of infrastructure from

very very nice house adaptations

product of the effect of funds from


there in that city the government has a

experimental development bonus where

are evaluating alternatives of

production under which we call

indoor production but se

refers to production through

greenhouses through is micro irrigation

inside true and this is being tested

hydroponics alternative

and that needs jail to replicate and

They want the accompaniment that I could

be there where it is feasible to organize

to the compatriots who are and who

They send their remittance to be able to use

These best remittance funds

way and that these funds do not end in

supermarkets in law devices


short-term income


as an alternative financier

his venture

I know that there are some municipalities that very

few but I know that some mayors

who offer it as a therapy

occupational this type of crop that is

They even give them the seeds, they give them

the pots and train

smaller scale or for consumption

only familiar but I think

this can become an opportunity

because because it should not only be

a crop as is for consumption

personal but could also be a

crop for situations inclusive of

feeding from beyond the family

in that sense I ask now to go


this is the question I ask

as a government that is doing the

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock

currently and this first I'm going to

listen to you because you work

I know that he works in the sea and somehow

could illustrate us of things that that

us as ordinary Salvadorans

we do not know and then we will ask

far in the perfection of what is

doing because one thing is what I know

says that it is done and another is what is seen

what do you do then that

They work in the sea, which is what they have

currently seen what is being done

as part of the government that I know it has

many ideas and they will see nothing and leave

from February 21 to 28 that we no longer have

the unfortunate assembly limitation that

we have to block everything but that

heard you have seen what are the

programs part of the development of the

van de sar program and other things that

measures are being taken to recover

this type of actions

clear firstly first is what

that the government has been updated

has been revised and has been put

agricultural sector policy

in one direction opposite the

problematic and true

needs in the different

subsectors I mean the subscriber

farmers the coffee sector at

fruit growers to the part let's say of

basic grain production politics

has been developed precisely with

the sectors to guide a policy

more attached to political ethics


order precisely the course that goes to

leading the sector runs every second

element is the president is going to pitch

there maybe in March or probably in



food safety plan for

Salvador the security plan

food that collects precisely the

items that we have been discussing and

he's going to kill

within that plan the feasibility of

that the savior can

be productive act in the main

basic basket products such as

we saw the banana as we saw the coffee that

coffee corn bean rice production


of milk, the dairy that is that I am

good wide true not really

it is only agriculture but

also livestock the fact of

meat product the fact of the

dairy products and their derivatives las

exports that could develop

improve quality

Ethics is rest to that within that plan

A component is on the way, which is the

investment that the country will be for

acquire we call it foot of

breeding or that is related to

genetic material technology with

part-level technology

livestock subsector to acquire in


more secure with the quality of investing

You have to buy it or in Mexico you have to

buy them in South America

and it does not work out it does not work out well for example in

that sense that mentions buy the

animal semen to make

production or it has to be such an animal

which is

It is part of the shelf of what I

I refer as breeding foot and it is dedicated to

the acquisition of semen at the level of and at

page level is this a technology

to renew the entire livestock act to

bovine level at pig level at

sheep goats level

Salvadorans apart from us

they like the priors we also like the

hen we like meat the pork or

whatever and a lot that does not occur locally

it occurs but on a small scale that

You have to stimulate yourself to be fat

to have race, let's say with better

volume production capacity of

production adapted to conditions

weather conditions that the country is experiencing

facing climate change is going to

boost poultry production from

backyard it is known that at a rural level the

alternative food is poultry

they produce passion will stimulate the

production we call it the

production of backyard birds that are

for the other mortals and common that no

We know that is talking about the

exactly true chicken or is there another type of


hens turkeys


are species that come to conjugate the

input feeding capacity of

the family to be able to be that I

I want to comment on a story I hear

before nobody was president

there was a company made up of

different Salvadorans abroad

who had decided to invest and in the

Salvador precisely in the breeding area

of turkeys with the aim that those

payments were returned and frozen

towards the US that one of the main

turkey consumers in the world I don't know

If it had an echo, I don't know if they developed it, no

I know if they are going to do it but really there

is where the importance of the

comes in business connectivity between

diaspora and local Salvadoran meet

and the triangle that would become the

government because in the end there is work

obstacles the other day I understand that he

part of the wind farm that carries a

investment of I don't know if 100 million

dollars that was held by about

permits and now I understand that for

next January

100% approval is coming from

park they see for sale is going to deliver

a lot of electricity than

It will allow us even

apart from the solar park stop

depend on more than 20% of what is the

energy received I don't know if yet

but that was received from Guatemala


what is the production of clean energy

using biomass which is biomass

healthy stubble and that looks good at the cost

that now of the things that we have left

pending to talk I know that one of his

proposals also to take advantage of

including waste produced by

different fields and crops do not stop

be able to say energy and recover a

little energy I think that truth is not

it is geothermal but it is closely related

not because it's through

correct good perfect let's give it



via marina is that index of all that

what is needed from what I see is this

how to have creativity does not stop

take advantage of the problem and the plant

politics of politicians like this and

now I'm going to give Jose a chance

so they can talk to us about what hebe is

because sometimes you are very

informed that local Salvadorans

that what you see is doing in the

part that we have touched and the theme of the

agriculture food security looks

that is being worked despite the

locks is from Jose you comfort

now as you see it is

The truth is that what I see is that I don't know