Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Inspiring blind singer Victoria Oruwari brings judge Geri to tears - All Together Now

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PRODUCER: Victoria Oruwari, take one.

How was your journey today? My journey was good, actually.

I was just a bit annoyed that I couldn't get a McMuffin before I got on the train.


I love it when I have to teach a reception class.

You know, little children, hearing them actually sing

and get their first notes and everything.

The joy with which they sing a song, it's just amazing to listen to.

Good luck, everyone. Bye!

I feel like losing my sight made me more aware of the beauty in music.

My singing is something that I can't live without.

I sing around the house, I sing in the shower,

I sing everywhere I am.

It is definitely my number-one passion.

I want to be wowed. I want to sit back and relax. You're so right.

I don't want to hear that someone's nervous. I just want a performance.

After I lost my sight, I would visualise myself singing

in pretty ballgowns, standing in front of a lot of people.

Singing in front of the 100 -

oh, my goodness, quite daunting.

I think some of them will like what I do and some of them may not,

but I hope they're going to like it.

Ooh, OK. Ooh, we've got some sparkles!

I like her dress. I love her dress. She looks beautiful.

Hi! I'm Victoria, and I'm from London.

The song I'm going to sing was originally performed by a nun.

I'm afraid I didn't take the veil.


Let's see if Victoria can score more than 65 and take the third spot.

I'm nervous for her.

# Climb ev'ry mountain

# Search high and low

# Follow ev'ry byway... #

APPLAUSE # Ev'ry path you know

# Climb ev'ry mountain... #

Ky is looking worried.

# Ford ev'ry stream

# Follow ev'ry rainbow

# Till you find your dream

# A dream that will need

# All the love you can give

# Every day of your life

# For as long as you live

# Climb ev'ry mountain... #

This is huge.

# Ford ev'ry stream... # This is looking amazing.

# Follow ev'ry rainbow

# Till you find

# Your dream. #


Incredible performance.

That last note. It was amazing. It was insane.

95! Well done!


Absolutely incredible, Victoria. That puts you into the top spot.

Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God! How are you feeling, Victoria?

I'm so excited! I want to scream! SHE LAUGHS

She even laughs in tune. You're incredible.


Geri, that was amazing, wasn't it? Yeah.

Victoria, you just touched our hearts.

And then I'm looking at you like a goddess,

like an angel in here singing from your heart.

It was so inspirational.

You so deserve to be 95. You deserve 100. It was brilliant.

Thank you so much. That means a lot to me.

Thank you. Thanks, Geri. APPLAUSE

Wow, everyone's crying! I know. It was brilliant.

Right, Divina, you've performed The Sound Of Music. Yeah.

Well, believe it or not,

I've either been Friedrich or Kurt

or Liesl. LAUGHTER

I've seen it so many times by so many people,

and it was just beautiful.

It was perfect. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me. Thank you.

APPLAUSE OK, go this way.

Now, Simon, you got involved with that. You enjoyed it?

Yeah, I thought you were absolutely amazing.

I'm paralysed in a wheelchair, and, obviously,

this show is about "all together now",

and I believe that we just judged upon your voice,

and voice only. I applaud you.

You were absolutely stupendous. Thank you.

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