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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: She was happy in the US... then her life collapsed

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hello I'm Julian offered from doing a while ago I was reading a

forum online and there was a post

written by a girl who was struggling to

improve her English and overcome her

problems with the language she had moved

to the US to be with her boyfriend whom

she met online and she lived there with

him it was a little small apartment

somewhere she wrote happily for two

years everything seemed wonderful until

out of the blue all of a sudden the

boyfriend broke up with her and left her

without warning and she was left living

alone in the small apartment in the u.s.

not wanting to go back to her home

country to admit to her friends and

family that things didn't work out but

she didn't know what to do either

she had relied on her boyfriend for

everything and she hadn't bothered

trying to improve her English beyond

what she already had which was just

enough to get by but not enough for her

to get a job in the country she hadn't

been out she hadn't made friends she

hadn't got to know people her boyfriend

had literally been her entire world and

she wrote in the forum post I'm not able

to understand what is happening

everything is just falling apart the

thing is though is this kind of

situation is really really common we get

comfortable in whatever situation it is

that we find ourselves in and we think

that it'll last forever so we don't

prepare for the future so we don't think

about what will happen when as it always

does change inevitably occurs I'll be

perfectly honest I did the same thing as

this girl once upon a time when I first

went to Japan the first year that I

lived there I didn't speak or learn a

single word of the language I wasn't

interested it was easy comfortable to

live in an English bubble and then just

rely on now mrs. Northbrook to deal with

everything else for me but apart from

that LOC having been fair on her it was

a huge wasted opportunity for me in my

life and if it hadn't have been from my

father-in-law basically making it a

condition that I become at least

conversation in the language if I wanted

to marry his daughter and then about a

year after that ending up working in a

school that had requested a fluent

Japanese speaker which I certainly

wasn't at that time there had been some

kind of an time in a cup somewhere along

the line and I don't know how it

happened but I ended up working in this

place where I had to speak Japanese to

do my job

oh my god talk about motivation to

improve but if I mean these things

hadn't happened to me I probably

wouldn't have had the motivation to

improve either but you know what I'm

glad that these these traumatic changes

occurred and it was hard at the time it

really was it wasn't absolute nightmare

especially when I first started working

in that school but but mastering the

Japanese language opened doors for me

not just in terms of the language and

being able to do things in the language

but internally as well it transformed me

as a person I went from shy to confident

from not knowing what I wanted to do

with my life to becoming totally

obsessed with linguistics and teaching

English starting my own company doing

English obviously but the point is is

mastering the language transformed

everything for me

maybe you'll experience the same kind of

thing perhaps your transformation won't

be quite so dramatic perhaps it will be

but what I can tell you with almost 100%

certainty is this things will change

sooner or later whether you are ready or

not so it's better that you are ready

work on your English now overcome your

English barriers now you might be

comfortable at the moment you might be

able to get by in the language you might

be okay in the language but sooner or

later an opportunity is going to come

long or something's gonna happen we're

just being oh-kay is not enough anymore

and then you're gonna wish you put the

time in the effort in before so that you

were ready for that now now is the time

as it were on to business head over to

doing slash free training

and check out my free training the

rocket launch method in it I want to

teach you the five key changes that you

need to make to your English learning

routine to see progress rapidly head

over there check it out this is me

Judy Northbrook signing out from this

video I'll see you in the next one have

a great day / morning evening whatever

time it is for you and Bob I was at stop

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