Practice English Speaking&Listening with: لا تحزن | Don't Be Sad

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To every troubled person

To everyone who's heartbroken

To everyone who's sad

Don't be sad!

Oh you suffering from insomnia

Whom the night is screaming at him

Oh long night go away

Welcome the morning

Isn't the morning near?

A morning that would fill you with light, joyfulness, and happiness

Oh you who's overcome with anxiety

Take it easy

For from the horizon of the unseen rises hope

And there is relief for you in the tried and true rules of life

Oh you whose eye is filled with teardrops

Stop crying

And relieve your eyes

Calm down!

For you have a covenant with the Creator

And He is looking after you

Rest assured oh servant

The judgement has already been issued

And the choice has already been made

And kindness has already been shown

And the pain of discomfort has already been alleviated

And the thirst of difficulty has already been quenched

And the reward has already been established with Him Who doesn't turn anybody down

Rest assured

For you are dealing with the One Who's in full control

One Who's kind to His servants

One Who shows infinite mercy towards His creation

One whose providence is governed by infinite wisdom

To him whose weighed down by his sins

Don't be sad!

For your Lord is infinitely generous and merciful. He will accept you whenever you turn to Him.

And He will be happy with your repentance to Him

Say: O My slaves who have wronged themselves! Despair not of the mercy of God.

Indeed God forgives all sins

Indeed He is the Forgiving, the Merciful.

All sins can be forgiven by God

As long as the repentant brings forth sincerity and faith

To her who lost her child

Don't be afraid and don't despair

It may be that God will return him to you as He has returned Moses to his mother

To him who lost his son! Don't be sad!

It may be that God will return him to you even if it's a while

As He has returned Joseph and his brother to Jacob

To him whose family and kin caused him so much hurt

Don't be sad!

And be kind and forgiving

And follow the good example of Prophet Joseph

To him whose been overcome with sickness

Don't be sad!

It may be that God will soon grant you a cure

As He did with Prophet Ayyub

To him whose son has been deceased

Don't be sad!

For the Prophet lost all of his children except one

And he was the best of mankind

To him whose trade fell short and lost all of his money

Don't be sad!

It may be that your Lord will give your something even better as He did with the owners of the garden

To him who was jailed unjustly

Don't be sad!

It may be that God wanted something good for you

And spared you from a great tribulation

And remember how Prophet Joseph was jailed before you

To him who was shamed by his community

Don't be sad!

For even Prophet Muhammad was accused despite being the purest of God's creation

To him who's been overwhelmed by the dowry of his bride

Don't be sad!

And remember how Moses spent 10 years paying off his bride's dowry

To her who's been waiting tirelessly for a righteous husband

Don't be sad!

Be kind to your parents and God will bring a righteous husband right to your doorstep

as He did with the two daughters of the elderly man

When you're in distress, ignore all of your worries

And relegate your affairs to destiny

And welcome good news that will make you forget what happened

It could be that in the very displeasing matter that has befallen you there will be contentment in its aftermath

There could be more distress or there could soon come relief

God does as He pleases. So don't object to His decree!

God has gotten you accustomed to beautiful things in the past. So expect the best from Him.

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