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I'm a renegade

(woman screams)

- Nine.









I'm a renegade

I'm a renegade

(ominous music)

- The Mjolnir exo suit is now complete.

Even though this technology will save humanity

in the war to come,

I must remind myself

liquid crystal cannot rise on its own.

Titanium alloy cannot prevail in the face of extinction.

Armor cannot hope.

It all means nothing

until you step inside.

(dramatic music)

- Am I dead already?

I must be.

I mean, this is a punishment, right?

Yup, this is death.

- Warning.

(explosion blasts)

- No.


No, no, no, no, no.

- Warning. (alarm blares)

(explosion blasts)

- This isn't happening.

I'm going to have to make an emergency landing.

Hold on.

(ominous music)




I can't stand this.

Oh, you are--

- Breathe.

- No!

You don't get to tell me what to do.

You don't get to tell me anything!


Are you even listening?

- I count three anti-aircraft cannons.

- Three what?

- You'll be safe here.

- Oh, I'll be safe. (scoffs)


I haven't been safe since I found you.

I found you, remember?

You were out there on your own

and you'd still be out there if it wasn't for me.

I thought I was going home.

- There won't be a home if we don't stop The Banished.

- You keep saying that.

We're outgunned, outnumbered.

I know I saw Condors over there.

I'm going to dig through them

and find one with a working slipspace drive.

And when you're done with this war,

we'll get away from here, far away.

- Wait here.



Let me see what I can find.

- Cannons first.

When I get back, we can look,


- Okay, big guy.

(birds chirp)

(guns fire)

(engine whirs)

- Stop, stop!

(guns fire)

(explosion blasts)

(suspenseful music)

(guns fire)

(explosions blast)

- I will tear you apart!

I got him now!

(guns fire)

This is the end.

(serene music)

(guns fire)

- Die for the planet.

You die...

(suspenseful music)

(guns fire)

- You should have protected him!

You can't make me!

(alarm blares)

- The UNSC lost this war months ago.

Your people are broken, scattered,

hunted, defeated

by me.

I wish I could tell you it was difficult,

but it wasn't. (laughs)

We are one step ahead always.

The Ring is already under our control.

Soon, the Auditorium as well.

The Harbinger and The Banished share the same code.

We fight together to honor the will of Atriox.

But without challenge,

I grew weary,




here you now stand.

This is my last fight,

a true test of legends.

Our story

will outlive us both.

Set a fire in your heart, Spartan.

Bare your fangs!

Fight hard!

Die well.

- We hope you enjoyed your first look

at Halo Infinite's campaign.

I'm incredibly proud of the team at 343,

and we're thrilled to share a hint of the epic battles

that await you on the next chapter

of Master Chief's journey.

This is the most ambitious campaign

we've ever created at 343.

For the first time, players will have the freedom to explore

a mysterious new Halo Ring that's several times larger

than our last two Halo games combined.

Halo Infinite has been built from the ground up

to take full advantage of Xbox Series X,

bigger battles, epic vistas, more complex visual effects,

displayed with 10 times

the processing power per pixel of Halo Five.

This will be running at a flawless 60 frames per second

and will allow us to bring the Halo ring to life

in ways that have never been possible before.

We look forward to sharing even more

about Halo Infinite in the coming months,

including the first look at multiplayer.

And now, please enjoy a glimpse of what others

in the Xbox Games Studios family have been working on.

- World premiere.

(woman screams)

(suspenseful music)

(creature growls)

(upbeat music)

- Welcome, everyone, to the Xbox Games Showcase.

Today, we're showing games

from nine of our 15 Xbox Games Studios,

including unveils of five new first-party games.

What you will see today is how Xbox Games Studios

are harnessing their passions to bring their dreams to life.

We believe that how you find and play your games

is as important as the device you play them on.

Xbox Game Pass is the best way to discover and play,

and we want you to be able to experience

as many great games as possible.

So Game Pass members, you can play every game you see today

from your subscription or free to play.

These games will look and play best on Xbox Series X,

delivering unmatched fidelity, performance,

precision, and immersion.

We've designed the most consistently powerful

next generation console,

and we've built state of the art platform technology

to allow every developer to realize their full vision.

One studio that has always pushed the limits of our hardware

is Turn 10, and they're early in development

on the next Forza Motorsport.

And Xbox Series X is bringing them closer to their dream

of unprecedented realism with Ray tracing

and native 4K resolution, all at 60 frames per second.

The trailer you're about to see

was captured completely in engine.

- World premiere.

(ominous music)

(engines whir)

(upbeat music)

(serene music)

- Our world has a rhythm.

We all sense it,

but only a few truly feel it.

It is found in the smallest moments,

in every step of a perilous journey,

in the symmetry of ritual,

in the bonds we share,

and in moments of stillness.

It teaches us to look beyond the expected,

to be a light in dark places,

to seek answers,

and to stand watch over our world.

Our world has a rhythm.

We all sense it,

but only a few truly feel it.

(woman vocalizes)

- Everwild will give to you

a magical and untamed natural world for you to explore

and to just truly lose yourself in.

It's a place to be eternal.

An eternal has the gift to sense and feel

how magic flows through nature

and connects every living thing.

The team here at Rare are so excited

to be working on something like Everwild,

and I hope you're excited too.

But I just wanna take this opportunity

to say a massive, massive thank you

to everyone who's shown their support and love,

and for the incredible, awesome, positive community

that's already growing around this game.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

- Whoa, I just got hit with a flood of memories.

Love you, mom.

You seeing what I'm saying?



- Yeah.

It doesn't matter that they don't believe us.

- We all believe

that what happened that night was self-defense,

but we couldn't be sure.

- It doesn't matter that they kept us apart.

Brother, sister, we look out for each other.

It doesn't matter that finding the truth

feels impossible.

- We're all done with fairytales.

- The only thing that matters is you're my brother.

And the only way to move forward...


Is to keep looking back.


- We've been getting these visions

whenever we see or hear something really emotional.

Everything we thought we knew about Marianne

just got thrown out the window.

- She loved you.

- She attacked you.

We both saw it.

- I thought that coming here

would be closing a chapter of our lives.

- Nothing good comes from stirring up old memories.

- We don't really have a choice about that.

- There's always a choice, son.

Until I see you again

- I can't do this.


Until I see you again

- Hey, everyone.

My name is Gennadiy.

I'm the Co-Founder

and Director of Technology at Moon Studios.

Today, we are very excited to tell you

that we are working on a very, very special version

of Ori and the Will of the Wisps

specifically for Xbox Series X.

We are now at a time

where we can reach levels of fidelity and frame rates

previously absolutely impossible on any console.

An already gorgeous game like Ori

can now run at 120 hertz refresh rate

in full 4K HDR in its highest quality,

delivering unprecedented game feel

with silky smooth animation, super crisp, sharp image,

and low input latency, which is just so important

for the tight and precise platforming feel of this game.

We can also boost the immersion in different spaces

in our world by using premium audio tech

that we previously just could not simulate in real time.

And with all of this crazy hardware power,

we can give our players more options

with how they want to play our game.

We can't wait for all of you to experience

this very special version of Ori coming to Xbox Series X

with Smart Delivery later this year.

(suspenseful music)

- From the farthest reaches of the universe

comes the biggest mystery in the galaxy.

- An abandoned research facility,

and now, shady corporate intrigue.

- Marvel at The Gorgon Asteroid,

a sordid stopover full of salacious secrets

and scandalous strangers.

- Greetings, attractive patron.

You are looking downright unbaffled today.

- When the right kind of case--

- They wanted us to develop a miracle drug.

- Can put you on the wrong side of a gun.

(woman screams)

Or sword.

Or this thing!




- A word of advice before you go, Captain.

Trust no one.

(suspenseful music)

- What will you find on Gorgon?

(man laughs)

- This unit cannot bring you any drinks

in its current state.

(suspenseful music)

- If you're waiting

for the biggest game of the year,

then wait for Cyberpunk.

- Ooh. - Aah.

- But if you're ready for the smallest,

we've got you covered.

From Obsidian Entertainment,

the makers of games that are nothing like this one.

This summer, strive together to thrive together,

or just feed your friend to the spiders and go solo.

- At Obsidian, we're dedicated

to pushing narrative and role playing games.

It's something we do everyday when we come to the office,

and we can't wait for you to play

our next great adventure, Peril on Gorgon.

It's the first of two planned story expansion packs

for The Outer Worlds that we're putting together

with our friends from the Private Division.

Now, it's also important that we continue to evolve

how we tell stories in games,

and Grounded is the perfect example of that.

The team has been working for the last two years

on how to tell an Obsidian story within a survival game.

Now what's great is that you're gonna be able

to play the game on July 28th

on Xbox Game Preview and on Steam Early Access.

We wanna hear from you,

and we wanna continue to build Grounded together.

Oh, yeah.

If you've been wondering,

we have been working on that next big Obsidian RPG.

Check this out.

- World premiere.

(suspenseful music)

- We have always known war.

It forged our empire,

turned heroes into queens and kings,

and decimated our foes.

Now, our oaths are lost,


And you must face the monsters

our sins have borne.

Is an oath worth the weight of a crown?

(upbeat music)

- Avowed is an expansive first-person RPG

set in the fantasy world of Eora.

When Obsidian Entertainment joined Xbox Games Studios,

they told us that this epic game

is the one they want to make.

As creators of critically acclaimed RPGs,

this is Obsidian at their best.

And it is being built from the ground up

to take full advantage of the power of Xbox Series X.

At Xbox Games Studios,

we also work with independent developers,

always with the goal of empowering them

to bring their ideas to life.

I'm excited to announce our work with Interior/Night,

a new studio led by some of the most talented storytellers

in our industry.

Let's meet Caroline Marchal, Studio Head of Interior/Night,

to debut their original game.

- Bonjour.

I'm Caroline from Interior/Night.

Our team is really passionate about interactive storytelling

because when you play a story,

you step into the character's shoes.

You get to experience their fears, their hopes,

their conflicts firsthand.

And in the process, you learn more about yourself.

And this is quite powerful.

Our first game spans 30 years in the American Southwest.

It's a story about family, resilience, and sacrifice.

But most of all, it's about how you will shape the fate

of real flawed people trying to find their way

in a world that don't fit in.

I hope you enjoy the trailer.

- World premiere.

Fortune, fortune smile and fade

I haven't seen you much of late

I need you now, I cannot wait

But when I'm looking all around

- We were on our way to start a new life that summer.

For our family, it was just a stop over.

- For mine,

it was the end of the road.

- On the ground, now!

- The sun went down on all of us that day.

Was it fate?


No, it was a long forgotten secret

buried in the dark.

- All my life, I've been scared of the shadows.

But now, I'm finally ready to step into the light.

(knocking on door)

I got your letters.

- Here at Ninja Theory,

we're hard at work on all of our projects,

including Senua's Saga: Hellblade II,

which we announced at the Game Awards back in December.

An incredible 3.5 million players have now experienced

Senua's story in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

We're excited to start giving you an insight

into what comes next for our Celtic warrior,

an experience that we'll be building in Unreal Engine 5

for Xbox Series X and PC.

I'm happy to reveal today that Senua's Saga

will be set in the beautiful country of Iceland.

And you can find out more about our location scouting

and how we've discovered the history of our setting

in a brand new behind the scenes development diary

which you can view straight after the show

on the Ninja Theory YouTube channel.

It's been so touching to see the impact

that Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice has had

on so many players,

and we're incredibly thankful to all of the fans

that have been part of Sanua's story so far.

And we're excited for you

to be part of our development journey from here on out.

(playful music)

(group laughs)

- Do you wanna say hi to Peter?

He's on the line.

- What, Peter?

Peter has been sitting there the whole time?

Hey, who wrote the song?

- Peter.

- Oh, Peter.

Fantastic work.

Love the song.

- Thank you very much.

- It's gonna be fun to sing it.

Now it's time to rock.

Shall we start rocking?

- Probably been a long time since you've had a visitor.

I hope you don't mind pop ins.

Where are we?

- Shh, it's a quiet place.

Lost, alone

Neither skin nor bone

Just a thought is all I've got

Now my cover's blown

At the bottom of a lake

A frozen feeling

When my friends pulled me back up

I started



Now, I can feel out the galaxy

And hear the flow of time

But now I sense

A reason to this rhyme

I can smell the universe

And I can taste the sky

And I can see each molecule

With my cosmic eye

Senses are the magic keys

They fill the holes I've had

Unlocking all my memories

Which I never



- We can't wait for you to experience

the amazing games built by Xbox Games Studios,

and there is just so much more for you to play on Xbox.

We are partnering with thousands of creators,

from the largest publishers

to the smallest independent developers,

to bring you the broadest variety of games ever.

There's one developer in particular that is close to us,

not just geographically, but in history too.

I'm thrilled to announce that this fall,

our friends at Bungie will bring Destiny 2

to Xbox Series X and Xbox Game Pass.

If you are one of the more than 10 million

Game Pass subscribers, you also get access

to all current Destiny 2 expansions starting this September.

For Game Pass Ultimate members,

Destiny 2 will also be playable on mobile from the cloud.

Later this year, Bungie will also release

a new version of Destiny 2 that is optimized

for Xbox Series X, 4K resolution

running at 60 frames per second.

Here's an all new look at Bungie's Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

- I've seen terrible things born out in the darkness.

Every moment brings them closer.

It's time to step beyond the light.

(suspenseful music)

- This is Destiny 2 that you can play any way you want

thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

Some of the world's most inspired developers

are working on games for Xbox Series X,

and we're just honored to be able to collaborate with them.

Xbox Series X will empower

both new and experienced creators

to bring the future of games to life like never before,

unique perspectives, unexpected innovations,

and fresh voices that demand to be heard

and that we can't wait for you to discover.

All of the games you're about to see

are being built to launch exclusively on Xbox consoles.

Thanks, and enjoy.

- World premiere.

(engine whirs)

(ominous music)

- World premiere.

- My Lord Inquisitor, I've reached Determa Prime

and begun our investigations.

A recon squad has been sent into sublevel six of the hive

to determine the full extent of the unrest.

I'll know more when they make it back.

If they make it back.

- World premiere.

When you were born, something changed

My heart could not contain

The miracle of this world

And all that it creates

With every passing day, when winds might grow stronger

And carry us away but we will hold on to

To light the way to keep the reminder

That love does not escape

I'm yours forever

There is no end in sight for us

Nothing can measure

The kind of strength inside our hearts

It's all connected

We're all together in this love

Don't you forget it

We're all connected in this love


All connected in this love

- World premiere.

- Approaching orbit.

Scan's a no go.

Sure you want to drop here?

- Oh, yeah.

Already lacing up my boots back here.

- What we got, another good for nothing space rock?

- Hold on.

Let me check.

- Find anything good?

- Becs, you're not gonna believe this.


What the...

(suspenseful music)

(ominous music)

- It all starts with a dead girl,

a forest,

the moon,

the scent of pines,

and then

the gunshot.

(gun fires)

Every story has two sides,

a regular rational one,

but also a darker and deeper truth,

not unlike a nightmare.

I can see both.

Worse, I can live them.


Anyone there?

What is this place?

- Where are you?

Just let me touch you.

Doesn't she know


and everything?

It all ends in me!

- World premiere.

(upbeat music)

- I've seen your future.

Global risk is scared of the weapon you will become.

First we're gonna rock

Then we're gonna roll

- Destiny chose me to save this world.

And I will see it done.

Gonna give it to you

Gonna give it to you

- Blacklist, we make our own path.

We protect our own.

- Can you protect me from fate?

- 17 seconds.

(guns fire)

Gonna give it to you

- Soon, the entire world will burn. All because of him

- The ghost is here!

X gonna give it to you

- Today, you saw 10 world premieres

and 22 console launch exclusives.

Game Pass members can play every game

you have seen today from Xbox Games Studios

and all of our partners in the subscription or free to play.

This is just a peek at some of the new titles

coming to Xbox Series X.

And some of the games you already love

and some you have yet to play

will also be optimized for Xbox Series X,

games like Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, and Sea of Thieves.

You'll get the next gen upgrades

at no additional cost when they launch.

You can expect a lineup of over 100 titles

for Xbox Series X this holiday season.

With Series X and Game Pass, Xbox is the place to play,

and you are at the center of everything we do.

Now, you may have noticed we didn't get to visit

all of our Xbox Games Studios today.

That means we'll have more to share later this year.

But until then, here's one more thing.

- World premiere.

- The world is filled with stories

of legendary heroes

and treacherous villains,

of fantastical creatures

and wondrous places,

where nature and magic

live in perfect harmony.

Not all stories have happy endings.

(frog croaks)

But yours has yet to be written.

Coming out of the shadows and into the light

Right here, right now

Is where it all begins

Is where it all begins

Right here, right now

Right here, right

Is where it all begins

Is where it all begins

Is where it all, all, all begins

Right here, right now

Is where it all begins

(upbeat music)

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