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Hi, I'm Serge Siou and Welcome to MacStudioA

In this Episode: How To Import Photos To Mac Without Using iPhoto.

Besides syncing your photos to iTunes or importing them using iPhoto, you can also use Image Capture.

Basically, Image Capture provides a quick and easy way to import your photos to your Mac.

So...Let's Get Started.

Image Capture come preinstalled with your Mac and can be launched from either the Applications

Folder when opening Finder or from the Other folder when using Launchpad.

Once launched, plug in your iPhone or iPad using your USB Lightning or 30-pin connector.

As you can see, Image Capture provides lots of information of your photos, such as its

size, dpi, and format to name a few, that you might find useful.

By default, importing your photos copies them to the Pictures folder or you can create your own as I have done here.

You can view your photos in a list or gallery view format and even and resize the photo

icons using the slider here. Also, delete or rotate your photo of choice before import

by pressing the following buttons shown here.

Select one or several photos and press the Import button here or press the Import All to copy them to your selected folder.

Incidentally, before importing, you can also check the box here to delete the photos from your device after importing.

Furthermore, to do a quick edit of your photo to send or share, simply double click on a

photo and it will open in Preview, where you can add a caption and even resize the photo before sending.

Finally, to have Image Capture open by default whenever plugging in your devices, simply

select Image Capture from the drop down list shown here.

TIP: To prevent iTunes from opening when plugging in your device, just choose Preferences from

syncing and opening of iTunes.

syncing and opening of iTunes.

In my opinion, I find using Image Capture gives you more control of your photos, especially

when you need to do a quick edit to send or share.

And that's all there is to it.

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