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license to i'd take those energy drinks to cram for that

midterms finals whatever

look you would really have to look into the long-term health hazards of treating

these things overtime rate so if you're drinking it just to stay up in standard

genic for midterms and finals but other than that you don't really drink bad i'm

sure it'll be fine but keep in mind that these trains have a high amount of sugar

uh... date back it's sela rate your heart rate uh... and that's not a good


so jane m regularly is not a good idea uh... however uh... if you just as you


for like a week to stick around and should be fine

but you should definitely look into the risks and and uh... you know reports

that have been written about however to be noted we are not doctors

you have a not were not that's ok and as often set without office on board

but you don't drink something that has such a high content of sugar and like

unnaturally and happy i shouldn't be drinking coffee either and soon

no coffee has the health benefits to and what i think that the industry

which is those reports and i drink off ill title nothing i don't think we

consume all sorts of things everyday that about press

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