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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: At an Aquarium with Blippi | Fish for Kids

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So much to learn about

it will make you want to shout! Blippi! ♪

Wow! Today were at The Florida Aquarium

and this is going to be so much fun!

Lets go!

Wow, this area you can actually touch the stingrays with two fingers.

Ok? Come on.


I didnt quite get him.

Oh, here it is.

I touched him, and he is really soft.

And he kinda has a little mucus type of feel, really slippery.

Oh, look at that one.



Its a sea turtle. Hi!


This is Tako! Tako, do you want to dance?




Uh, look at all the fish. And did you see that stingray?

Wow, there are so many tropical fish in here.

Like that little guy.

Ok, lets go down here.

Oh, look.

Wow, there are hundreds of them.

Look at that angel fish.


Uh, this is the black and yellow fish.


Wow. Keep coming.

Wow, whats in here?

Look, they kinda look like rocks. Do you see those?

But they are actually alive.


What you do right here?

I think it's time for a picture.

Ok, thank you. Come on.

Its like a tunnel in here.

Look at this guy, a stingray!



I wonder how thick this is.

I bet is like that thick so it doesnt break.

Uh, theres fish up there.

Uh, a stingray, look. Right, quick.

Did you see its tail? That really long tails.

Lets go on this side.

There is a big shark.


I have a better place to see all these fish.

Hurry, lets go, quick.


Look at that stingray!



This is a really big aquarium.

Uh, its coming close.

Look at that one.


After seeing all different types of sea creatures under the aquarium,

Ive got to go on top of the aquarium and do something really special.

Wow, look at this place!

Were on the top of the coral riff at The Florida Aquarium.

This is a little behind the scenes for you.

Ive never been on top of an aquarium before.

Oh, look at who it is. Whats your name?

- Oh, hi, Im Eric and youre Blippi! - Yeah, Im Blippi.

- (So later is inaudible) - Yeah, what do you do here?

- Im a curator here at The Florida Aquarium. - Ok.

Were on top of the coral riff. And curators take care animals

we give care and its everything from around the clock health care

to guess what?

- What? - Feeding time!

- I love food! - I love food too, its lunch time.

- Oh, it is? - It is, its lunch for the sharks,

its like lunch for our pitch turtle you're going to meet.

for all of the thousands of fish that are in our environment here

- at Florida Aquarium. - Woohoo, alright.

I think its time, lets go!

Blippi, were heading over to the feed station right now

and let me introduce you to Elisa.

- Hello! - Hi! How are you?

- Good, how about you? - Good.

So were about to feeding the deep side of our riff tank.

- Ok. - We have a lot of different fish here.

cause we have a lot of different fish in the riff that like to eat

so right there.

Take a good sniff. Thats a fresh fish there.

- Yeah. - Yum.

Nice big (macro).

So, what we have for you is put on some gloves.

Oh, I should have done that first.

Its super simple. Take a big scoop of fish.

You are just going to throw it out into the riff.

And youll see a bunch of fish come out.

- Alright. So, can I try now? - Yeah, absolutely.

Ok, I think one is all I need.

- Big scoop. - Yeah.

Whats in here exactly?

So, right there we have some squid,

We have some herring.

We have clam and (night smelt)

- It's a whole mix of different sizes. - Can I stick a little for myself?

- Yeah. - Lunch its not going to come fast.

Alright, where to?

Over this way! Right field. That's a (inaudible)

- Yeah. - Good job!

That looks tasty!

It looks like some good squid and (macro) there.

- Yeah. Three, two, one! - Let it fly!

I think you are doing a great job. Now, lets go down below

and see what it looks like to be a fish under water

- watching all that food come down. - Ok, let's go!

Lisa, take us from here!

After feeding all of the sea creatures from above the aquarium,

Eric took me back down below so we can watch all of the sea creatures

eat all of the food I just fed them.

It was so spectacular.

And then I went on over to the wet land exhibit.

Uh, look, a duck!

Its so cute, do you see it?

Cuak, cuak, cuak, cuak, cuak, cuak.

Can you make the sound of a duck?

Cuak, cuak, cuak.


This area is where they have the otters, look.

Look at him doing backflips.


This place is so beautiful.

Oh, wow.

A python!

Wow, look how big it is!

Geez, thats scary. Come on.

Oh, some cute birds over here.

These are spoonbills.

And they are white and pink.

Look, he is looking for food.




There is a big fish over here, come on.

Those fish are so big.

Wow, get really close. Can you see it?

Such a big fish.

And there is some more fish. Go up really close to the glass.

Lets see what else they have here.


I had such a great time at The Florida Aquarium.

Next time you're in Tampa, Florida, you can go check out some sea life.

Blippi, Blippi

Come on, everyone, let's make learning fun

Blippi, Blippi

So much to learn about

It will make you want to shout! Blippi! ♪

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