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assalam o alikum my name is mubasher lucman and you are watching mubasher lucman youtube channel

two three very important and essential reports are in

between last night and afternoon today

one is that the number of cases in Pakistan have increased quite a lot

according to a conservative estimate the govt of Pakistan has not shared the true figures with us

is it true or false? i'll tell you about it

and secondly, this virus was here before and it is still here

after talking to many doctors i have come to the conclusion that we should not be as afraid of this as we are

we need to be careful and cautious

but there's no need to fear and worry

why? i'll tell you that too

and thirdly, at the back of this virus

a political movement has started

and that movement is that in the next 10-15 days there will be an all parties conference of the opposition

which will have a one point agenda

what that agenda will be, i'll tell you today

i'll tell you all of this in today's vlog, very quickly i'll try to take as little of your time as possible

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first of all i'll tell you that Mr. Faisal Edhi the son of Mr. Abdul Sattar Edhi (LATE) who is running the edhi foundation

he says they are burying 6-7 bodies daily in punjab alone which he thinks are victims of coronavirus

and if this is true then this is very alarming why the government is hiding these figures from us

or why they are giving incorrect information to people

Faisal Edhi does not need to lie, he says even their cold storages are being shut down

so that people can't get the figures of how many dead bodies come there and how many leave from there

this is a very serious allegation

this reveals the performance of the whole govt especially the punjab and kpk governments

on the other hand KPK govt has issued a directive

that no matter what happens no private lab can test for this virus

so the KPK doesn't want anyone to know what's happening there or not happening there

and they can hide everything under the rug and give an all clear report

that we have performed the best in comparison with the other provinces

the situation in Punjab is this; a committee has been formed, and that committee will give it's consultants and those consultants will come on electronic and print media

and only they will talk, and they will tell what is happening and what's not

and the work they were doing they will not do

they will cover the media talk or the media airwaves

so this will be their task after this

fact of the matter is that all doctors in government hospitals have been forbidden to talk about this virus with anyone

and the reason is that so many doctors that i have talked to

they have told me Mubasher we don't know how many victims and how many are not but

there are too many casualties and there are too many numbers here

our hospitals are getting choked

and we can't make sense of it

and we are still not getting complete safety kits

and some say that kits have been given but the doctors are simply not trained

or the paramedical staff on how to wear or use the kits

the second thing that i found out from a doctor

and that is ... and i'm talking about those doctors who are in canada, US and Pakistan, and i'm talking about those who are my class fellows, my school class fellows

one or two of them have even been exposed to this virus

in the sense that they were dealing with a patient and the patient was a victim of this virus

and they have told me categorically that this covid-19 has been existing in some or another for for some time already

but we did not know about it, like the fog came in december

and everyone is punjab is complaining that i have cough, cold, and flu

and people are getting respiratory problems because of the fog

they have trouble breathing, they have breathing disorders

they say that it's possible that even at that time it was this covid-19 which was affecting all of us

and we have so many different types o flu

so many different types of flu that we can't tell which of us has had this and which of us has not

if everyone is tested

if somehow you can test 22 crore people

so they say that it is possible that you find that a very large majority is positive with this virus

you don't need to worry because of this and you don't need to fear this

and that's because your body develops immunity against it on it's own

and your body fights it

and antibodies are naturally created in your body

that fight with this

now the question arises who is more affected by this

so obviously similarly to what we in other countries in Italy, in Spain, in the US

that where there are people older than 75 years old

they are greatly affected by this, they are very quickly affected by this

it's not that their life is not precious or important

but what happens is this

what happens is this, that people older than 75 are usually either suffering from diabetes

or they are undergoing dialysis

or they have pacemakers etc installed

so they are already on a cocktail of medicines to try and enhance their immunity

for different diseases especially those of the upper respiratory system

so for now according to those doctors we don't have to worry about it too much in Pakistan

but of course we have to do social distancing

the problem is why are people not taking social distancing seriously here

i saw on television yesterday that Usman Buzdar was sitting with his cabinet

or Usman Buzdar is talking to other people

everyone is sitting around

and meetings and discussions are happening

if the government's own people, their movers and shakers they are not following the prescribed methods of social distancing

if they are not wearing masks and if they are not wearing gloves

then how will they tell people that this is definitely a problem and this is how we have to deal with it

they think that if it's okay for them then it's okay for us

so basically when people above you are engaged in idiotic behaviour

then it gets transferred to people below just the same

and the opposition taking advantage of all this, Mian Shahbaz Sharif especially has come here on a mission

and the kinds of statement that he is giving, i'm surprised

35 years both these govt's, both these parties had governments in this country

had they made just two hospitals every year in the country

just two hospitals

so at least there would have been 70 hospitals

and if they had made just a state of the art lab once a ... once every three years then how many labs would we have had in this country

how many things would we have had

but their focus was always on metros, underpasses

where there are kickbacks, where there are commissions

and perhaps in upgrading the hospitals the commissions were lesser

but now anyways, the present government has either started untruthful or started lying

or they he really doesn't know much or perhaps they are so cautious

that any kinds of figures are delayed in coming out

now what is happening is, people are losing faith in the government

they are getting very mistrustful and they this government of PTI visibly has no plan to deal with this virus

because what do we see, this virus was carried by the congregation of the tableeghi jamaat

this virus was spread in the mosques

this virus was carried by the visitors coming from Iran

and people returning from Saudi Arab after Umrah carried this virus

and there were some who came from the UK and Italy via Dubai and they carried this virus

we had three months, had we locked down our borders then, had we screened our flights then

and we had stopped the visitors (from Iran) and had quarantined them properly

and which we should have done

then perhaps it would not have been this widespread in Pakistan

the government has you can say incompetence, you can say lack of understanding

or lack of appreciation, you can call it what you want

missed a huge opportunity because of that

and exposed the people of Pakistan to a huge risk factor

anyways after 15 days the opposition parties are going to call an APC my banshee has reported

and this APC has only one agenda

to remove the government of the PTI immediately

because they are incapable of leading the country in an emergency

and the country needs a national government

according to my information, this move by the opposition is going to come in 15 days

and this will be a very strong and successful move

because right now, even the members of PTI itself are discontent with PTI

and the voters and supporters of PTI are biting their nails, we are in a mess, our government is hidden

you can't see any elected person anywhere

whenever you see it's alwa ys some deputy secy, or secy, or doctor xyz, or xyz that

or you will see Zafar Mirza or Yasmin Rashid

and these kinds of people who are not elected

they did not come through election, they came through selection

so the people that the public voted for, are hiding in their own burrows

and those affluent people who have 80 sugar mills in this country

who knows how many textile mills, and how many holding they have in real estate

and properties that they have

they too are mum unlike in India where

even Akshay Kumar has given who knows how many crores to his government, just one actor

so okay, that's good

Tata, Birla, Vimel and everyone donated

they didn't donate, our tycoons

who are always victimised by NAB

would that all the people that NAB caught, they had taken some advance from them, who knows how many hospitals would have been established by now

but now figures are coming swiftly on this

of how many deaths are happening

because I am taking my figures with a pinch of salt

it's fine, i'm being informed by individuals and by doctors

i'm finding out from Edhi centre

but I don't know who is replicating that, who is duplicating that

that is why I cannot give you an exact figure

but anyways now they are coming and updates are coming

and Khara Sach team is currently busy in getting information from all over Pakistan

and i will try to bring further information on this to you in the next two hours

but for that you will need to press the bell icon

and you have to subscribe

thank you for watching mubasher lucman youtube channel

until the next time. Allah Hafiz.

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