Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BATC VLOG// 2020

Difficulty: 0

hey what's up I'm April

we're at battle at the capitol

to watch some of my friends and I'm really excited

because all I know is cheerleading


what's up guys

this is Evan Blum here

hey guys

I don't know if you guys remember me from the NCA vlog part 1

oh I'm Alexa

follow me on instagram @alexaryanamendola

link down below you better put it

I'm Alexa's flyer

she's so bad

I don't know how we're center

I get to try on April's uniform stay tuned for that

what's in the box? A, what's in the box? Y

let's go stingrays

no I don't want to

I said stop

I said stop

ready transition

Alexa did great

I like that little swing thing

that was tough

that was tough

Alexa tried on my uniform

it looks so good

we're gonna make a tik tok

okay we're doing renegade

because that's the only dance I know is that okay?


that was really good

I look so blonde

Alexa's just gonna keep this uniform on

until I perform again

yeah she's on two teams so she has to go again with twilight

and I actually almost passed out last time

don't drink bangs if you're under 18

wait is that actually like a thing?

yes look it says it


actually I do it too

you can do it, do whatever you want

hi April's an idiot

she just started recording after

she finished saying everything

Hi i'm Camryn

Hi I'm Sammie

we're on Phoenix inferno

my instagram is @c.frederick3

and mine is @sammiejudis

and that's it so yeah


watch my youtube channel down below


I'm Taylor follow me on instagram @tay.mcconnell

follow me on instagram @denisjordan

follow me on instagram @kameronandrew_

woo pyramid

that's on pyramid

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