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Yoshii why Simba supreme and I'm back with another video today's topic is

ultimate college advice again I'm back with it don't worry it's different stuff and

this time I'm going into detail with it instead of rushing around right if you

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so go ahead and hit that red button so I'm splitting the video into three

categories school social and sex sex is left because that's the least of your

worries in college trust me let's get right into it I know I say that way too

okay so in school let's be real you are there for that not for the social life

not for the babies you might have not for the hockey team not for the weights

you want to lift get big just so you can impress people you're there primarily

for school so work hard make sure you're working hard at all times make sure

you're on top of your course load and make sure that you have all your

assignments done on time don't be that guy that slacks off if you want better

grades don't be a teacher's pet but make sure you're on the teachers good side

you don't have to be the one that's like sitting up to class doing the most you

know what I mean all you have to do is make sure that the teacher knows who you

are that very good with you and you're not disrupting their class all the time

that's it you don't need to bring in all this extra food every week you don't

have to spend that much money on them like if you want to spend money on them

and be their sugar daddy that is your fault there was no need for that

it's not gonna get you that a plus anyways find a study group and find it

fast because midterms come really quickly and university it's not halfway

through the semester it's literally like third week in your D into a midterm so

when you're going to class for the first day make sure you meet some people

preferably the ones sitting in the front because they are the ones that know the

deals they probably watched one of my videos already to be real if you want to

succeed make sure you have a study group because study groups make sure that

you're motivated and they know stuff that you probably don't so make sure

that you're there in a study group studying for the midterm that's gonna

happen in two and it also helps you with homework if

you have a question you can ask one of your guys one of your girls whoever is

in your study group ask them they probably know something you don't and

you know something that they don't do not procrastinate I've been reading a

book I'm not gonna lie I do read sometimes and it's very rare for me to

do that but I did read a book and procrastinating is the most dangerous

thing you possibly do for yourself especially in school because one your

assignment start to stack up on you that is only your fault it's no one else's

you can't blame a single soul besides yourself so make sure you're on top of

your schoolwork a hundred percent of the time if you get it on Monday do it

Monday night or do a Monday afternoon if you have time make sure you're working

on all your assignments make sure those are done and then you can get into the

social life which we will do right now make friends outside your dorm let's be

real everyone in your dorm is gonna be cool you're probably gonna end up

friends with some of them or you'll be nice to at least all of them please be

nice to all your dorm mates you'll regret it if you're not but the truth is

after first year they're probably gonna have their own friends and you'll

probably have your own friends too or if you don't follow this piece of advice

you won't find friends outside of your dorm if you don't you will literally go

crazy because you'll be friends with people you have nothing in common with

that happens far too often so join a club go hit the gym do something that

you like to do and you'll meet the people that like the same things as you

that way you'll actually have stuff to talk about you want to like yeah did you

see Susie from Derrick Lauren she's he's looking thick don't take everything

too seriously your life is not a TV show and it's such a small portion of your

life that everything seems big right now because of the age you're at your mental

maturity is probably not all there if you're sitting in your dorm thinking

about some drama that started you're wasting time

honestly because you won't be thinking about that 10 years later when you're

married have kids and living your life you won't be thinking about that drama

so why let it bother you if you can't fix it don't worry about it if you can't

fix it then fix it instead of worrying about it if it's not a problem at all

don't worry about it if it's not involving you don't spread it around

don't be that person okay drama rumors all of that leave that in high school

you're a grown person now and you need to mature right away when it comes to

that stuff this one's my favorite piece of advice I can ever give anybody stop

caring what other people think and be yourself the sooner you do that the

happier you'll be you'll enjoy everything you do a lot more you'll be

free and you will literally be the coolest person to everybody because

you're doing something nobody else is doing and that's being you if you do

that you will have more friends because of the people that you attract will be

more like you and you guys will have a better relationship and everything will

just happen your way as long as you're not trying to be someone else you don't

want to be that person that's always hitting on people it's really annoying

you can tell who they are you kind of just get that energy as soon as they get

in the room people start to avoid you if you do that really there was this one

guy in my dorm he was the one that's always hitting on people literally

everybody didn't like him he switched up halfway through the year and then we

started to tolerate him but just don't be that guy there's really no need to

always always be hitting on people it's kind of weird actually like what are you

thinking like oh the more people I hit on the higher my odds

with every single girl on campus or every guy don't be that guy you got a

reputation you don't want and honestly it's not worth the time which leads us

into the goody good stuff that stuff that you came for

then nasty that poop key whatever you want to call it I'm gonna give you some

real advice for it wrap it up no matter what I'm being so serious there's

literally tons of reasons why but even if she has birth control and I UD

whatever they want to call it it's still wise to wrap it up because there's other

things that can happen if you don't like STDs all that nastiness and colleges are

known to spread them like that as soon as one person gets it and they're going

around they doing whatever they want to do that goes from 1 to 3 to 5 to 7 to 19

to like it's disgusting how much multiplies yeah you don't want to be

that guy on the wrong end of that spectrum avoid it if you can't consent

is key guys I'm specifically talking to you but girls to consent is key

don't be an a douche bag oh boy seriously don't be the douche bag that

is forceful be polite ask for permission because it's not your body it's not

yours to determine what happens at the end of the day that's someone else that

you're hurting if you do something stupid like that so I'm being a 100%

with this consent is key there's no if ands or anything about it all right and

scent is key always ask first even if it's awkward if you want to be that bad

boy you can make it cool you can make it cool laughing port is not like weird as

long as you have that consent thank you good if you don't don't risk it don't be

that guy that ends up in jail because he was very selfish because

nobody in jail likes the mics over there real serious if the person is drunk or

intoxicated what do you do let's be real if they're drunk or

intoxicated they're not in the mind state where everything is you know

steady so instead of risking it and even if they give you consent it might not be

consent because they're in that state of mind where anything goes

so instead of going for it go buy them Ibiza trust me they'll like you even

more because when they see that pizza box are gonna be like hmm who bought

that for me you can leave a note if you want to be that guy but if they are

drunk or intoxicated just make sure that they're okay and take care of it

you don't need to go for that because well won't be that good anyway it'll be

very sloppy just don't don't do it don't be that guy

all right just buy them a pizza take care of them that's it you know that

that bucket list or whatever that list that you and a couple friends may you

know that do this on that field or this on that rooftop or you know just that

nasty list you made once you get halfway through it you will live to regret it

you'll be looking at it and you'll be like how disgusting of a human being am

I and once you realize how nasty you actually are

you'll regret making that list and you'll start to think of all the dumb

things that you've done so instead of making a list don't never even think

about that list and just live your best life okay if you're gonna get freaky

make sure you're prepared ask your RA room advisor whatever that person that

has all the corners ask them for that before the event happened that is on a

Friday night after partying finally get that girl to come home with you but you

have nothing you go at 2:00 a.m. knock on that door and guess who's asleep the

RA and who's not gonna wake up to give you guys the RA so if you know or you're

planning on getting you make sure you're prepared ahead of

time you remain mine I have some you might not want to give it to you she

might not want to give it to you so be prepared make sure your room is clean

and your toilet seat is down okay let's be real about this if you're having

someone over there a guest all right treat them like that don't be a douche

bag if your room is dirty and it stinks no one's gonna want to be in the move

for that and it's just make sure your bathroom is clean because it's just the

considerate thing to do if your room and your bathroom is clean they'll think of

you as a better person and trust me if word gets around what you did you're

gonna be that guy with the clean room and if you did your thing right boom

that's two things on your side that's just gonna multiply it multiply every

just trust me on this it's not that hard I don't know why why people are pigs

I don't get it thanks for watching this video I hope you enjoy the video if you

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