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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Chinese Accent (**for my Chinese viewers)

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hello to my Chinese viewers I'm making

this video specifically for you because

I want to tell you a little bit about me

as a teacher Who I am and what motivates

me a lot of you Chinese viewers have

found out about my channel recently

through another youtuber who made a

video about me giving his opinion about

me I wanted to speak to that youtuber

would have been great if we could have

done an interview together or something

like that but through the whole process

he never want to he never wanted to

speak to me never wanted to get my

opinion so I would say he was just

someone out to get maximum number of

views from a Chinese audience so anyway

let's forget about that and let me tell

you about me as a speaker a teacher and

what motivates me I'm not the teacher

for everyone I teach people who know

they have speech voice or accent

problems they're the people I serve and

they're the people I most care about of

course anyone else can watch my channel

I'm really happy if people just want to

watch my videos even if they don't have

a speech problem but what motivates me

and the people I care about helping

other people with speech difficulties

and I care about those people because

I've had speech difficulties too various

ones at different stages of my life but

I learnt how to improve myself as a

speaker so that I felt better about the

way I speak now totally understand and

respect that if you're Chinese learning

English is difficult totally understand

and respect that but I'm not trying to

teach all Chinese people English or Acts

I'm not trying to teach all people the

only ones that I care about are the ones

who know they have a speech voice or

accent difficulty those people come to

my channel take my course I want to help

you but people who don't think they have

a problem is I'm just not the right

teacher for them there are other

teachers out there if they still need a

teacher but I'm not the one for them

something else you don't know about me

for many many years as long as I've been

on YouTube which is about six years now

I have been doing private appointments

on skype with people who have speech

difficulties now normally it's just a

couple of sessions and then the person's

fine and they go on they get over their

difficulty but the two people I worked

with for the longest time were Chinese

they had fantastic jobs one worked in

education in the UK and the other one

worked in education in Australia

fantastic jobs many years of education

in Australia or the UK but yet they

still felt they had a communication

difficulty and in the two cases this

communication difficulty was affecting

their confidence and their performance

at work so even though they had

fantastic jobs and their English ability

level was high and you cannot you cannot

doubt that some of the speaking

difficulties were still there so I

totally understand that if it comes to

learning English in your Chinese it's

hard and also the other way around and I

also know from my experience that some

people have even more speech

difficulties when it comes to crossing

those two languages and I've worked with

them on skype for a long time now

another thing that I am in touch with in

terms of Chinese people is people write

to me saying that after they've been at

University in the UK three years all

that work all that money all that all

that struggle and strain to get the

degree in English what happens they

finish the course

oh no having communication problems

can't speak to a wide variety of people

can't be understood by a wide variety of

people yes they've got the degree but

when it comes to being out there in the

real world the struggles are still there

and that's because it's really really

hard for one person to learn the other

ones language when we're talking about

Chinese and English very different

systems and with some people the


even harder so I care about those people

the ones that despite all that education

still have the problem and those are the

people I serve and those are the people

that I make my videos to and want to

help them in the speech problems and

those are the ones I made my accent

course for because if you are still

struggling after all that education for

nearly something isn't working when it

comes to your speaking I do have a clear

accent course if you check that out

you'll see everything about my

philosophy of teaching accent in there

it's not to teach you to speak like me

the goal of that course is for you to

overcome your accent and speech weakness

but importantly the goal is for you to

sound like you only better and what

better means is that you can have clear

communication and you can be understood

by people with these understood by

different kinds of people and when you

get to that point that's when you feel

good about the way you actually speak so

the link to my excellent course is in

the video description and if you're

interested you can check that out thanks

for watching bye

The Description of Chinese Accent (**for my Chinese viewers)