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[SOUND] Champion back inside, >> Wow,

big right hand by Alexa Bliss, was going for a cover there.

>> Aah!

>> Submission maneuver here on Alexa Bliss [SOUND] It's Alexa Bliss gonna tap out at


She is!

>> She did!

>> Naomi did it!


>> Here is your winner by submission and

the new SmackDown Women's Champion, Naomi.

>> [SOUND]

>> Well, Jerry "The King" Lawler.

>> No. >> Lock up his only.

>> Cole is tapping out.

>> Not yet!

>> Wait a minute, he's not tapping.

I don't think he's tapping.

>> He's tapping.

>> He's not tapping.

>> Cole is tapping like a trampoline.

>> I tap out.

>> [INAUDIBLE] break the apron, Michael Cole.

>> I think he's just trying to suck it up, I don't think he's tapping.

>> Yes, I do, I do.

I do, I do.


>> Finally. >> [LAUGH]


>> [INAUDIBLE] right there.

>> Jerry The King Lawler.

>> Get up.

>> And now AJ Lee, black widow, black widow.

>> Submission hold, AJ submission hold, the black widow, what's gonna happen?

Tap out.



[SOUND] >> Smiles

on the face of the Hart family and these 70,000 plus fans in the stadium.

>> [NOISE] >> And

finally, The Hitman going for the ultimate revenge.

>> Mr. McMahon taps to the Sharpshooter.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Brett Hart's signature submission

hold brings an end to one of the most volatile rivalries in WWE history.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wait.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> They're still.

>> Undertaker with a hell's gate submission.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Lights out to the Dead Man.

My gosh, is The Game gonna have to tap?

>> The Game.

>> He can't get loose, he can't escape.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> The ropes are nowhere to be found, he.

This is it!

>> Is there an escape from hell's gate, will The Game submit?

>> He's fading.



>> I'm beginning to believe that Charlotte Flair came into this match as an underdog.

>> Wait a minute, look at her snap into the figure four,

trying to break into the figure eight, and yes, she does.

>> It's locked in, one arm, the left arm, the injured left arm of Charlotte.

>> Charlotte unable to post on her injured shoulder but Asuka still writhing in pain.

>> This is incredible by the Queen.

The Queen pulling out all the stops.

>> My God, Asuka tapped.

The streak of Asuka is over.

>> Here is your winner and still the SmackDown Women's Champion,

Charlotte Flair.


>> Batista looking to put Cena away with a Batista bomb.

No, no no.

[INAUDIBLE] got him, got him, can he roll him over, he does!


>> He's locked in!

>> [INAUDIBLE] new champion!

>> He's got his chest off the mat to alleviate the pressure.

>> He's tapping Cole.

Here it is, the champion!


roll through by Rousey.

>> No!

Blocked again, Stephanie's holding on with everything she's got in her body.

>> Stephanie blocked it again.

>> Ronda wants to tear Stephanie's arm off.

>> Stephanie screaming.

>> No, no, no,

please, no.

>> Look at the leverage.

>> No, no, no!

>> Here we go.

>> My God!

My God!

Stephanie taps!

Rousey may have broken her arm!

>> Here are your winners by submission, Kurt Angle and Rowdy Ronda Rousey!


>> I think Shawn Michaels thinks he won.

>> Angle, >> No!

>> Angle out of nowhere!

>> My gosh.

>> [INAUDIBLE] the ankle lock, [INAUDIBLE] hold the angle lock.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> He's gonna break your ankle.

>> Michaels is in excrutiating pain.

He doesn't wanna tap in WrestleMania.

>> He's fighting for his life here.

>> Michaels reaching, he's limping.

>> No.

>> Angle's [INAUDIBLE] legs.

Michaels trying everything he's got, everything he has.

>> How long can this ankle lock [INAUDIBLE] locked in,

how much can he stand?

>> And [INAUDIBLE] tap out.

>> My God.

>> [INAUDIBLE] tapped out to the ankle lock.

[SOUND] >> Come Bryan, come on Bryan, yes lock,

come on Daniel.

Come on, Daniel, tap out Batista, tap out Batista, tap out Batista.

>> No way, no way.

>> Batista's gonna tap, Batista's gonna taps.

He taps, he did it, he did it, he did it.

[INAUDIBLE] did it.

>> Are you kidding me?

>> A miracle on Bourbon Street.

>> [MUSIC]

The new WWE World

Heavyweight Champion,

Daniel Bryan!

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