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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: ? DIY Packing Tape Ghosts - Man Vs Pin

Difficulty: 0

Here's a quick Halloween costume; just grab a shower curtain,

maybe the one off of your actual shower,

and then you just cut your holes in with your little scissors here. {So a Peanuts ghost costume then.}

*Sounds of pain from Rob cutting himself*

That's not how you do it..

*fake man screaming*

What's up everybody, Rob here.

You are watching another episode of Man Vs. Pin.

[Which is] really, one of the only DIY series here on YouTube

that actually show you the pain-in-the-ass process

behind all those things you see on Pinterest that you think you can do,

but guess what? You can't!

Like this week's project:

The Packing Tape Ghost

It's been around since the beginning of Pinterest itself.

You guys have been asking for it year after year,

and honestly, I- I've never wanted to do it because it seems like it's a gigantic pain-in-the-ass!

But here we are, years later,

and you're still asking for it, so here we go!

Pin-o-meter, what- what do you think?

Pinometer: Really? Those don't even look like ghosts.

POM: Who do they think they're fooling?

R: I don't know, it's Halloween.

It's a bunch of basic b*tch bullsh*t out there every single god damn year.

They've been asking, so I'm gonna-

God Dammit!


Jesus Christ! It was hot under there.

So to start I grabbed,

Uhh, let's see, 1, 6, 8,

/18/ rolls of packing tape.

Do you know how f***in' expensive packing tape is!?

You don't even have to guess, I'm gonna tell ya.

Sixteen Dollars and Sixteen Cents. {$16.16}

for, essentially, just sticky plastic!

Now I'm gonna try a couple of these that I've seen,

the first one being this super cool

Ghost Hand kinda coming through the wall.

I actually tried doing this a couple years ago,

uh, with another kind of, like, masking tape hand-

it didn't turn out, I didn't read the Goddamn directions.

So I'm hoping to redeem myself with this one.

Step one, get your tape out.

*drops tape*

Ohh, goddamn it,

[It rolled to] the other side of the room...

Oh come- really?

What f***in' year is it? Can we develop a tape that just comes off all at once!?

Why am I still dealing with this?

C'mon- c--


So I'm just gonna start with this finger here. {how appropriate}

Uh, This is the trick- the sticky-side-out!

Oh, Goddamnit,

I lost the end of it!

*sighs* F***in' tape..

I'm already f***in' tired of this bullsh*t.

Here we go, here we go!

Make sure not to do it too tight here, to where you cut off the circulation to your hand.

hwoof.. okay.

Now you take your tape and you flip it around,

you start wrapping it the other way.

Now we're movin'.


Cut that right there...

And then just slide it off.

Oh god!

*struggling again*


Huh. Umm....

This looks like sh*t!

*in denial* It's practice! We're just practicing!

Attempt #2, here we go!

*drops tape again* Every. f***in'. time.

See, I've got all the fingers [taped], I just don't know h- like, how do I connect all the fingers?

Y'know what I mean?

*mumbling* -something like- like that?

No, no, no...

Now the tape is *inaudible*


C'mon- *laughing out frustration*

Oh, This is as bad as the first one.

{This sounds exactly as it looks}

There it is, that's perfect.


Movin' on to the second packing tape ghost project.

This one caught my eye because it's disturbing.

*crying baby sounds* It's like a baby-doll ghost, which I got right here.

Oh, Look at this f***in' thing,

this thing's f***in' creepy.

Ho-ly sssh*t...

Things are gettin' weird!

*Rob making yelling sounds while playing with his toy*

Ohp, oh, god-

Uh- Oh jesus.

*Rob makes weird sounds*

Hold on.


Let me get that back on for you there.

Okay. Alright.

That was fun. Let's, uhhhh, get started.

I'm just gonna cover this, uhh, whole baby in packing tape,

sticky-side facing up.


Ohhh yeah.

All of your breathing orifices are now covered.

Let's get the.. body here...

[There's] really no rhyme or reason to any of this [order].

Oh, yeah. Yep.

That's as, uhh, f***ed up as it gets, right there.

Now we need a sticky-side-down layer of tape.


No. C'mon!!

It's not like I have to tell you this,

But if you had a child, and you wanted to make one of these, I wouldn't do this to it.

You know what I mean? Somebody would f***in' blame me for wrappin' up their little f***in' baby brother.

This is it, we're done.

[It's] real f***ed up, feelin' real creepy about it.

With that said, uhh, we're just gonna.. somehow try to cut this f***in' thing off of this..

Boom, popped that right out.

Oh, c'mon your motherf***er.

*groan* There it is!

*sigh* Got it!

We got it.

Here's what we're looking at, and the aftermath here.

POM: Wow, that really looks like sh*t. {glad to have you back, Pin-o-Meter}

R: You look like sh*t! How about that.

POM: That's kind of the point.

Oh, yeah..


I still gotta tape it back up.

Fix this little leg back here,

patch up this shoulder and this arm..

Theeere we go!

Not bad!

Not good, but not bad.

That's really somethin' for this channel.

Alright, for this third project we're gonna be doing this, uh,

Lower-leg wrap, body hanging out of the ceiling, packing tape project.

[That's] exactly what it's called.

Same deal, I'm going sticky-side-out, uh, and then just-

I guess starting from my own foot, a little bit looser.

*knocks on door* Yep.

Corinne: What are you do- Why is it always so weird when I come in here?

R: [I'm] just wrapping myself in tape, that's all.

Ohh, where are the scissors??


*Rob rips tape with his mouth and spits some out*

Yes... This is a- f***in'- process- here.

Ohp, I'm outta tape.

Oh, goddammit.

Fwoo, It's gettin' warm!

So I'm gonna do here is just re-tape the legs sticky-side-down

Oh.. sh*t!

Uh, and then start on the waist.

Oh, It's the wrong side!



It is so f***in' hot, you can already start to see there's like, uh, moisture collecting in here.

I am literally just dripping f***in' sweat right now.

Whew! [I] kinda feel like I'm gonna pass out.

Should've gone to the bathroom before I started this.

*Rob's phone starts ringing* Oh wait, hold on. Where the f*** is my phone!?

Ohhh, god dammit!

*groan* I taped my phone into my pocket!

*grunting as Rob tries to get his ringing phone*

Oh, I can't get it!

Oh, It's gonna go to voicemail, alright.

And that's it, we're outta tape.

[It's] very hard to move in these things.

It's also very slippery 'cause there's a lot of sweat on the floor.

How's my ass look in these?

Pretty f***in' good, you ask me!

Okay. Alright.

I'm gonna attempt to cut these off now.

Good, here we go...

Oh, There it is.

[I] definitely just cut a giant hole in my jeans..

That's awesome..

I can feel the cool breeze!

*sighs* Oh my god, freedom.

Oh god, woah.

This whole bottom of my leg is just soakin' wet.

Get me outta this thing.

Ow! Oh, my leg's crampin' up!

Oh, I got a cramp, I got a cramp, I got a cramp, I got a cramp!

Oh frick! *sigh*

I've literally just sweat through a entire outfit.

There is no f***in' way [that] f***in' YouTube pays me enough to do a whoooooole..

f***in' [full]body wrap with that bullsh*t.

No, definitely not.

Whew, Alright.

I think once I tape these up, they should look pretty good.

Ow! [That] really hurts your teeth.

[You] could've just gotten a f***in' tape dispenser, Rob,

You f***in' idiot.


We've got all three of our, uh, creations here.

Let's throw 'em up as decorations and see how they do.

To start off, uhhh, we'll see how this hand looks.

Oh yeah, look at that! Huh?

Is it a ghost? *laughs* I don't know.

Woaaah! It's comin' outta the waaaaall!

Let's throw some smoke.

Ohhh, Look at that.

*Rob making silly ghost whails*

*still silly* Real creepy!

*still making wails and laughter*

Alright, next up we got the, uh, spooky little baby,

I tied a transparent string on to it

And I'm just gonna tack it up here on the ceiling.

[Let's] get the lights here.

Got a little spooky little light in there,

stick it up the butt.

Oh, yeah, there it is.

That is f***in' scary.

..Look at that thing..

Alright, I'd say was pretty successful!

Next up, we got the legs!

These look pretty bad-ass.

Hold on, f***in' baby in my way and sh*t!

Alright. So, to put this up, I'm just attaching tape on various sides.

There it is. That's some quality work right there.


Oh, yeah. From over here, over on this side of the camera, take a look at that action!

[I'll] turn these lights off.

Oh yeah, here we go.

Yeeeeah! *laughs*

We did it, we did it!

All the things, there they all are.

This f***in' place is haunted!

*wailing again* ~WoOAh~ we've bet-- ~wOOAH~ We better get outta here! ~wHOAAH~

There you go: Packing Tape Ghost Figurines and Projects, finally.

It took a few years to get 'em done, but here they are.

If you're going for that low-budget, real sh*tty Halloween party vibe,

the- th- nailed it, nailed it.

This.. looks f***in' terrible.

I don't know, let me know what you thought about them in the comments below,

as well as any other projects that you see out there that you would like me to try.

Do me a favor, like up this vide-



Like up this video, uhh, subscribe if you haven't done that already,

and I'll see you 'round here next time.

Ugh.. Okay, well, that didn't last long.

{Captions by Rainbrowz}

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