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Hello friends, this is Youheum. I continue to do what I love even

after simplifying my life. I enjoy many nourishing activities and hobbies and I will share my top seven.

If you've already joined me on my journey you probably know that

I love growing some of my own food like radishes, cilantro

tomatoes and greens. I have a vegetable plot in my community garden

It is one of my daily routines to visit my garden and connect with the community members there.

it takes thoughtful planning and maintenance to be able to have a thriving garden year long and

fortunately, I live in Austin, Texas

so the weather conditions are ideal for growing.

I also love growing microgreens and sprouts at home with my terracotta sprouting tray

and I have mentioned before that

I would do a whole video on how to start an organic garden and how I maintain, it if you're interested

I enjoy the practice of garden to table and feel very productive

when I put valuable time and energy in the food that will help heal my body. If you're a fellow gardener

share with me what you love about it, and if you're not,

feel free to share what hobbies you have in the comments below. The good thing about community gardens are the sharri and

communal aspect of it. I don't have to buy my own tools

I can simply borrow from the shared toolshed and all the organic waste are biodegradable

if I choose to relinquish my pot and the other waste are usually recycled and reused within the members.

Even though I practice extreme minimalism, I do have several camping and hiking gears like sleeping pad

hammock and hiking backpack.

I don't really mind having what I need, for me to enjoy life to the fullest.

My intention behind minimalism is making more room for nourishing activities.

For me, it's not really about creating an environment of lack or scarcity

so it matters less how much things I own and I don't really praise bareness for the sake of aesthetics.

But what I do focus on is living with intention and

self-awareness, like managing energy time space and money in the most efficient way as much as I can

so that I can fill my life with joy and experiences.

My mindset and approach to minimalism

naturally led me to seek more nature and outdoor

experiences more than accumulations at home. Which includes activities like kayaking

hammocking, biking and going on backpacking retreats.

Practicing yoga and daily meditation is a big part of my life. I love inviting nourishing movement with my yoga wheel,

bolster, block, and strap. I've learned from the teachings of Katie Bowman about nutritious movement.

And I also enjoy earthing which is the practice of barefoot walking if you want to know more about that

I highly recommend her work.

I value hobbies that serve a greater purpose of bringing life-changing

experiences and I will definitely go more in-depth with these practices in the future.

But if you want a head start, feel free to check out my ways to be more mindful video.

I've been crocheting for many years.

I usually make DIY household things like dishwashing scrubbies and I also made my own produce bags

for my homegrown vegetables and a crossbody bag that I carry with me all the time.

I usually go for a natural yarn like hemp jute and cotton.

I sometimes crochet just for fun not to make anything

but just for stress relief, so I will unravel the yarn after I'm done so I can use it.

I learned how to crochet from my Art Therapist sister who is also a Minimalist.

But she's not an Extreme Minimalist. I will do a video in the future on how we manage to live in harmony

even with a slightly different lifestyle.

I tend to look for experiences for nourishment. I used to spend many hours, energy, and money on

shopping and browsing online shops, but now I focus on physical activities that can fill my day.

So I don't believe that fewer things necessary mean less fun.

I simply find excitement and joy in different things like my hobbies. And I think it's okay to keep what is necessary

to sustain a hobby even if I'm a Minimalist. I don't feel resistance

against keeping a collection as long as it makes me truly happy.

Some of you already know that I'm a freelance Designer, Illustrator and Content Creator

but I also enjoy making art for myself instead of client projects.

I am mostly paperless and the only paper that I have is my notebook (plus citizenship records).

I use my discarded banana paper notebook as a

sustainable option for paper and I also use my Zero-waste fountain pen for inking.

I usually draw plants, my cat, and the people around me.

Sketching allows me to appreciate my surrounding

and helps me stay mindful of what is going on in my life.

I enjoy working with clients that are aligned with my lifestyle and I recently worked with

Teen Breathe and the Green American magazine.

So it feels like my hobby has kind of become my job as well.

I enjoy how I'm able to do what I love and still support myself financially.

I self-taught myself on how to use editing tools like Premiere Pro,

Lightroom, and Audition. I naturally know Photoshop and Illustrator because of my art background.

Photography has been my hobby for a long time and it's good to extend on it.

I love how my current life is merging hobby with work and

I am happy to do what I love for a living and support myself with my creative talent.

If you are also interested in turning your passion project or hobby into creative money-making,

I recommend learning with Skillshare. They were generous enough to sponsor this video.

I've learned deep insight from Margot Harrington's Skillshare course,

Freelancing for Creatives: From First Leap to Finances and her knowledge was valuable in helping me

use my creativity as a way to make a living.

I believe Skillshare allows me to nourish my mind and life by fueling curiosity, creativity, and career paths

They generously provide over

25,000 classes in business and creative works. They're offering free 2 months unlimited trial for the first

500 people to follow my link. After that, it's around $10 per month.

The Premium Membership allows us to receive unlimited access to learn from many teachers.

We can join classes and communities to practice mindful learning and reach our goal.

If you're interested, feel free to check out my link in the descriptions below.

The one hobby that I recently adopted is playing my traditional flute 단소 danso.

I embrace my Korean background and I admit that my culture definitely has

influenced my Minimalist practice, like being comfortable with eating on the floor,

sleeping without a mattress, and eating 생식 sang-sik, which is the Korean practice of Raw Veganism.

So I started playing 단소 for a few weeks, and I'm not really good at it.

But I love trying new things and connecting with my roots, ancestors, and with the natural world.

For me, hobbies are what gets me started on inviting more excitement and nourishment into my life.

It allows me to nurture my creativity and expression in a safe and supportive environment.

I can always have the choice to stop if I simply don't feel

comfortable and I don't always have to go all in on it.

I can just attend one-day workshops to learn new skills,

like ceramic or woodworking and there are so many different hobbies.

I also love how some of them don't really require much investment or gears to get started.

It's also good to have a community around the hobby,

so I can connect with like-minded and supportive people. I hope you're content with what you love doing.

I support you on your journey and share with me if you know any hobbies that don't require many tools.

So you can have nourishing activities and stay minimal. Maybe it's a movement thing or something like singing and dancing

Also, be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed this video.

Thanks again for being here and I hope to see you again soon.

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