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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: The Shadow

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[ Coughing ]

[ Grunts ]



You and your brothers murdered three of our men.

He would have done the same. Send me more and I'll kill them too.

He already controls the opium trade all across Asia.

May no one prosper but Ying Ko?

My poppy fields are tiny. Nothing compared to his.

Well, I, Li Peng, at least I'm entitled to my little piece.

Ying Ko, if you kill me, I promise...

my brothers will come for you.

And I promise you...

I'll bury them beside you.

Kill him.

[ Groaning ]

Let me go. I only wish to leave.

I'll cut his throat. Your men are not marksmen enough to shoot around him.

You're right. You're right.

Wu, you are a wonderful friend.

Like a father to me.

Thank you, Ying Ko.

Shoot through him.

[ Gasps ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Laughing ]

[ Yawning ]

[ Wind Howling ]

[ Grunts ]

[ Men Speaking Chinese ]

Where are you taking me?

A Tulku wishes to see you at his temple.

A holy man wants to see me?

[ Pig Snorting ]

You call that a temple?



Where did that come from?

The clouded mind sees nothing.

[ Drums Beating, Percussion Shaking ]

♪ [ Men Chanting ]

[ Drums Stop ]

[ Bells Ringing ]

Who are you?

I am your teacher.

[ Chuckles ] Do you have any idea...

who you just kidnapped?


Lamont Cranston.

You know my real name?


I also know that for as long as you can remember,

you struggled against your own black heart and always lost.

You watched your spirit, your very face, change...

as the beast claws its way out from within you.

You are in great pain, aren't you?

You know what evil lurks

in the hearts of men for you have seen that evil in your own heart.

Every man pays the price for redemption. This is yours.

I'm not looking for redemption.

You have no choice.

You will be redeemed because I will teach you to use your black shadow to fight evil.

I wouldn't do that.

[ Grunts ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Hissing ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Hisses ]


[ Shrieking ]


Am I in hell?

Not yet.

[ Brakes Screech ]

[ Spits ] Get him, Johnny.


All right, let's get this over with.

Get out.

No! No!

Come on!

Please, I didn't see anything.

Ah, quit your whinin'.

Is it dry?

Please. [ Panting ]

Perfect, Duke.

Bring 'im to the rail.

I won't tell anyone. I swear.


[ Chuckles ] I wish I could trust you, sport. I really do.

I guess you just picked the wrong alley to look down.

I have a family.

[ Scoffs ] They'll get over it.

I won't talk. I'm telling you-- [ Gasps ]

Oh, I know you won't.

Dump him.

No. No!

I hate heavy lifting.

[ Screaming ] No!

[ Voice Laughing ]

What in Christ was that?

Who's there?

[ Laughter Continues ]

Show yourself, fella.

[ Voice ] You murdered a policeman, Duke.

Who said that?

Duke, who said that?

Shut up!

[ Voice ] The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.

I don't like this. This stinks. Let's get the hell outta here!

Shut your hole, Maxie!

[ Voice ] Did you think you'd get away with it?

Come on, Duke!

[ Voice Laughing ]

[ Whispering ] Did you think I wouldn't know?

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughter Continues ]

[ Laughter Increases ]


Duke, I think you got him.

You're damn right I--

[ Whooshing ]

[ Groans ]

You committed murder, Duke.

Now you're going to confess to it.

Like hell I will.

[ Voice ] You will, Duke, because if you don't, I'll be there.

[ Groans, Screams ]

[ Voice ] I'll be there. Around every corner,

in every empty room as inevitable as your guilty conscience.

You don't scare me, you son of a--

[ Voice Laughing ]

You will go to the eighth precinct house on Second Avenue...

and surrender yourself and you will do it now.

I confess! I confess! I'll do it!

[ Gasping ] Oh, my god!

Oh, my god!

I'll confess! For god's sake, I don't wanna die. [ Screams ]

[ Voice Laughing ]

[ Gasping ]

No! [ Screams ]

No! No!

[ Gasping ]

[ Shooting Stops ]

[ Voice ] Drive.

Thank you.

You fellas are probably busy. You can just drop me off anywhere--

You're Dr. Roy Tam, a professor in the science department at N.Y.U.


I've saved your life, Roy Tam.

It now belongs to me.

It does?

You'll become one of my agents...

like dozens of others all over the world.

Could I, uh... ask my wife about this?

- No! - [ Brakes Screech ]

[ Whistles ]

Mr. Shrevnitz here...

will instruct you in the way in which I will contact you should I require your help.

When you hear one of my agents say, "The sun is shining,"

you will respond, "But the ice is slippery."

This will identify you to each other. Do you understand?

The s-sun is shining.

But the ice is slippery.

Uh, tell me, one thing,

how did you know what was happening to me, how did you know who I am?

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughter Continues ]

[ Laughing ]

The Shadow knows. [ Laughing ]

[ Laughter Continues ]

[ Laughter Increases ]

[ Thunderclap ]

Thank you. That's the Shadow?

I mean, that's the Shadow.

You're a pretty smart guy.

I heard rumors in the paper, the radio,

I thought it was talk. I didn't think he existed.

He doesn't. Get it?

Don't ever take it off.

Wait a minute. Who are you?

Somebody who owes him his life.

Somebody just like you.

[ Engine Revs ]

Boss, you okay?

The Cobalt Club.

[ People Chattering ]

♪ [ Big Band ]

You're some kind of mystery

Sweet kind of mystery

Gotta get you close to me

So I can figure out what this mystery's about

You're some kind of heavenly

Got something that gets to me

Gotta get you next to me

So I can figure out what this mystery's about

You look into my eyes steal my heart and read my mind

Help me I'm fallin' ♪

You cast your spell on me and here I am surrendering my soul

Oh-ooh You're-- ♪

Sorry I'm late, Uncle Wainwright, but there was a little...

accident on the bridge.

Well, I didn't think you wanted me to wait.

Incidentally, try the prime rib; it's excellent!

Your usual, Mr. Cranston.

Oh, yes.

Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

You know, Lamont, I'm, I'm very upset with you.

What is it this time?

What is it this time? What is it every time?

You ask me to dinner and show up an hour late. There's no excuse--

Uncle Wainwright, I'm sorry, I, uh--

I got caught up.

With what, for god's sake? You don't do anything.

A man your age, it's unseemly. At least pick a hobby or something.

Why am I talking to the back of your neck? Lamont?


I'm sorry. What were we talking about?

You know, I've never meddled in your affairs, going back to the time that...

after the war when you disappeared for some seven years.

I never asked questions then. I'm not now.

[ Waiter ] Excuse me, Police Commissioner Barth. Urgent message for you, sir.

What's a matter? Cops and robbers business slowin' down?

It's a report of that damned Shadow character again.

I thought you said he was only a rumor.

I'm sick of this Shadow business; his meddling in police affairs.

This time tomorrow... I'll put a task force on him.

You're not going to appoint a task force.

No. Hell with him.

I'm not going to appoint a task force.

You're not going to pay any attention to these reports of the Shadow.

Ignore them entirely.

There is no Shadow.

There is no Shadow. If there were, I'd be Eleanor Roosevelt.

[ Sighs, Groans ] Where was I?

You were about to tell me who she is.

[ Wainwright ] Margo Lane.

Her father's a scientist working for the War Department.

What the hell do you see in her?

[ Laughs ]

Uncle Wainwright, are you sure you're not dead?

Not by a long shot.

Send a bottle of Mouton Rothschild, 1928, to that table.

[ Wainwright ] Do yourself a favor, stay away from her.

She's strange.

She hears voices. That's what they say.


Yes, I would like a glass of the Mouton--

Rothschild, 1928.


From the gentleman.


Lamont Cranston. May I sit?

♪ [ Soft ]

[ Glasses Clink ]

You know,

it's the strangest thing, but I have this...

sudden craving for Peking Duck.

That's so odd.

[ Sighs ] I was thinking the exact same thing.

Care to join me?

[ Speaking Chinese ]

You speak Chinese.

Only Mandarin.

Oh, well.

Aren't you full of surprises.

Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

I had it made at Adrian's.

Why did you just tell me that?

[ Laughs ] Well, you just complimented me on my dress just now. Didn't you?

No, I didn't.

But I was thinking it.

Oh! Now that hasn't happened to me in a long, long time.

Since I was a little girl with my cousin, Harry. I could hear what he was thinking,

just pick the thoughts right out of his head before he said a word.

It was the strangest thing. And I never was able--

Is something bothering you?

Oh! No, no, no. [ Laughing ]

[ Laughs ]

Not at all.

[ Sighs ] Well, thank you. I had a wonderful time.

I'm not sure I can recall an evening as... stimulating.

Good night, Miss Lane.

Good night, Mr. Cranston.

I like her, boss. She's different than your usual dames.

More than even she knows.

How's that?

She has abilities she's completely unaware of.

No kidding? You gonna she her again?

No, it's much too dangerous.

Dangerous for who?

For me, Moe.

For me.

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughter Continues ]

[ Gasps ] Someone's coming.

Well, what is it?

That's just it, sir. I don't know.

I would have labeled it a mummy case coming from Tibet like it did.

Mummy cases come from Egypt.

That's right. Exactly.

Besides, the thing is metal which made me think it was a sarcophagus.

No. Tibetan sarcophagi were of stone.

What happened to the truckmen who dropped it off?


Well, it's obviously an incorrect shipment. Call our customs broker and--

My god!

This is beautiful.

[ Knocking ]

That is solid silver.

Nelson, help us take the sides off.

[ Boards Cracking ]

What does it say?

It's Latin.

"Kha Khan Dei Potestas In Terra.

"The power of God on Earth,

the seal of the emperor of mankind."

Oh, my god!


This is the silver coffin of Temujin.

Who's Temujin?

The man who very nearly conquered the globe eight centuries ago.

Well, how come I never heard of him?

Temujin was the birth name...

of Genghis Khan.

What was the shipper's address?

It... didn't say.

Label just had the country of origin.

Let me make a telephone call.

Let me... help you.

Nelson, whatever you do,

don't open it.

No, sir.

♪ [ Whistling "The Lullaby Of Broadway" ]

Come along and listen to

The lullaby-- ♪

[ Screeching ]

Of-- ♪

[ Rattling ]


[ Banging ]

[ Rattling ]

[ Rattling Continues ]

[ Exhales ]


w-we're closed.

Join me...

or die.

Excuse me?

Join me or die.

This is-- This is private property.

Your mind is weak.

Don't come any closer.

Fall to your knees.

Put your gun... to your temple.

Sacrifice yourself...

to me.

Yes, my Khan.

[ Gunshot ]

Oh, my god!

I can't believe it. We were only gone for a moment.

[ Man ] You didn't hear me, did you?

I'm through with the beryllium sphere.

I'm just doing some underwater tests to check pressure.


I have told you a dozen times, we are doing energy research.

I'm not interested in any military application of the project.

[ Chuckling ] So why'd you let the War Department pay all the bills?

'Cause you talked me into it. I just wanted enough money to finish.

Dr. Lane, you don't think big.

If you'd only listen to me, the world could be our oyster.


I get a rash from oysters.

[ Elevator Bell Rings ]

Oh! Margo.

What a beautiful dress.

And... such a... clever neckline.

Excuse me, Mr. Claymore, I'd like to see my father.


when you gonna come down and see my beryllium sphere?

I'm not interested in your spheres, Mr. Claymore.


You don't return my calls anymore.

Well, that's not true.

I never did return your calls.

I know.

I can't imagine why.

It's because... I don't like you.

What a fascinating woman!

[ Groans ] Dad, I don't know how you can work with that man.


What a nice surprise.


Hey, have you had your dinner?

Yes, Dad. It's 2:00 a.m.


Dad, where did you get this shirt?

Well, you said I look good in green.

No, this is green, that's red.

Hmm? Red, green.

Well, to me it's just a clean shirt.

[ Laughs ]


Do you believe in telepathy?


I mean... do you believe that it can exist between... certain people?

You mean mind reading? Well, of course I don't, dear. I'm a scientist.

So strange.

I've always had this feeling that there was this...

indescribable connection out there...

just waiting for me.

And suddenly tonight, there it was.

Well, that's nice, dear.

What was it?

It was a man.

And I'm probably never gonna see him again.

But why not?

[ Sighs ] I just know.

It was as though I could sense what he was feeling.

[ Sighs ] And now I'm completely and utterly depressed.

Well, that's nice, dear.

[ Brakes Screech ]

Okay, that'll be $4.45.

What are you doing?

Writin' down the drop-off point.

You are making a record of my destination?

Taxi Commission's rules.

[ Door Opens ]

All right, Reilly, back her up.

That's it.

You need fuel.

Geez, I need gas.

Cut left, that's it.

Hey, thanks.

Look out!

[ Men Yelling ]

This must be my lucky--

[ Laughing ]

Call an ambulance!

Scott, you all right?

Hey, stay back! Stay back!

Help over here!

[ Sirens Wailing ]

Well, what's goin' on?

Inspector Cardon is in charge, sir. He's, uh, over there.

[ Men Chattering ]

[ Groans ]

[ People Chattering ]

[ Sliding ]

[ Rattling ]

[ Ripping Letter Open ]

[ Humming ]

[ Humming ]

[ Beeping ]

Hey, what are you, crazy?


Thank you.

[ Cranston ] To the sanctum.

[ Traffic Cop ] Go, go!

[ Blowing Whistle ] Come on, what are you gonna do, park it here? Come on!

[ Man ] Hey, Louie, save that cab for me!

[ Clicks Switch ]

[ Machine Humming ]


Our agent in 26th precinct reports police investigation of murder...

at the Museum of Natural History.


Agent advises inquiry.


[ Clicks Machine Off ]

I saw you as taller.

Who are you?

Shiwan Khan.

Last descendant of Genghis Khan.

You are naturally deeply honored.

Don't feel obligated to introduce yourself. I already know who you are.

Not this temporary version of yourself.

I know who you really are.

Ying Ko.

I'm a great admirer.

I don't know what you're talkin' about.


It is no more difficult for me to invade your mind than it was this room.

May I sit?

You are hurting my feelings, Ying Ko.

I should have thought you would enjoy to meet another...

with the unique ability to cloud men's minds.

You were a student of the Tulku.


He spoke of you constantly.

But I'm afraid he wasn't able to turn me quite as easily.

Hey, would you happen to have some... American bourbon?

[ Chuckles ] I have a bit of a taste for it.

Hey, I'm happy to pay, of course.

No, no.

Not at all.

[ Glasses Clinking ]

Say, you didn't happen by any chance to, uh...

pay a visit to the museum last night, did ya?

Mmm. A wonderful collection of Tibetan tapestries.

[ Glasses Clink ]

[ Sighs ] Oh, Ying Ko.

Grown men still shiver at your name.

You are, I have to confess, my idol.

Your raid on the village of Barga, I studied it.

How nice you remember it.

It rings a bell.

It was a master stroke. Swift,

vicious and sudden.

What genius.


So, uh, what brings you to the Big Apple?

My destiny.

Genghis Khan conquered half of the world in his lifetime.

I intend to finish the job.

And, uh, how do you plan to do that?

If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise.

I traveled to this country in Genghis Khan's holy crypt...

to absorb his power.

In three days, the entire world will hear my roar...

and willingly fall subject to the lost empire of Sianking.

That is a lovely tie, by the way.

May I ask where you acquired it?

Brooks Brothers.

Is that mid-town?

45th and Madison.

You are a barbarian.

Thank you.

We both are.

I know that inside you beats a heart of darkness.

You dip into it every time you put on that hat and cloak.

[ Grabs Coat ]

Join me.

You are Ying Ko, the Butcher of Lhasa.

You... and only you... deserve to be by my side.

Together, we'll pit armies against one another like a chess game.

We'll collect our due of pain and we'll wash our hands in blood.

Your mouth still waters at real power.

I am offering you a chance to take it back.

Be my partner, Ying Ko.

That's not my name anymore.

But it is! Nevertheless, still who you are, isn't it?

For the bourbon.

[ Khan ] We will meet again, soon.

The day of the Mongol warrior...

[ Mongols Chanting ]

is once again at hand.

Soon... with wings outstretched...

we fly to our destiny!

[ Yelling ]

[ Yelling ]

Good morning, Mr. and Mrs. America.

Flash: Manhattan reels from yet another report of the elusive Shadow--

I think they just made up the Shadow so people would listen to the radio more.

What do you think, Roy?

Some say the Shadow is--


Oh, well, it--

[ Doorbell Ringing ]

I'll get it.


The sun is shining.

But the ice is slippery.

You're an agent of the Shadow.


Oh. Oh, yeah. Right. Gotcha.

Well, what do you need?

I need a metal analysis of this.


The metal is bronzium.

I didn't think it existed, but my god, here it is.

In ancient Chinese belief, this was the very stuff the universe was formed of.

Where did it come from?

I'm told it came from Sianking.

Ah, if you believed in legends, it had to be Sianking.

They called it the birthplace of the world.

Could bronzium conceivably be used to make some sort of a weapon?

Theoretically... yes.


Well, supposedly, it's very unstable on the molecular level,

constantly given to expansion.

Only the cell bonds hold it in check, but if the bonds were ever breached--

By an explosion?

It wouldn't do it.

But if the power of the cell were to turn on itself in an implosion,

the molecular imbalance will be released and then you'll have your explosion all right.

How big?

No man can say.

The breakdown would spread to all levels of the cells' atomic construction.

Fashioned into a bomb, it would be catastrophic.

I guess you'd call it an implosive/explosive submolecular device.

Or an atomic bomb.

Hey, that's catchy.

But it would have to have a beryllium sphere to contain the apparatus.

No other metal would enhance a blast. In any case, it's all moot.

None of this would be possible.

Unless... some genius figures out...

how to design and make it...

the implosive device.

It would have to be sort of a shell,

with tiny implosive charges regularly spread over surface.

Something like this.


such a device doesn't exist.

[ Humming ]

[ Quietly Chanting ]

[ Chanting Continues, Grunts ]

Reinhardt Lane.

Reinhardt Lane.

[ Humming ]

Reinhardt Lane.

[ Ignites Lighter ]

Reinhardt Lane.

Yes, my Khan.

You know something, Lamont, that puzzles me?

How a man like yourself who has absolutely nothing to do...

can be late for every little engagement.

Practice, Uncle Wainwright. Lots and lots of practice.

Waiter, get me some more chives, would you please?


Oh, my god, here comes that Lane woman. Oh, please, I don't need her anymore--

Oh, hi, Miss Lane, how are you?

All right, you can drop the act, Commissioner.

What have you done about my father?

Nothing we can do unless--

Unless what? He blows himself up?

[ Sighs ] Margo Lane, my nephew, Lamont Cranston.

Yes, we've met.

Would you, uh, care to join us?

Miss Lane, the fact that your father is acting strangely,

I don't think really calls for a police investigation.

I just wanna see him.

The War Department says he suddenly decided to take no visitors,

not even his daughter.

Well, chances are he's working on some top secret.

[ Scoffs ]

It is a government project, you know.

His project is harmless.

Energy research, some kind of implosive device.

Look, I know something's wrong. I spoke to him on the phone.

He was distant, confused, babbling.

He spoke to me in Chinese.

[ Gulps ] Waiter, waiter.

He doesn't even speak Chinese!

[ Wainwright ] I'm sorry, please.

Tomorrow, I'll send a policeman over to the Federal building,

he'll see your father and everything'll be fine, all right?

[ Sighs ] What's your opinion, Mr. Cran--

Excuse me.


[ People Chattering ]


Wait a second, Lamont. I wanted to ask you about my father.

I have to go.

Ying Ko! Who's Ying Ko?

[ Gasps ]

You will forget about me.

Why would I do that?

You will give me no further thought.

Are you drunk?

Mr. Cranston, I don't know what kind of woman you're used to dealing with,

but I don't--


[ Man ] Taxi!

The Federal building.

You got it, boss.

[ Thunderclap ]

[ Humming ]



Well, I'm not going to eat a burger again.

I'm not asking you to eat a burger.

[ Elevator Bell Rings ]

You like fish?

How 'bout a burger?

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Door Opens ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Shadow Laughing ]

[ Laughter Continues ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Shouting ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

[ Mongol Screaming ]

Next time you get to be on top.

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Shouting In Chinese ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Shouting ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Screaming ]

[ Speaking Chinese ]

[ Grunting, Groaning ]

Where is Khan?

I will not tell you.

What are you doing?

[ Groaning ]

Hold on or you'll die!

Yes, to serve my Khan. [ Screaming ]

I sense somebody's coming.

Eew! Whoa!


[ Ringing ]


[ Reinhardt ] Hello, Margo.

Oh, Dad. Are you all right?

I'm fine, dear.

I need to see you right away... at the lab.

Are you there now?


No. No, no!

Oh, god! Dad!

Dad! Where are you?

Oh, god, no!

[ Khan's Voice Reverberating ] Margo Lane.

I have a mission for you, my dear.

[ Stair Squeaks ]

Margo Lane.

What are you doing here?

You're in my home.

I am? Your home?

What are you doing here?

I don't know. I don't know!

Who sent you?

Who... sent you?

I don't know! There was a voice over and over in my head.

It said I had to kill the Shadow.

I want you to leave right now.

I had to kill the Shadow and I came here.

I said, I want you to leave right now.

And there was only you.

Get out!

Let me see into your eyes. [ Gasps ]

You want to see into my eyes?

I think...

Go ahead. Look at them.

Look at them.

I know something I knew before.

Something strange about you. I could feel it.

But I've gotta warn you. You won't like what you see.

I could feel it.

The static in my head whenever I was near you. I knew it.

You're the Shadow!

My father's disappeared. You're the only one who can help me find him.

Just be gone when I get back.

How do you know I won't tell anyone who you really are?

I know.

To the sanctum.

[ Indistinct Chatter, Fireworks Exploding ]

Nice tie.

Thank you.

By the way, you sent Margo Lane to kill me.

Kill you? If I wanted you dead, Ying Ko, I would've had your liver on a pole by now.

I sent the girl to be killed. Tell me, how did you kill her?

She's alive.

Then she's a danger to you.

She now knows exactly who you are.

How long will you let her live?

How long before your pure instincts take over?

I'm onto your plan, Khan. You still don't have the beryllium sphere,

and without it you can't complete the bomb.

Besides, you know I'm gonna stop you.

You Americans are so arrogant.

You think your meaningless, decadent country

is the new cradle of civilization.

But let me tell you something--

That's the U.S. of A. you're talkin' about.

I am talking about ruling the world!

I'd like to give you a name. Leonard Levinsky. Brilliant psychiatrist.

You'll talk, he'll listen--

You are boring me!

[ Shrieking ]

Oh, that knife.

Recognize it? I took it from the Tulku.

No. No, no, I correct myself.

I took it out of the Tulku after I ran it through his heart.

When will you learn to listen to your instincts?

Instincts? I'll show you my instincts.

[ Grunting ]

[ Snarling ]

Never did master the Phurba, did you? Still expect it to respond to brute force.


[ Cocking ]

My Mongol warriors aren't terribly bright,

but they are loyal.

Accept the truth. There is no light without shadow.

And you and I are that shadow.

[ Sighs ] I would sooner destroy a Rembrandt than kill you.

For the last time, will you join me?

You cannot fool me. You cannot defeat me.

Your mind is an open book to me.

Then learn how to read!



[ Shouting In Chinese ]

[ Crowd Gasping ]

[ Crowd Shouting, Indistinct ]

Tail 'em, Moe.

He's disappeared, boss.

Stop the car.

It's just an empty lot, boss.

I can't help that I know what I know about you.

And I can't forget it either.

It's late.

Sleep here if you like. There are guest rooms.

But in the morning you should go.

I'm not afraid of you.

But I am.

[ Margo's Voice Reverberating ] Lamont?



[ Screaming ]

[ Panting ] Oh, my god.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Oh, god, I dreamed.

So did I. What did you dream?

I was lying naked on the beach in the South Seas.

The tide was coming up over my toes.

The sun was beating down.

My skin was...

hot and cool at the same time.

[ Inhales Deeply ] It was wonderful.

What was yours?

I dreamed I tore all the skin off my face and was somebody else underneath.

You have problems.

I'm aware of that.

I'll wait for you outside while you get dressed.

Oh, that's okay. You can stay.

Oh, these are all rumpled.

Ah, well, there might be some things in here that you could use, uh--

Yeah. This belonged to, uh, my Aunt Rose.

Oh, really?

Very fashionable gal, that Rose.

Kept her figure too.

Ah, yeah.

Well, I've gotta run, I've got a--

Taxi waiting downstairs?

Excuse me?

I sensed that's what you were gonna say. Isn't it?


Huh! This is getting easier the more I'm around you. You're like reading a book.

Thank you, but I won't be needing that taxi.

Yes, you do. I have a very important--

Great. I'll go with you.

Last night we agreed--

I didn't agree.

Do you mind if I get one little sentence out here?

Last night we agreed you were going to leave this morning.

You agreed I was going to leave.

I agreed to no such thing. We need each other.

No, we don't.

We have a connection.

No, we don't.

How do explain I can read your thoughts?

My thoughts are hard to miss.

Why is that?

Psychically, I'm very well endowed.

I'll bet you are.

Okay, so you don't need me, but I need you, Lamont, to help me find my father.

And I am coming with you.


[ Man ] Empire State Building pennants,

get your Empire State Building pennants.

From there to... there.

That is just the explosion.

The destruction will be... incalculable.

Get your pennants!


Ahh. What a beautiful day.

He's okay.

Nice dress, toots.

[ Sailors Laughing ]

Come on along and listen to

[ Sailor ] Get me down!

What the hell are you doin'?

I have no idea! Get me down!

Don't do it!

Get me down from here!

The lullaby of Broadway

Get me down! Get me down! [ Screaming ]

[ Lamont ] It's all falling into place for me now.

Shiwan Khan needs a beryllium sphere to complete the bomb.

I wonder where he intends to find one?

Beryllium sphere?

Beryllium sphere! Farley Claymore!

What's that?

Farley Claymore, my father's assistant.

He was working on a beryllium sphere, I'm sure of it.

In your father's lab?

No, no, he was working on his own. Uh, Mari-Tech labs, down on Southside.

Good, very good.

Get outta the way!

I got something else I want you to do for me.


I was trailing Khan. I lost him on the corner of Second and Houston.

It's a vacant lot now. I want you to find out what used to be there.

Second and Houston. What about Farley Claymore?

Mr. Claymore's gonna receive a little visit... from the Shadow.

[ Shadow ] Farley Claymore!

[ Gasps ] Who's there?

Where is the beryllium sphere, Claymore?


What sphere?

Claymore, you idiot! You're being manipulated.

Your mind is being controlled by hypnosis.

My mind? Controlled?

Claymore, what have you done with the sphere?

It's too late. I loaded it on a truck.

Take me to it now!

[ Shadow Laughing ]

Who do you think you're gonna shoot with that, Claymore?

[ Shadow Grunts ]

No one controls my mind, Shadow!

There's a new world order coming and I'm gonna be a king.

A king!

[ Grunts ]

[ Thinking ] Margo.

Margo, I need you.

[ Gasping ]

[ Screaming ]

You called?

[ Lamont Moaning ]


[ Gasping ]

[ Gasps ]

You're not supposed to be here.

[ Yelling ]

[ Margo ] Lamont?

You were dreaming.

You saw.

You have any idea...

what it's like to have done things you can never forgive yourself for?


whoever you were,

whatever you did,

it's in the past.

Not for me, Margo.

Never for me.

We are victorious!

And as victors, we will collect the spoils of war.

I will remember each of you.

Particularly my special servant,

the only American with genius enough...

to join me of his own free will,

Oh, Khan.

[ Chuckling ]

who saw himself a king in my kingdom.

King? Did I say king?

Maybe not the best choice of words.

No, it wasn't.

Because actually, I was thinking prince, tops.

Not even, necessarily. Uh, duke? Baron?

Your choice, of course, your choice.


Get Dr. Lane. Assemble the bomb.

Of course.

In the name of the new Kha Khan!

The power of God on Earth.

The emperor of mankind.

Extra, extra! Read all about it! Madman threatens to blow the city sky-high!

[ Static ]

Residents of New York City were thrown into a virtual panic today.

Police were still trying to determine if in fact the threat was real...

or merely an incredible hoax.

Either way, surely the work of a madman.

Morning, Russell.

He's demanded works of art, famous jewels, even gold.

Find Khan and you'll find the bomb, I bet.

What did you find out about that vacant lot?

Not much, I'm afraid. It was the site of the old Hotel Monolith.

It was finished nearly ten years ago but it never opened.

The Monolith. I vaguely remember that.

Seems that's the only way anybody remembers it.

Before the hotel was completed,

the developer went bankrupt and committed suicide.


The last record is a sale...

to a Far Eastern buyer six years ago.

When was it torn down?

It doesn't say.

I made some calls this morning to newspapers and such.

All anybody can remember is up to the time it was sold.

Everyone seems to know that it was torn down,

but they can't remember when or by whom.

Or if.

[ Indistinct Crowd Chatter ]

I can't believe he did it.

Did what? Lamont?

My god.

It's beautiful.

What is?

Hey, fella. That building right there. What's the name of that building?


Shiwan Khan has hypnotized the entire city.

They don't see it.

None of them see it.

But I see it.

You and Shrevnitz will receive your instructions. I want you to follow them exactly.


[ Thunderclap ]

Bet you wish you'd been a little nicer to me now, huh, don't ya?

Bet you wish you'd listened to my ideas.

Bet you didn't count on me being friends with the conqueror, huh, did ya?

Hey, that's enough. Activate the bomb.

[ Whirring Noise ]

Set the timer for two hours.

You are certain you could duplicate this bomb's design anytime I require?

Absolutely. No problem.

That makes Dr. Lane obsolete. Secure him in a room.

He will die at the hands of his own invention.

Yes, my Khan.

Listen, I know you must have this covered, but shouldn't we be getting out of here too?

There's an aeroplane waiting to take us to safety. We leave in one hour.

[ Doorbell Rings ]

What is it, Moe?

Is it another one of those things from the bowlin' league?


[ Thunderclaps Continue ]



[ Echoing Laughter ]

Ying Ko.

The Shadow! Where?

Not here, you idiot. In the building.

Can you tell if he's mad at me?

We had a little misunderstanding yesterday...

and there might still be hard feelings.

Find him... and kill him!

Kill him? Me?

All of you!

Couldn't I just stay here and help you?


[ Shadow Laughing ]

You guys... go that way. [ Clicks Tongue ]

[ Shadow ] Did you think you'd never see me again, Claymore?

[ Laughing ]

[ Gasps ]

I'm right here!

All around you.

Everywhere around you.

[ Laughing ]

[ Laughing ]


Chicken! Sissy!

Come out here and fight like a man.

[ Nervous Chuckling ]

You're a fool, Claymore.

[ Gurgling ]

Get out of my sight!

[ Babbling ]

There's your exit, Claymore.

You know what I love about this job?

The excitement.

Ah, Ying Ko. I surrender.

You're finished, Khan.

[ Khan Laughing ]


[ Shrieking ]


Aah! [ Panting ]

Ooh! Aah!

[ Laughing ]

Ho! Aah!

You are losing your concentration.

Your mind is too weak.

You are beginning to lose your power.

[ Shrieking ]

[ Roaring ]


Look at you. Can't even control yourself.

[ Lamont Grunting ]

How can you hope to control the Phurba?

[ Shrieking ]




[ Gasping ]

My god.

That's what he saw.

[ Screaming ]

Where am I?

[ Loud Scream ]

[ Groaning ]

[ Grunting ]



Dad! Oh!


Where am I? What is going on here?

Are you all right?

Well, there's this guy--


I'll tell you later. Moe, go call the police.


[ Margo ] Look! There it is!

Oh, my god! Oh, this is impressive work.

Who did this?

You did.

We only have an hour left. Disconnect it!

Cut this off.

[ Sizzling, Whirring ]

Aah! Dad, the timer! You gotta stop it!

Oh, dear.

[ Gasps ]

Two minutes left.




Oh, my god! Hurry, hurry, Dad!


This way!

[ Rumbling ]

[ Gasping ]

Oh, my god, it's upstairs.

[ Screaming ]


Oh, no, the elevator!

Dad! Be careful.

Aah! Ooh!

Aah! No!

Which wire?

I don't remember, I just don't remember!

Pick one!

Oh, well, what the hell. It's usually green.

No, green!

This is green. That's red.

I've gotta try to remember that.

[ Sighs ]

What are you doing?

[ Indistinct Chattering ]

[ Siren Winding Down, Stopping ]

Excuse me. Excuse me.

[ Barth ] Where the hell did that come from?

Ahh. Mm-mm.

What is this?

Where am I? Huh?

You. Come here.

Look at me.

Look into my eyes.


Release me at once.

[ Chuckling ] No, we won't have any of that, Mr. Khan.

Let's just have a look at those stitches, shall we?

Stitches? What-- What have you done?

Saved your life, that's what.

We had to move a little section of your frontal lobe.

But you'll never miss it, believe me. It's a part nobody ever uses.

But-- But--

Unless you believe in telepathy! [ Chuckles ]

Wait! Come back here!

You! Come here!

I am Shiwan Khan, the last descendant of Genghis Khan! Listen to me!

[ Patients Shouting ]

I'm Houdini!

I'm Theodore Roosevelt!

I am Napoleon!

I'm Josephine!

I'm Babe Ruth!

I'm Henry VIII!

I'm William Shakespeare!

I'll see you later.

Hey, how will you know where I am?

I'll know.

♪ [ Piano ]

I've been looking for an original sin

One with a twist and a bit of a spin

And since I done all the old ones

♪ 'Til they've all been done in

Now I'm just looking and I'm gone with the wind

Endlessly searching For an original sin

And you could dance forever You got a fire in your feet

But will it ever be enough


You know that it'll never be enough

Never be enough

And you can fly and never land and never need to see

But will it ever be enough


You know that it'll never be enough

Never be enough

It's not enough to make the nightmares go away

It's not enough to make the tears run dry

And who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men today

It's a city of shadows It's a city of lies

It's a city of secrets It's a city of crime

It'll all be over now

All I wanted was a piece of the pie

I never got an equal share

When the stars are out of sight and the moon is down

The natives are so restless tonight

All I needed was a spot in the light

It never had to get so dark

When the stars are out of sight and the moon is down

The natives are so restless tonight

I've been looking for the ultimate crime

Infinite victims in infinitesimal time

And I'm so, so very guilty for no reason or rhyme

For now I'm just looking and appealing some time

Endlessly searching for the ultimate crime

You can lose yourself in pleasure 'til your body's going numb

But will it ever be enough


You know that it'll never be enough

Never be enough

You can always take whatever you conceivably could want

But will it ever be enough


You know that it'll never be enough

Never be enough

It's not enough to make the nightmares go away

It's not enough to make the tears run dry

And who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men today

It's a city of shadows It's a city of lies

It's a city of cruelty It's a city of crime

It'll all be over now

All I wanted was a piece of the pie

I never got an equal share

When the stars are out of sight and the moon is down

The natives are so restless tonight

All I needed was a spot in the light

It never had to get so dark

When the stars are out of sight and the moon is down

The natives are so restless tonight

Now I'm just looking and I'm gone with the wind

Endlessly searching for an original sin

I've been looking for an original sin

One with a twist and a bit of a spin

And since I've done all of the old ones

♪ 'Til they've all been done in

Endlessly searching For an original sin

I've been looking for an original sin

One with a twist and a bit of a spin

And since I've done all of the old ones

♪ 'Til they've all been done in

Now I'm just looking and I'm gone with the wind

Endlessly searching for an original sin

I'm applying for a license to thrill

Going out on the edge Moving in for the kill

And there'll be hell to pay some day

Put it all on the bill

♪ 'Cause I'll always be paying and paying until

We're beyond expiration with a license to thrill

I've been looking for an original sin

The Description of The Shadow