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Look I'm gonna tell it like it is and I usually get excited for these patch updates. I do I get excited

there's all kinds of new stuff to talk about new Bleak skins new modes all kinds of crazy stuff for us to absorb to

Digest and to talk about well, I'm here to tell you that V


maybe the most

Lackluster patch update that we've ever had in 4/9 if I'm hyped about it

I'm gonna tell you guys I'm hyped about it. If I'm not I'm gonna tell you now. Are we gonna go over the patch notes?

Absolutely. We're also going to talk about the crazy castle concept and we're gonna take a look at the new shockwave grenade as a matter

Of fact, we're gonna take a look at it right now

So there you have it it is an upgraded version of the impulse grenade but it does not do damage to

Friends enemies vehicles, but it can also knock them through structures

Which means if it knocks them through structures if it's the base of a structure you can actually knock it down

We'll talk about that more in a minute when we go over the patch notes

We will talk about the new starter pack that is in the game as well. But before we do that

Drop a like if you want gifting to be active in fortnight. Well, I'm here to tell you guys

It's never coming

Okay, it's not never coming but it's not here and it hasn't been here. And yes, it's been in the game

Visually and cosmetically for a while now, but every time we get an update

every time

This is what happens here. Hold on once this is what happens and don't get me wrong

I am all for being super creative with your titles and thumbnails. Hello, we could even call it clickbait

I don't have a problem with that. You've got incentive eyes people to click on it's like they're shopping, right?

It's like they go to Walmart

They go to the checkout and they look and they're about to checkout and they say Oh candy bar

Oh gum Oh Sour Patch Kids. Which one do I want to get and that's the same with your videos?

It's a thumbnail you you're putting it out. You're merchandising it. You want people to click on your thumbnail. I get it

I totally get it, but there's no gifting active

So if we go to youtube and we filter and we search in the last 24 hours

This is what we get new item shop updates gifting skins two sub fortnight wins ps4. So this guy

Streamed and said he's gifting skins to subs in fortnight wins ps4 Pro. I don't really it's kind of a run-on sentence

I'm not sure gifting subscribers new free skins gifting system and fortnight. Yes

this guy just stream that an hour ago lightning Cube is moving gifting coming soon because the cube

Has so much to do with gifting it's there's a connection there's a correlation

It's not a sea creature in the cube

It's actually a bag gift and then it went to the cube opens

You get to unwrap the gift in and you're able to gift in fortnight. Come on down

Okay, new shot grenade update gifting fortnight moving. I don't know how to read that language

Nueces way back gifting system new update pro super console fortnight gifting system. That was an hour ago

These are all streams to new intensity emote. Okay, that's cool. That's cool new gifting system new gifting system

Fortnight gifting system new gifting system for nigh gifting update gifting giveaway

gifting system gifting system gifting system, its

Gifting is not in the game guys. Yes. It's physically in the game, but it's not active. I can't give you skins

You can't give your buddy skins. It's not there. It's probably never coming. It's probably the ultimate trol from epic games to us. So

Every week we're gonna get an update every week

Your your sub box is going to be riddled with people saying gifting is in the game. I shouldn't take the time

I want to go watch these videos because I want to see how they

Creatively angle the fact that it's not in the game. Maybe I could take some notes. Ok back on track

This is about patch notes. This is not about trolling gifting videos

Ok first let's start with the new starter pack. If you didn't know there's a starter pack

It was the wingman guy $4.99 600v bucks. You get a back bling you get a skin

You're not a default anymore

The United Arab Emirates PlayStation Store is now listing the new a starter pack for fortnight Battle Royale. This pack will be $5.99

I thought it was $4.99. Did it go up a dollar?

I don't know in a release is on August 28 the skin in the back blame for the a starter pack were discovered among other

Cosmetics. So here you go the Ace outfit battle royale only swag bag bag bling battle

Royale only and I will say this right now, this is a pretty cool skin

This is probably going to look good in game people like the the darker color skin, especially with a red black tone to it

They like the the more

Streamlined slender skins even though it doesn't matter

that's a myth that the hitbox is any different on tomato man as it is to this ace but it is what it is and

The the swag bag is pretty cool. It's got some llama bucks in there

So, yeah, if you want to kind of take a shower dive into fortnight if you're new to it

You don't want to spend a lot on those big legendary skins than here. There you go

You can do the starter pack now

Let's back up and let's go over some patch notes because that's what this is about once again to ever buddy

That every week tunes in for the patch notes. First of all, I'm sorry

I thought we were getting a grander more robust set of notes, but we're not and that's the problem

Okay, epic games they they spoil us we get all this crazy stuff all the time

And then the one time we don't get crap

Will we get a shock wave grenade we're disappointed so it's kind of our fault

Anyway, let's go over the patch nuts drop a like if you never miss these here we go patch size. It's PC

1.1. Gig Mac, 1.7 game ps4 375 bag Xbox one point seven nine game. Why is the ps4?

Like 1/5 the size of the Xbox. That's weird iOS 311. Ok. Let's get down to the bounce over

We already watched the trailer here new item flick ting damage blah blah blah. This is pretty cool solid gold

LTM is now active if you don't know what that is

It means everything is gold. If you are one of those people that has horrible loot luck

This is your chance. You can get a gold skull you could get a gold minigun

You could get a gold silencer Gold Eagle Gold RPG gold heavy gold FAMAS, whatever you want. It is yours

You are King Midas and it is in 50 V 50

Which is going to be absolutely it's a the battlefield is going to be riddled with gold. Ok. So there you go

Now, let's go down to this very very short patch for you guys battle. Royale limited-time 50 V 50 solid gold

That's exactly what it is weapons and items the shockwave grenade has been added

shockwave grenade will knock players back and destroy

Objects in their path after their being knocked back allies enemies and vehicles hit with the shockwave grenade will not take fall damage

So you could shock somebody they fall off the hill. It's not gonna hurt him you could actually shockwave

vehicles but the big thing here is that

Let's say you've got the enemy in front of a base for an enemy on top of the base. You hit them

They go backwards any structure. They're gonna go through that structure now

I don't know if you can stack that like you could say you could put a wall wall wall

Put the enemy in front. How many walls will you actually go through?

I'm assuming probably only one but we'll have to we'll have to test that out

It drops in stacks of to maximum stacks 6

You can have 6 of these bad boys on you at once epic rarity can be found in supply drops vending machines

Llamas in chess. So the shockwave grenade is not fluor loot. So there you go and guys-guys-guys-guys

That that's it. That's that is the patch notes. That's it. That's what I was saying

That is it now, maybe some leek skins come out later if they do I'll cover for you

But that's what we have. But I've wanted to go over


Reddit and this is from ferocity

71 and I just wanted to show you guys this because we're talking about the possibility of the crazy castle you guys saw the trailer

with the new skin and

The villain base was gone in the Viking village was gone in the background and then it looked like a little crazy castle with flags

On it and then we saw the the graffiti of the crazy castle

So everybody's saying hey crazy castle is gonna be a new Pio I coming in a week or two

Well, what if it look like this? I thought this was pretty cool

This guy made this over and save the world. You can make some crazy stuff over there and it's a freaking castle

So maybe this gives you an idea

of how the crazy castle could actually look if it ends up coming in the game and now let's go to youtube and see if

There's any updates on our friendly purple cube I searched today

So what we have here new four-night purple cube

Mythbusters new trick to get inside the cube this four-night streamer follows the cubes

Every move the cube secret revealed ali-a reveals the secret. I landed at the cube this happened, okay

Yeah cube is going towards salty. So and don't really see anything new with the cube over here

Let's go ahead and see if we can actually get the path Naha. I found it on Twitter

This is from Fort IBR courtesy of Twitter's silo leak silo X leaks

And this is cube movement day 3 if you didn't know it is and it's a day thing

Ok, so we have like seven full days of this cube moving

but as you can see

This is the path that it's taken it kind of veered off and went down toward the farm and then it went sideways

So, I don't know if it's maneuvering around to get through structures

but right now

that bad boys aim like over it tilted so we'll have to wait and see if it does end up in loot lake or

Somewhere else, but that's all I've got guys gifting is not active

The update was yeah, you guys let me know what you're thinking a new shockwave grenade

Thank you everybody who Tunes in for these and I'll see you soon

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