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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 7 Common School Expressions in English

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got my back my shoes got my jacket I'm

gonna leave got it hi I was going to

leave didn't know you were there james

from engvid play hooky yeah guess I have

to do my job well if you're in a

classroom you're gonna hear especially

if you're in North America England can't

speak about England

maybe England but North America

definitely there are seven expressions

that people use in school that talk

about your performance in school so why

don't we take a look at them because I'm

going to teach you today

Dumbo bum bum bum expressions is slang

are usually done by slide the snake so

this is brought to you by sly this Nate

today yep there he is

the cigarette kids don't smoke all right

anyway slightest take is bringing you

this lesson on seven very common so

common they should be that common like

the cold in Canada anyway let's start

with the first one expressions bookworm

you can see mr. e is snuck in the video

he is a worm after all he's eating the

book a bookworm reads a lot we say reads

or studies a lot you always seeing them

study alright studying all the time

their book worms their head is always in

the book he is devouring devour means to

eat or consume

he's eating the book he loves math not

with so much he eats the book so if

you're a bookworm you're always studying

this is very good because when you're a

bookworm you what we say learn by heart

it means you remember

easily and well all the lessons you've

been taught kind of cool right

okay so easily and well so well means

like good you do a good job you're a

good student yeah you remember stuff

because you've studied so you're a good

student well if you do this you're gonna

have a test and remember we said we you

remember something easily and well well

we ain't something you're good at school

you are good so you're good at the test

so we usually say something like good at

a test okay

reports an essay check out engvid we've

got actually how to write an essay

believe it or not I did one yeah anyway

see you ace it you ace it

Wow ace remember ace is the highest

cards you get like an A on your report

this is really cool you're a bookworm

you study hard so you learn things by

heart all right and then you ace it whoa

amazing now you become the teacher's pet

good student or good doggy do what you

are told

yes teacher's pet see the teacher is

smiling and you're like ruff okay

some students continue this cycle they

get reward they continue to work hard

you know because the teacher likes you

the teacher likes you right oh the

teacher loves you in a good way in a

very professional way yeah I'm laughing

because I'm thinking of somebody I

Peyman anyway so they continue this

cycle teacher loves them they study hard

they learn by heart the ACE and the

teacher loves them more and they become

the best parents ever the world

some students however the teacher likes

them and then they get you know they're

like is the cast

I learned my stuff I'm gonna take a day

off I'm gonna go and play and we call it

play hooky

notice these two are playing baseball

they're out now when you play hook

means you should be somewhere and you

have you have no reason for a break so

when you're playing hooky you should be

at work yes son this is also for work

this is for school this can also be for

work you can be the boss's pet right

you could have aced the the presentation

yeah you can learn the presentation by

heart and you can study you know be a

bookworm always studying so we could use

this for work but we're talking about

school playing hooky really can be for

work or for school if I'm playing hooky

like before with my bag I was going to

leave I wanted to play hooky but you

caught me the reason why we say hooky is

because of hook when you're on the hook

you're caught when you're off the hook

you're free think of a fish it's on the

hook it's coming home with you yeah when

it gets off the hook it plays with the

other fish they go to school too you


school of fish yes anyway so you play


cuz you got good marks and the teacher

loves you you think what can go wrong it

can go terribly terribly wrong wrong

wrong wrong I told you the efest go

getting better

three D right okay now you're playing

hooky so you have to do something it's

called cut class

cut class means to not go to school and

you don't go to school

what's all right well school has to

because it's a cool school is cool right

once again you have no reason you just

don't go so when you cut clothes you're

like I have a class to go to but I'm

going to go play hooky with my friends

so we're going to the park and playing

baseball remember you had to study hard

and learn well if you cut clothes well

you don't really learn anything so the

next thing that happens is wow wow

a is for awesome ease for expels when

you cut enough class you flunk out

that means they kick you out kick you

out Wow mm-hmm you're out mm-hmm

here's your butt your bum bum here's the

foot on the bum bone and you are out

notice I am not on the screen because I

flunked out I'm gone and this ladies and

gentlemen boys and girls is how a good

student goes bad or you have now learned

seven very common expressions in English

for school behavior be on the side of

the angels people you'll be smiling

don't be on this side but know the dark

side if you would like to learn more you

can go to well be a bookworm you can

study with us and learn this by heart

okay if you do you will ace the next

exam you have and you will be every

teacher's pet

you go here w-w-w I like to put it in

different places so you have to find it

and pay attention where's the next part

w King as in English vid see because

you're aces right as in Ingrid

that's where I'll be that's where you'll

be you won't be here playing hooky

cutting close and then flunking out I'm



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