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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Paul Stamets describes his first Psilocybin Mushroom Trip - Joe Rogan Experience #1035

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And then one day

Before I ever had psilocybin mushrooms

I bought some a bag of them, and I thought I got I had no information

I just bought the bag for about 25 bucks, and I went out for a walk in the woods in Ohio and

there was a

Beautiful oak tree that I used to climb the top of at the very top of the tallest hill you know hi

oh, we don't have mountains we have Hills and

It was in the summertime, and so I thought sentence setting is important

I knew that so I went for a walk and I ate the bag the whole bag

I was walking how many ounces he family well

It was about I know it was about a half an ounce to an ounce so I'm here yeah, so we're talking

This is this is this is the elevator ride beyond the 10th floor

You know so 8 to 16 grams, so it was it was probably on the order about 20 grams. You know


And but I didn't know no I had no one


but I knew but I want to just I want to my destination was this tree right so I

Walked and walked and I came at the tree

You know I was eating the mushrooms


and then I started feeling the effects and so it was great because I was climbing the tree and I was getting higher in the

tree and higher in my brain well that seems like a terrible thing to do and I

Climbed to the top of the tree and this beautiful landscape

But it was there was these in the summertime is a boiling black clouds in the horizon. I go. Oh, that's cool

You know and so this big summer storm was coming

The clouds were

dark and

boiling and and they're coming close and I could hear the Thunder and you know and and then I'm gonna higher and higher and the

Winds pick up and the tree started moving, and I started getting vertical because I was like oh my god

I'm getting so freakin high on these mushrooms

And so I grabbed the tree and held on the tree and it became my axis mundi into the earth

And then the Lightning started coming closer and then lightening strikes

I got real close and the light would hit and I got I

Saw fractals for the first time the the atmosphere became liquid. I saw there's liquid waves of this multi-dimensional

Geometrical patterns everywhere and the sparks of lightning would just create this amazing

crescendo of

Secondary tertiary plenty of fractals all around me and I was like oh my there's amazing so this is what I read you know

So the storm came and lightning strikes are all around me, and I was it washed with rain

And I was up there and I feel I felt in touch with Gaia the universe my heart opened up

I felt one with all I was like oh my gosh. This is such a powerful spiritual experience

I had no idea no matter

What anyone is read as you probably know it cannot describe the experience and then at dawn on me, wait a second Stamets

You're in the tallest tree on the tallest hill from miles in the middle of a lightning storm

This is not the best place to be and so I realized I could be killed up here suddenly

I had a reality rush like you know

You're you could turn into a god


Hi, I'm 20 grams of mushrooms hug at a tree the Lightning comes it hits you

Maybe you were the Saviour maybe need to get back to that tree

maybe you're the chosen one so I

Thought I was you know I it was an incredibly spiritual and wonderful experience

But I also had the fear and this comes comes with it the hero's journey

You know you always have the the dark side you always have not just the light side

But as counterbalance with the dark side and I realized I'm like gosh

I'm gonna I could die up here, and I said well. I don't dice NamUs

What's what are your issues this this get something out of this experience?

And I said this stuttering hab is ridiculous

And I I'm not stupid and I saw I said to myself stop stuttering now stop stuttering now

I said that dozens hundreds of times over and over and over and

fortunately the storms went past and held onto the tree and

Soaking wet I came out of the tree and walked back to where I was living

in the next day

And I got up. I didn't see anybody and I was walking on on this path and a sidewalk

and there's a lady that I really liked a lot and

But she was always attracted the super self-assured jocks and things like that

She was actually very kind and sweet

But I didn't want to stare at her in their eyes because I would stutter and it's humiliating for us

So the more humiliating us stutterers feel

the more we stutter and so it's a really slippery slope and so I would avoid eye contact and

so for the first time

She walked towards me. She's a good morning Paul. How are you?

She was always so nice to me, and I was terrified because I didn't Barriss myself

And I looked at her straight in the eyes, and I said I'm doing fine. How are you and I stopped stuttering in one day?

And this speaks to now what was been medically proven is that we can reset the neurology of the human brain through

Neurogenesis I believe that experience allowed me to map new

Neurological pathways that allows me to l acute in a way that I could not l acute before now

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