Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Park Shin Hye & Yoo Ah In #Alive Press conference

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Don't worry. Just follow me

Yoo Ah In and Park Shin HYe come back with a new movie

that is ready to rock in the cinema this summer

sending signal to find a way to survive will be revealed in a korean movie

it's an unexplainable awkwardness

let's watch KBS " I love movie" and you'll know

I feel like this program will help to reduce the doubts about the movie

This program means alot to us

If they broadcast it, it will be great

we survived

we still alive

Hi everyone, we have been waiting for so long to make this interview

we have with us today the two leading actors of Alive

welcome both

Hello KBS "I Love Movie" fans. It's been awhile

i am so happy to have the opportunity to with all of you today

this will be the last time siting for an interview. Right ?

I gave an interview once before corona spreads

and today i have the opportunity to come back and meet again with you all. Hello everyone am Park Shin Hye

How have you been during Covid19

Personnally am worried that the movie will be inturrepted and we can't continue to shoot

although the situation of korean movies is inevitably in a downtum

But i have a little expectation that if the situation improves, we may meet with the audience in the cinema

Hi, HI

what ?

TV, why ?

the whole town has been in chaos since morning

when you are in a situation where you can't know what will happen if you step outside

Joon woo is locked alone in his appartment

be ready to stay indoors for an indefinetly long period

food and drinks are almost running out

however i'll not go outside

i'd rather starve to death

stay home no matter what

Hello is anyone there

in the movie, is there a signal to the outside that make them know that you still alive ?

am the one who send signals for help because internet connection and calls was cut off

we can do it only when connections are connected

yes no way to make them notice without signal

when there is no connection we are in trouble

he can't contact to send his location

but he finds many ways to keep in touch with people from outside

using drone

we can say Joon woo used his equipments to survive

i recommended this hairstyle

even though his hair was short, it still thick

it's the first time i see people with thick hair as his

it's amazing

and what about you PS how did you send signals ?

i did that through Joon Woo. i shoot laser to let him know

i think those devices that used for sending signals are strange and unique

shin hye's device was analog and mine was digital style

but the most amazing thing is zombies we see or think of

their memories will disappear and forget the things that they've done.

but here the infected people still have the behavior as they used to do

like they don't know they've changed

we can't understand their behavior

you'll understand that when you watch the movie

oh am so excited

Yoobin has the feeling that touching them can be dangerous

so it will be the fight distancing

and for Joon Woo the attack will be closeas though it were an instinctive fight

her posture and body movements when performing action scenes are very professional

like in the axe throwing scene

she did it herself without using stand in at all. her jump shot was excellent

playing action scenes made me feel relieved

how about the chemistry between you ? who will be the narrator ?

don't look at me

i often compliment him. he likes to throw it to me as a person always talking

he looks at me and tell me to say it

you didn't say anything yet today so you have the chance now

Personnaly i was so excited when they told me to work with Yoo Ah In

he helps to hold directions so i don't have any worries

Thank YOu

it's so embarassing

sometimes while filming there is many opinions. some ideas don(t match

so Shin Hye try to help with giving solutions

She's is mature and professional

and i had fun while working with her

feel like a battle companion on the battlefield

I think the movie is related to what we are living these days

we all live with social distancing

it might be the best time to think about each other more

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