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desperate measures or what

Whata gwarn, so ive come that mall that I was out when I

went for that the interview tonight is market on decided to stay out the tourist areas of the

old flu and awh mate should come here more often anyway the food cheap man is authentic

there's loads of market stalls for clothes all sorts man

but most important thing is the food Aroy Kap

so just looking at what i can get got lasagna in my bag because I fancy some western food like

cooked by a Thai man obviously. Check these out, weapons of mass destruction so the

dont wanna fuck with that guy. Deserts, ive even got a lot of money on

me man I wish he had more.

tiny little eggs yooo

so i taught a chinese kid today. Decided not to teach him again just because he's only arrived in

Thailand a few days ago and I'm advised by other the teachers not to so it's a

shame he's a nice kid but you know 250 quid for the week's not worth your life

really wanna try some cake

Wow free gluten free

gluten free cakes man mint

see everywhere

r kid..... my brother's name

barbershop, really comes alive at night it's a lot cooler so it's cool

man, check this van out let's go do a u-turn walk back through

cause I want to show you the food

what I love is that when these guys work on the markets whatever they're

preparing food crepes like in Pai they're just so present and

they just do it with pure mindfulness money just simply you know

we should all do everyday we've gotta clean the house don't fight it

just clean the house and finish the task through, be mindful of cleaning be aware

or cleaning stay present in all your activities and that is all the meditation

that you need

the seafood omelet tho, not a seafood guy now Pad Thai I could eat

yeah I'm getting pad thai the egg pad thai

just got an absolute feast for about £2.50 but what's funny is this markets right

next to that Mc Donald's man people are in there eating thinking what

are you doing it's more expensive it's not even food and there's some amazing

food on that market it's so creative right need to find my scooter,,, found there

always tell where it is by the handle bars

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