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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: “The Simpsons Guy” Sneak Peek

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Huh, guess we're in a town called Springfield.

Springfield, eh? What state?

I can't imagine we're allowed to say.


Well, this Springfield place seems nice.

We should visit here again.

I don't know, Lois. This seems like a one-shot deal.

Guys, we ain't here for fun, all right.

We're here to find the police, report our stolen car.

Oh, and don't drink the water.

Everybody around here looks like they have hepatitis.

Apu, a dozen donuts for our albino visitors.

Wow! For real?!

No man should be so poor he cannot pay for a donut.

I was once you.

I couldn't afford donuts.

Tell him what I did, Apu.

He stole the donut.

I stole the donuts.

So here you go. Twelve...ten... eight donuts.

That's very nice of you, Mister...?

Simpson. Homer Simpson.

We're the Griffins. Peter, Lois, Stewie,

and then, uh, you know, the others.

Brian, I guess

Well, enjoy your six donuts.

Mmm, yummy donut!

Heh, that's pretty good,

but try it like this.

Mmm, donut!

Mmm, donut!

I think you and I are gonna get along just okay.



Oh, my God, that was great!

I mean, unless you think it sucked, in which case it sucked.

It was all right, dude.

Yeah, dude.

So, you know, um, I'm only wearing this diaper

as a dare, you know, it's not, like, an everyday thing.

He's... a... Fam...ily... Guy! ♪

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