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Right from the start I knew that

I wanted to cast a deaf-blind actor.

I felt like this is my dream coming true.

That I'm sitting here in this room auditioning for a movie.

It's about bringing the deaf-blind community

and other communities together in a physical space

for us to all dialogue together and learn together.

Some of the change we hope to enact

in rolling this film out

and being able to show it in a lot of places

is also bringing greater awareness around accessibility.

Welcome to this wonderful day.

Helen Keller's birthday

and this special event.

We've wanted to really bring

accessibility to the next level

so that everyone can experience this.

It's not only important to provide

experience that are accessible to everyone

but also there are a lot of people

that want to go and attend

if you create that level of accessibility for them.

I am deaf-blind.

The film was wonderful.

And I foresee great success

with this amazing film.

As I was watching the film

I felt like it validated my experience.

I'm honored to be here.

But it's actually not a film about deaf-blindness.

It's actually a film about human connection.

We all need human connections.

It doesn't matter where we come from

or our abilities.

I think not only is it a great film

but it's a model for other filmmakers

on how to make films about underrepresented people.

I thought the movie was great.

Robert, can you tell everyone

how your life has changed

now that you are a huge movie star?

I'm humbled and I look at it and I'm like

wow, I feel really really good.

Robert, congratulations

for being the first deaf-blind person

to play a leading role in a short film

your inspirational performance is a testament

to the diversity of talent

among people who are deaf-blind.

The Description of Trailer: The Feeling Through Experience (audio description)