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- Hi guys.

So I don't really know how to start this video

but yes I'm here to finally reveal

and talk to you guys about the 2021 Doodle Planner.


I know this is a little bit of a different type

of launch video for me.

Usually I have these fancy, high-quality release videos

that I film in a studio with a video production crew

and all of that.

But for obvious reasons this year due to the pandemic

I am not able to film one of those.

And honestly, I actually just kind of really wanted

to sit down and chat with you guys and talk to you guys

about the whole process of making the 2021 Doodle Planner

because it was an interesting one.

So are you guys ready to see the 2021 Doodle Planner?


Okay. Ready?


Here she is.

Look at her.

She's so beautiful.

So if you guys don't know what the Doodle Planner is,

if there's any new people here watching,

the Doodle Planner is something that I started last year.

I launched my company, Shop AmandaRachLee,

exactly a year ago with the 2020 Doodle Planner

and it's basically a hybrid of a coloring book, a planner,

and a journal.

So it has all of my hand-drawn doodles in it

with a planner layout and you can color the doodles in,

customize it to your liking and, you know,

it's just something that I am really proud of.

When we launched it last year I didn't really expect

the response from you guys that it got.

We ended up selling out almost all of the Doodle Planners,

which is amazing.

So I'm very grateful for that and I'm glad you guys enjoyed

the 2020 Doodle Planner and I'm really excited

that we have one for this new year.

As you can see this is a new color.

It looks white on camera but it's actually a really light,

pastel lilac lavenderish color.

And this is one of the five brand new colors,

all new colors from this year, a lot of people were asking

me about that.

But yes, we have a blush pink, which is a lot more neutral

toned than the coral from last year, there is a taupe color,

which is a little bit beigey, and then a dark gray

as well as a baby pastel blue.

So I think they're so pretty.

I love the colors from this year.

And as you can tell from the doodles on the outside

of the cover there are also brand new themes on the inside.

If you weren't here when I launched the 2020 Doodle Planner,

I basically included themes that were some of my audience,

you guys, the Little Doodles, favorites for my videos,

and this year is no different.

We just chose 12 brand new themes.

Some of the ones that you guys might recognize

and know from my videos that are included in this year's

is the '80s retro theme, the art deco theme.

We have the stationary theme, the Harry Potter, wizardry

theme and the lo-fi staying at home theme.

So yes, all new themes and drawings and doodles.

All hand drawn by me, of course.

And I really love the way that they turned out

because I tried to make them a lot more doodley this year,

if that makes sense, from the previous year.

There's a lot more things for you guys to color in

and I think it just looks really nice overall.

Just a little more details about the inside of the planner.

I kept the layouts pretty much the same as last year,

just because based off the feedback that I got people

really liked that weekly spread layout

and all of that.

But what I did add, based on your guys' feedback,

was on the inside of each weekly spread box I added

dot grids so that you can write out your tasks

straighter and easier.

Another really cute feature that I added this year

is that there's a cute little star charm at the bottom

of the bookmark which I think adds a nice,

cute little touch.

We had the same high-quality, 160 GSM paper so you can

color in all of the doodles to your heart's content.

And there's still blank dotted pages in there

and pages for you to reflect on your goals for the year.

This baby is just finally out there.

I really, really wasn't sure if it was gonna happen

this year which I will get into later in the video.

Now for how you can actually get your hands

on the 2021 Doodle Planner.

Pre-order is gonna begin November 12th.

I'll put all the details up on the screen right now.

And we will be shipping them out starting the end

of, or the last week of November.

I don't have the exact details in front of me, but again,

all the details will be in the description box below.

Of course it's available internationally

and you can get it on

We do have very limited quantities for this first pre-order

due to a bunch of things.

Again, going to talk about this later in the video,

but yeah, if you guys really want to get your hands on one

for the new year make sure you get yours

on shopamandarachlee on November 12th

for pre-order, details in the description box below.

For the rest of the video I really wanted to just sit down

and chat with you guys about the whole process

of making this baby here and running a stationery business,

since I started it almost a full year ago now,

which is crazy, and just chat with you guys,

'cause I feel like I don't really get to talk to you guys

about the behind the scenes and all of that

and I did talk about this in a previous video

but I do want to be more transparent with you guys

about what it's like to run a business

and what it's been like, especially during this

really weird year.

So my, I wanted this part to be more like podcast style,

so I'll just be sitting and chatting.

And look guys, I even have like a podcast mic here.

So if you want to just have this part on audio

and just like, you know, get work done while listening

to me chat about stuff, feel free to.

I'm not even sure if people will continue listening

to this part but if you are here and you want to hear

more about the behind the scenes then thank you.

Where shall I begin?

I guess we should begin kind of right after the launch

of the 2020 Doodle Planner just to give a full picture view

of this whole thing.

So I started ShopAmandaRachLee exactly a year ago

and a lot of people know that after that launch it took

a toll on me really hard mentally because after that

that's when I ended up taking my month long YouTube break.

And it wasn't only because of ShopAmandaRachLee

related stuff, there was obviously a lot

of other things going on, but the stress of that launch

was definitely a big part of it.

So that basically knocked off like February

and March out of the way.

And then of course the pandemic started,

so there's a whole other set of battles.

And I was still struggling.

By no means did like the one month break on YouTube heal

me perfectly but it definitely helped a lot.

You know, this year was tough for me and I'm sure it was

tough for a lot of other people.

So all the while during that YouTube break,

and when the pandemic first started getting really intense,

I knew in the back of my mind that I needed to start

thinking about the 2021 Doodle Planner, especially

because I really wanted to get it out earlier this year.

Last year it was one of the reasons why it was so stressful

is because it was kind of, not last minute

but we released it later.

It was my first launch so I just didn't know

how many hiccups we would have along the way

and how long things like shipping and all of that takes.

So because of all the hiccups we had

from the 2020 Doodle Planner launch for this year

I was like, "Okay, this year we're gonna release it earlier

so that I can avoid all of those issues and I need to finish

this planner really soon."

But, you know, I was still in kind of not a 100%

mental space, especially because thinking about

the 2022 Doodle Planner kind of triggered my negative

thoughts that I had associated with it because when I,

one of the reasons why I was struggling and ended up taking

the break was because of some of the unnecessary comments

that I got about the Doodle Planner launch initially,

which we can get into a bit later.

But, you know, some of the comments were

that I was just money hungry.

Some of the comments were people saying they didn't like

the Doodle Planner, which is totally valid but, you know,

it was something that I really put a lot of effort into.


Even though there was a lot of positive feedback

about the Doodle Planner launch I think because I was in

a vulnerable mental state around that time thinking about

working on it really triggered me and I didn't,

I kind of struggled sitting down and getting started on it.

So I just kept making videos, doing my thing.

We released Washi Tapes in between then, which I actually

did really enjoy that launch 'cause it was a bit more chill.

But in the back of my mind I knew that I really had

to crack down on this 2021 Doodle Planner

if I wanted to release it.

There were already a ton of people asking me

whether there was gonna be a 2021 Doodle Planner.

And at that point, honestly, I really didn't know.

I didn't know whether personally I would be able to sit down

and create another one alongside all of the regular videos

that I make, all of the things that I do on the back end.

I almost felt like guilty for having mixed feelings

towards the Doodle Planner because I was so grateful

that so many people enjoyed using it

and spent their hard-earned money on my creations

but then the flip side of it was those negative emotions

attached with that launch.

So I didn't want the negative emotions to win,

if that makes sense.

I knew I had to overcome it and just do it.

So I sat down, started designing the new Doodle Planner

and I eventually got into it and I really was really proud

of what I was creating for this 2021 Doodle Planner.

And I drew all of them by hand again this year.

I actually wanted to show you guys some of the sketches

from the actual real sketches for this year's planner,

'cause they're all on paper here.

You guys really like when I show you guys, you know,

some behind the scenes stuff.

So, yes, all of them I do by hand and then we digitize them

to go in to the planner and that is kind of why it takes

a little bit longer for me to make.

But, I don't know, that was pretty cool, the art deco one,

oops, upside down.

The art deco one is in this year's planner.

Some of your guys' favorites, the stationary, all of that.

I don't know.

Thought you guys might be interested in seeing that.

I even included the process of me drawing

the 2021 Doodle Planner in some of my vlogs so you guys

got to see some more behind the scenes from that.

I was happy with the way things were turning out

with the 2021 Doodle Planner designs

and I was kind of moving on from the trauma in my mind

that I associated with the initial launch.

So let's talk about that trauma.

And I know I'm calling it a trauma but I really just don't

have a better word for it.

Trauma sounds a bit dramatic, but I guess it was kind

of a catalyst for me taking a break.

So I guess I can call it that.

But I did just want to explain kind of why

that Doodle Planner launch weighed so heavily on me

and why it still does and maybe some misconceptions

that are kind of still out there about ShopAmandaRachLee

and my products in general.

By the way my thoughts might be a little bit unorganized

just because I didn't think about exactly what I wanted

to say, I just have some like keynotes of things

that I wanted to talk about in this.

So if I go all over the place, please excuse me.

But maybe let's start off with like starting

a small business in general and also maybe like being

a quote unquote YouTuber slash influencer

starting a small business.

So I don't know if a lot of people realize this

but ShopAmandaRachLee is fully self-funded

and it is my own small business.

A lot of other YouTubers, or creators, who release merch

that you see out there, a lot of them go through

third parties where the third party company will create

the merch, whether it be like hoodies, t-shirts

and all of that.

They'll pay for all of that merch, sell it to the viewers

and the influencer or the YouTuber doesn't have to put up

any of their own funds in order to do that.

So they only get like a percentage of the revenue.

That's not the case for ShopAmandaRachLee.

I have self-funded it from the beginning, it's all my baby,

it's my business.

There's nobody else calling the shots

and there's good and bad things with that.

The good is obviously that I get full creative control,

I, you know, I get to release what I want to release,

I'm not limited by what a third party company has available

and all of that.

The bad part of it is that I am responsible for everything

and I am just one person.

I do have a small team.

In my small business there's like a few other people

on the backend but really it's not too many people

considering the size that it has become.

When I first thought of releasing merch I definitely

like considered going through the third party

but at the end of the day I just have always liked

having control and I figured that this was kind of the best

option for me.

Now the issues.

It's been full year since I started it so there's been

so many things that I learned along the way.

Regarding being like an influencer, YouTuber,

I just don't know what to call myself, I don't really like

any of those words.

Someone with an audience who starts a business.

Small businesses usually have time to grow.

They can grow larger and their audience and their customer

base kind of grows along with it.

But for me, and for any other creators or people

with audiences who start off as, who start a small business,

I'm kind of starting off with a large audience

to begin with, which is a lot of pressure.

Especially because, you know, my name is attached

to this brand and people have a lot of expectations

of what I put out there as a product.

And you kind of don't have that leeway of a small business

first starting out where when you're, you know,

when you're a small business, you have a smaller

customer base so you're able to make mistakes

here and there and learn from them and grow

because, you know, it's a small business.

You don't start off perfect right away.

But you have a smaller customer base,

so you're able to make those mistakes.

But in the situation where you already kind of have a large

audience, when you make those small mistakes, it's amplified

that much larger because you already are starting out

with a larger customer base.

And I guess people kind of expect me to run

almost like a corporation, if that makes sense?

Which was something I didn't, I didn't really realize

would happen first starting out.

I didn't think people would expect me to run like Amazon

or anything, but I totally understand.

I totally understand that people just have high expectations

of me, which I appreciate, and it does make me want to grow

and get better.

But I'm only a year in to this business thing

and there's so much for me to learn.

There's so much I have learned.

I also didn't go to business school to learn all of this,

which is not an excuse, there's always resources out there.

But I'm just kind of giving some context of like me being

kind of like one person swimming in this small business sea

that seemed kind of all new to me when I first started this.

And when I did make a mistake I would just be really hard

on myself because I also wanted this to be a perfect

business and perfect launch and only now am I realizing

that it will be and I just need to give myself time.

You know, things aren't built in a year,

all of the businesses now that you know

and love probably have taken years and years to grow

and perfect and cultivate.

So now I'm able to really give myself that space to grow

and learn whereas before I would just be almost too harsh

on myself so it wouldn't lend to any positive growth.

And on the topic of people expecting small businesses to run

like Amazon or a corporation,

that's something that I still struggle with.

This is probably the only section where I'm gonna vent

a little bit, but I really wish people would realize

the reason why large corporations are able to price things

at a really low price point and are able to offer

free shipping and stuff like that.

Maybe think about why large corporations are able

to price things that low.

You know, the ethics of it, who gets paid, all of that.

I do feel like it harms small businesses in a way

because the amount of comments that I get from people saying

that my products are overpriced or that I'm trying

to money grab or just trying to get rich,

it's kind of crazy to me.

Just 'cause like someone has to get paid.

The couriers who ship your items, they have to get paid.

The people who make the products, they have to get paid.

All of that.

I don't know, I think the Ali Expresses

and Amazons of the world have kind of ruined that for people

because a lot of people just kind of expect everything

to be $5 with free shipping now, which is very,

it's very disheartening, I guess, for small businesses

because a lot of people end up having to price

their products cheaper than what they're actually worth.

I have also tweeted about this, but that is not me shaming

anyone who is not able to afford a product.

If my products, or any other items are out of your price

range or your budget, that is totally okay

and there's no shame in finding

a cheaper alternative elsewhere.

However, some people take it upon themselves

to bash small businesses for pricing their products

a certain way and when they use the term overpriced

that's when it kind of hurts a little bit more

because overpriced insinuates that the product

is low quality and not worth the price.

Whereas a product can be a higher price, high quality,

but just out of your price range, which is totally okay.

Emma Chamberlain actually talked about this a little bit

in her podcast where she was talking about

her coffee company, because I guess she got criticized

for the prices of her coffee as well, and I also saw

this viral TikTok about this, but the gist of it was

essentially like, you know, I'd rather price my products

knowing that my products are high quality,

that everyone's getting paid properly, and, you know,

I'd rather aim it towards someone who values

that when they're purchasing products because if I sacrifice

any of those things just so that I can, you know, sell more

I don't know, that doesn't feel right to me.

And also, you know, on the, we'll get off of this topic

in a little bit, but on the topic of being overpriced,

it's so weird to me when people do say

that products are overpriced because you don't know

how much it cost to make that specific item.

You know, to all the people saying that I'm doing this

to get rich, I have not made a cent

off of ShopAmandaRachLee personally.

All of the profits that I make from the company I reinvest

it back into the company so that we can, you know, grow it,

make it better and all of that.

Not that I ever have to justify that but, you know,

it's just kinda funny to me when people

use that as an argument.

I'm not trying to be like defensive

and fight with the haters in this video,

I just kind of wanted to talk about it just 'cause it was

weighing on my chest and I feel like this video

is a good avenue to do that.

Overall the moral of the story is I really hope people

start valuing artists and small businesses more.

And if you are an artist or a small business

please know your value and don't undercut yourself.

I spent years when I first started out doing freelance

stuff undervaluing myself.

and I let companies and sponsorships

and all of that undercut me and pay me less

even though I knew what I was worth and I knew how much time

and effort I had put into this and what I should be getting

paid but just because I was afraid of maybe not getting

new clients slash customers in whatever case

you're talking about.

And it is really difficult to price yourself

and finally see yourself for value because people will see

that as you being either overly confident

or maybe, you know, again, overpricing yourself.

But as long as you know how much your time

and your talent and your work is worth then I think

that's all that matters and there will be someone

who is willing to value you as much as you value yourself.

So just a little word of encouragement out there.

Anyway, let's go back to the process of me making

the 2021 Doodle Planner.

So I ended up finishing the inside designs

of the 2021 Doodle Planner, all hand drawn,

doodled by me, of course.

So they got sent to print, everything was looking

smooth sailing and I was really, really excited

because it looked like we were gonna be on track

for an early release date, or a launch, which is something

that I had wanted to do from last year knowing how chaotic

things were with the late launch last year.

I was really proud of myself because not only did I get over

the hump of, you know, the trauma associated

with the Doodle Planner from last year

but also that was a feedback that a lot of people gave to me

from last year's launch was that they wanted it to be

released earlier so that they could order

and, you know, with all the shipping delays it's,

I knew it was better for me to release it earlier anyway.

So I was really happy that that ended up happening

and that it ended up happening in general.

'Cause I wasn't sure whether I was gonna be able

to finish it.

Fun fact about, you know, the Doodle Planner process,

with choosing the cover colors.

So last year you guys saw all of the five colors.

The manufacturer actually has this big kind of book

of all the different color options of the vegan leather

that, you know, they can do and I chose my five favorite

colors from that palette and those were the colors

that you saw for the 2020 Doodle Planners.

Now for this year, you know, I wanted to do, I knew I wanted

to do five different colors, I didn't wanna just release

the exact same colors, but when I was looking through

that book of faux leather samples that they sent

there wasn't five colors that really hit me.

I knew what I wanted but none of them were perfect

to what I wanted.

So what we ended up doing for this year's planner

is custom dying the vegan leather.

So that's why we have these nice, lovely pastel colors.

The lavender, personally, is my favorite I think

for this year.

All of them were custom dyed.

I chose out the Pantone shades and all of that.

But that ended up adding extra time

because they had to custom dye the faux leather

to match those shades

and it wasn't kind of like the swatched pallets

that they normally have in their book of samples.

Yeah, that ended up taking extra time

that we didn't realize and, mind you amongst all

of this process, this was around the like late summer wave

of the pandemic so a lot of things were just being delayed

in general and things just kept getting more delayed

and more delayed and more delayed.

Another thing that made the process even longer

from last year was the custom charm

that we added on the bookmark.

So there's just all these little things

that you don't realize.

Because obviously in my head a perfect launch

would be we release these in like September, October,

perfect launch, no hiccups, no delays,

people can order early.

But that's just kind of not how things work.

And especially not in a year where the entire world

is in a global pandemic

and everything's kind of delayed.

Even after all of that things were still moving

pretty smoothly, we were still on track

for our release date, which I was very happy about.

But, you know, the universe doesn't work this way

and especially not 2020.

So the manufacturers were printing all of the planners

and they were pretty much done everything

and just because of how the timing had worked out

the sample that I was getting was delayed a lot

so I only ended up receiving the sample when they were

in the middle of printing the large quantity of books.

Just because, you know, we had made the 2020 Doodle Planners

previous year so there was kind of an understanding

of how they were supposed to look and, you know, the files

were all looked good and everything and I had gotten samples

of the covers before.

Then when I got the final sample, in the middle

of them printing the large amount of books, I looked

through it and my heart drops.

This was like literally a few weeks ago, guys.

I look in there and there's a printing error.

Basically the manufacturers, there were some issues

with the printing.

I don't know what ended up happening.

There was always kind of like printing errors

that happen in this industry, it's very common,

it's not really like, it's not anyone's fault,

you know, things happen.

It was just very frustrating

because things were going so smoothly up until that point.

You know, I had a little bit of a mental breakdown.

I thought we were gonna have to cancel the launch

and maybe move the 2021 Doodle Planner to 2022 or something.

We ended up working things out

and having to reprint a bunch but there's going to be

a smaller quantity this year because of that mix up

and that misprint.

But I'm just glad things ended up working out.

But it was a very, a very hard moment.

It's hard for me to explain why I was so upset.

Looking back on it now I know that, you know,

it's not really anyone's fault but at the time

it really felt like it was my fault.

And I think it's because I already was struggling to create

the 2021 Doodle Planner and I had pushed off, you know,

after my break so I felt like I was to blame.

Like if I finished the inside part way sooner,

or didn't take my YouTube break, maybe then I would have had

more time to, you know, start the sample process earlier,

catch this printing mistake.

But you know, that's not realistic.

You know, probably in some alternate timeline

I would have finished it earlier and there still would

have been a printing mistake anyway.

Or, you know, something.

Things like this just happens.

I'm fine now but it was really hard to hear

that basically all of my planners had printing errors

in them and I just didn't know what was gonna happen

with the launch.

I honestly thought that we were going to have to cancel

this launch in total.

But I'm just glad that we have them and I'm grateful

that things ended up working out.

But yeah, there's just always things like this

in being a small business owner that come up

and it's very stressful.

What should we talk about now?

Maybe let's talk about shipping

because shipping is really important

and it's been really weird this year.

I'm sure if any of you have ordered anything online

then you'll know that a lot of shipping delays

have been happening in general, not just with my products,

with like every product just because of border restrictions

due to the pandemic.


So last year one of the main feedback

that I got was the shipping wait times.

And obviously that was really important to me

because I know the struggle of like waiting

a really long time for shipping.

I know it sucks.

But last year we just didn't foresee how many delays

would happen and how long things would take internationally

and all of that.

So we really took that into account for this year

and recently we implemented a new system on our website

that allows you to have your duties paid upfront

or included in the price whereas before things would have

to go through customs and depending on where you lived

because we're shipping from the U.S, depending on

where you lived you would have to pay customs fee.

Obviously, if it was up to me, I wouldn't want you guys

to pay any extra customs or duties fees

but, you know, it's all up to each individual country's

regulations of shipping and all of that.

But with this new system that we implemented on our website

you're able to see all of that upfront and it actually makes

the shipping way faster.

We've seen a really drastic cut down in shipping times.

So I'm really, really happy that we were able

to do that for this launch.

So hopefully things go well.

Especially because who knows what's gonna happen

with pandemic delays.

I get a lot of comments from people saying like,

"Why don't you offer free shipping?

Your shipping's too expensive."

And I think I want to, again, refer to the whole Amazon,

Ali Express comparison.

People who ship stuff and who are couriers

do have to get paid.

So when companies offer free shipping on your order

it doesn't mean that the shipping companies

or the courier isn't getting paid it just means

that it's included in the price of your product,

or the company is kind of taking that hit

and eating that cost on their end.

If that makes sense?

So I know it sounds really nice to have free shipping

and I probably could do that but it would mean

I would have to increase the price of my products

and I would just rather be very straight

and upfront with you guys of how much each thing

actually costs because the costs that you see on the website

for shipping is exactly what it is and same with, you know,

my product it's, I don't want to jack up the price

just so that I can say free shipping on my website.

I don't really know what else to talk about.

The main goal of this was for me to address

a lot of people's concerns because sometimes I feel

like I address them individually when I reply to comments

or DMs about specific things but maybe not in a more,

I've never done it in like a widespread

public way like this.

And maybe it was just interesting for you guys to hear

the whole process about, you know, the 2021 Doodle Planner.

In general I do want to say obviously I'm so grateful

for you guys supporting me growing ShopAmandaRachLee.

It's only been a year but there's so many things

that I want to do with ShopAmandaRachLee

and like this is only the beginning, we're only a year in.

If ShopAmandaRachLee was a baby, they're not even

an infant yet.

Or, wait, they're not even a toddler yet.

They're just a little baby infant, fresh out of the womb,

ripe for growing and harvesting and I can't wait to see

where it goes.

And I do want to also appreciate all of the amazing

customers who have left such positive feedback.

I think when you're a small business and you're just used

to kind of doing customer service in general you're really

used to addressing all of the negative feedback

and just making sure that everyone is happy

with their order.

But I always have to remind myself that there are so many

happy customers that don't leave reviews.

Personally when I purchase something and I'm happy about it

I don't like make a note to go to the company's website

and be like, "Wow, I am so happy with my purchase."

I know a lot of people do that, but personally I don't.

I'm just like, "Wow, this is a great purchase."

And I go on about my life using it happily.

So I always have to remind myself that there are a bunch

of Little Doodles who are like that.

I don't want this video to come off as if I can't take

negative feedback because that is not the case.

I love hearing constructive criticism

and ways that my company and this whole thing,

ShopAmandaRachLee, can be better

because that's ultimately my goal.

And I know that, you know, the true Little Doodles just want

to see that and to see it grow with me.

So I do just really appreciate all of the customers

for ShopAmandaRachLee who have been there

from the beginning, supporting.

You know, even whether you've purchased something or not,

it's just really encouraging that people are there

to support me and watch this whole thing grow.

'Cause who knows where it's gonna go.

That being said, of course, if you are unhappy with anything

about your order please reach out to our customer service.

We have a dedicated customer service team

specifically for that reason.

My goal is just for you guys to be happy with, you know,

what you get and just for ShopAmandaRachLee to be the best

thing that it could possibly be.

That takes time.

I always want things to be perfect and I need to remind

myself that it can't happen overnight.

So, you know, with the buildup of feedback from all of you

that's how we'll get to that positive point.

All right, so I think I talked a lot.

I probably am gonna end this soon.

Hopefully you enjoyed this like chill, podcast,

talk style video.

Maybe if you guys want to hear more stuff like this,

about the behind the scenes of the business, or YouTube,

or anything, let me know.

I guess I just wanted to explain the journey

of creating the 2021 Doodle Planner

because it really was a process.

I almost feel like really emotionally attached to this

specific planner because to me it is like a symbol

of triumph getting over all of, you know, my hardships

and my trauma associated with it.

And I'm really proud of it.

At the end of the day, I'm just really proud of it

and that's all I can ask for.

I'm so happy that we ended up doing another one.

I hope you guys like it as well

and enjoy using it for this year no matter whether you use

it as a actual planner or a diary to write stuff in.

Maybe you just like coloring it in.

I don't know. Who knows?

My favorite part from this year was actually seeing

how everyone filled in their 2020 Doodle Planners

because everyone filled it in in such a unique way to them

and it was really cool to see all of the different things

people did with their planners.

So, I mean, we post a bunch of those on the shop

Instagram account, ShopAmandaRachLee.

So I can't wait to see what you guys do with this year's,

I hope you have fun with it.

And thank you for listening to me blab about it.

Again, if you want to grab a 2021 Doodle Planner,

my little baby, you can grab yours at

on November 12th for pre-order.

Thank you guys for all of your support,

I really appreciate it and this wouldn't be possible

without you guys.

Whether you buy the Doodle Planner or not you just being

here watching my videos, watching me grow

and supporting my company growing

and all of that, I appreciate it all nonetheless.

So keep doodling guys and I will talk to you next video.

Bye everyone.

(gentle music)

The Description of 2021 Doodle Planner Reveal!