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Welcome to Sto Ventec Glass.

Sto Ventec Glass is a Ventilated Cladding System used as a high performance exterior

rainscreen façade: For External or internal wall lining, soffits and envelope applications.

The vision to be the "technology leader in the sustainable design of living space tailored

to human needs worldwide" and company mission of "Building with conscience" have been central

to the global success of Sto. Since the 1960's we have recognised the importance of ethical

and sustainable building design within construction. Sto is a leading brand in the external wall

insulation and render markets. Our systems often set industry benchmarks and are renowned

for their high quality, innovation and technical superiority. Innovative building techniques

have led us further into building envelope technology now including ventilated rainscreen


Having successfully installed the system throughout Europe for a decade and in recent years within

the UK, Sto identified the necessary testing demands for the increasingly fashionable cladding

solution of glass. Due to the increased performance requirements placed on modern day facades

particularly in areas of public safety, Sto has completed a rigorous testing regime ranging

from hard to soft body impacts, to blast and earthquake simulations.

"The double tyre test" now adopted as a European wide standard achieved the highest performance

classification of Class 1.

Designed to simulate hard small objects hitting the wall, normally tested in the centre, here

we see just how resilient even the corner of the panel can be.

Similar to a medicine ball, now withdrawn from official use but still referred to in

e.g. Building regulations.

Another soft body test and another class leading result.

A very tough test to ensure safety behind the panel. Although our target was to pass

3 drops at 6m height, we went onto pass the test at 9m.

In an increasingly uncertain world, building designers have to factor in the risk of terrorist

attacks. Here we completed 3 tests at close range, meeting both the standards for airports

and the higher standard set by Crossrail infrastructure projects.

Although not commonplace in the UK, passing the earthquake test gives confidence in use

anywhere where high levels of vibration or movement may occur.

A great product has to be complemented by great service. Here we can add further value

through the provision of design support on loading and thermal calculations, through

to detail drawings, specifications and full product installation training.

For a RIBA approved CPD, a visit to the Werkstatt to view StoVentec glass or simple façade

consultation, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

The Description of StoVentec Glass Cladding: Impact & Blast Testing