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I can just say "hey", that's enough?


To me, 'Sense of Place' is that you think about a place...

and what a place means.

What can it mean for several people, what is the collective memory of a place?

And what happens if you take a place to another place where a relationship come about between them.

What does that do?

I started thinking about that a lot.

I especially liked that collective memory...

of how everyone looks at a place, but what happens if you put that next to something else.

My work is about the Kloof, which is a street of around 300 meters in Curaao on the west side.

That is a place where the trees grow towards each other...

and it is also a place that has many ghost stories.

What I find interesting, I have interviewed a lot of people who have a relationship with the Kloof...

people who live near the Kloof and have to drive through the Kloof every day.

Especially people around 70 or 80 years old who still say to this day: "I don't drive through the Kloof after 6 pm."

That really triggered me to investigate why.

It's actually because of their colonial trauma, so a trauma from the past that also creates new trauma...

and I find that interesting.

I think it is important that work about Kloof is also shown in Amsterdam...

because it is about a place. If you look at the Amsterdam Museum, the history of Amsterdam Museum...

the ''Gouden Koets'' (Golden State Coach) for example, in which the Dutch Golden Age is a very big subject...

it's shows us all the positive things, but I'm also showing the dark side of it.

So it's a place where the colonial trauma comes from.

To create balance in a conversation, I think it's good that a place with so many traumas...

colonial trauma, is also shown here.

For me it made sense to show Kloof at 'Sense of Place'.

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