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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #097 English podcast lesson: Summer Vacation - What to do? – ESL

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welcome to speak English now podcast

with your host Georgiana the podcast

that will help you to speak English

fluently with no grammar and no

textbooks hello everybody I am Georgiana

your English teacher and founder of

speak English my mission is

to help you to speak English fluently

speaking English is easier than it seems

you just have to use the right material

and techniques in today's episode I'd

like to give some tips on how to spend

your summer vacation and you speak

English with a mini story before I go

any further I'd like to thank you for

listening I'm also a language learner

and I can identify with you and your

goals so I want to help you do you know

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time passes so quickly I can't believe

it's already August and speaking of time

this is the last episode of the season

I'm going to take a short vacation to

rest but don't worry because I'm going

to upload a selection of episodes from

the other seasons so you can continue

practicing your English so I'll be back

in September with new highly refreshing

content but in today's episode I thought

it might help you to think about what

activities you can do during the summer

vacation so let's see what you could do

during this vacation a very healthy

activity that you can do is to go to a

natural spa and enjoy nature

the idea is to relax and forget about

exams or deadlines of course you can

take the opportunity to do a little

exercise by going for a walk

ideally you should find a place without

too many people especially children I'm

sure that in your country there are many

places where you can quietly enjoy

nature okay if you get bored of so much

nature you can do the opposite you can

wander around the city where you live

the word wander means to walk without a

specific destination the idea is to

rediscover the city where you live just

let yourself be carried away and

contemplate where your steps take you we

don't do this kind of activity daily

because we're always in a hurry but now

you have a good excuse

have you thought about sleeping under

the stars I know this sounds very

romantic but I believe that if the

weather is pleasant it is worth spending

a night contemplating the night sky

while we sleep but remember that the Sun

comes up very soon and that you won't be

able to sleep with so much light the

advantages that you will be able to see

the sunrise as well and how about

watching classic movies today we are

very used to watching the latest series

in movies although we shouldn't forget

about the classic films so it's a good

time to rediscover films that marked an

entire era the quality won't be 4k but

you'll find real gaps if you watch films

from the 60s 70s and 80s for example

well these were my modest suggestions

for your summer vacation obviously you

can opt for the usual and go to the

beach and get tanned you can also take

the opportunity to travel to another

country I like both I want to relax on

the beach but I also want to discover a

new city as a tourist and before I

continue with the ministering I'd like

to answer a common question I'll briefly

explain the difference between my

courses and the podcast I offer the

episodes of the podcast for free so that

students all over the world become

familiar with my method my English

courses are separated from the podcast

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to improve fluency through stories with

the questions and answers and the point

of viewed lessons initially the lessons

are easier and the difficulty increases

little by little the first lessons are

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this way you will adapt better to the

whole program in addition to that you

have a step-by-step guide so that you

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more information about my courses go to

courses dot speak english

okay let's continue with a mini story

how does a mini story work I give you

information and I ask you simple

questions after each question there's a

pause where you can answer after the

pause I give you a correct answer for

you to compare it seems easy right well

at first it may be a little more

difficult I recommend that you listen

several times until it's easy to answer

sometimes I call it a conversation

simulator because you can practice your

English like in a real conversation

let's start Peter

wandered around the city whenever he

could did Peter wander or run through

the city

he wandered he walked without direction

through the city where did Peter wander

through the CD he wandered through the

seating when did Peter wander

whenever he could Peter wandered around

the city whenever he could in fact all

Peter did was wonder in his spare time

did Peter eat in his spare time

no he didn't eat he wandered did he

dance in his free time

no he just wandered he just walked

aimlessly did Peter have a street food


no not at all he just wandered he didn't

have a street food stand in fact Peter

set up a wandering Club

did Peter set up a GPS fan club

no he didn't set up a GPS fan club he

set up a wandering Club who set a club

Peter Peter set up a club what kind of a

club was it


it was a wandering club the club

organized group trips to cities so that

people could wander did the club

organized trips to small towns

no the club did not organize trips to

small towns but the cities so that

people could wander what did the club

organize family gatherings

no the club organized group trips to

visit cities

unfortunately the club had the clothes

because members got lost

every time they wandered around a new

city wasn't fortunate that club members

got lost

No not fortunate it was unfortunate that

they got lost did the club have to close

or open

close the club was already open but it

had to close why did the club have to


because members got lost every time they

wandered around a new city who got lost

Peter or the club members

the club members they would visit a city

start wandering aimlessly and end up

getting lost poor people they wanted to

walk without direction but they always

got lost that's why the club had the

clothes perfect it's the end of this

mini story through questions and answers

you can practice and improve your speech

just like in a real conversation if you

want to get hours of audio with many

stories and point-of-view lessons I'd

like to recommend to you my fluency

course you can get an app fluency dot

speak English well that's it

for today and don't forget I'll be back

in September with new exciting episodes

take care and enjoy your summer vacation

bye bye did you enjoy today's episode

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