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Michael Dunn If youve ever been involved in a neighborly

dispute overloud music,” know one thing: it can escalate.

Thats what happened when a Florida teen was face-to-face with armed neighbor, Michael


Dunn took the life of 17-year-old Jordan Davis because of the volume of his music.

The calm in Michael Dunns confession is whats stunning.

During his interrogation, he simply tells the story of taking a life of one boy and

attempting to take the others without even seeming upset.

He claims in the video that he thought the boys were armed as well and were going to

return fire.

They were not.

And they did not.

Dunn was given the maximum sentence of life behind bars without parole plus 90 years.


Alonso Perez This 25-year-old was left handcuffed and alone

by detectives in the interrogation room.

Once on his own, he broke free of the cuffs by twisting and snapping them using his bodyweight.

Watch the video and you can see Perez playing it cool when police pop back in the room moments


But they didnt notice that hed managed to break free.

Once left alone again, Perez climbed through the roof with ankle shackles still swinging

from his feet.

He then fled from the North Las Vegas police station in a white Ford pickup truck.

Although there was a live feed of the interrogation room, no officers were watching it.

Thankfully, Perez was caught not long after at a residence and was taken back into custody.

Perez was charged with taking the life of Mohammad Robinson, who witnesses claim failed

to open the door for a woman at McDonalds.

Robinson apparently had his life taken because of it.


Elaine Campione This woman was convicted of taking the lives

of her daughters, 19-month-old Sophia and 3-year-old Serena, on October 4th, 2006.

Amidst a divorce and custody battle with her husband, Leonardo Campione, Elaine called

the police and very calmly stated that her children had passed away.

Police found the two girls in their pajamas in their mothers bed.

Theyd been there for days, a photo album and rosary laid between them.

As you can see in the interrogation videos, Elaine appears a bit dazed.

She cries when told what shes being charged with.

She does not admit to the charges.

She just stares straight ahead when questioned about the event.

But she remains silent.

Although her defense argued that her mental state blurred the lines between what was morally

right or wrong, the jury did not agree.

They found her guilty of her actions on November 15th, 2010.


Thomas Robinson Another break out attempt caught on camera.

This one came when 23-year-old Thomas Robinson grabbed for the police officers tactical

belt, as he was being placed in cuffs.

A surveillance camera captured the whole thing.

Robinson was subdued with help from two other officers.

He was then forced to the floor with an electronic control device.

Robinson had been charged with taking a life and, no doubt, just added to his rap sheet

with this failed escape attempt.


Cynthia Cdebaca We all have that crazy mother-in-law.

You know, the one who goes off her rocker every now and then.

Well, this one took things too far.

Cynthia Cdebaca took the life on her son-in-law in February of 2014, as he carried a basket

of laundry.

Cynthia had been living in a granny flat attached to her daughters home.

As her daughter, Laura Salinas nursed her back to health, Cynthia witnessed him being

harmful to her daughter and grandchildren.

As you can see in the interrogation video, Cynthia was not a bit remorseful for the incident.

I didnt care,” she told police.

Id do it again.”

In fact, after the incident, shed gone to a local cafe and eaten breakfast, and went

out and about, before she was taken into custody.

When told that he had passed away during the interrogation, Cynthia openly cheered.

The 65-year-old was found guilty and sentenced to 50 years behind bars.


Colonel David Russel Williams Although Williams23-year military career

held not a single blemish, he held a dark secret.

A secret that was discovered January 28th, 2010, when 27-year-old Jessica Lloyd went


After uncovering distinct tire tracks in the snow close to her home, the Ontario Provincial

Police searched for motorists who used the highway nearby.

They found a match: the tire treads of a Nissan Pathfinder driven by none other than David

Russel Williams.

As you can see in the video, when Williams is first brought in for questioning, he appears

cool, confident, and even smug.

But during the interrogation, it took him nearly four hours to crack.

You can see Williamsbody language change as the interrogation goes on, particularly

when Smyth shows him the boot print match and reveals that a search warrant to Williams

home has been issued and is being carried out at that moment.

This must have been the moment that Williams knew his time was up.

After a lot of silence and gentle persuasion by the skilled interrogator, Williams asked

for a map to show the location of Jessicas body.

During the ten-hour interrogation, he then started describing the events in full.

Williams pleaded guilty to all charges on October 18th, 2010.

He got life behind bars.


Overpowered What happens when a suspect doesnt want

to sit and talk?

Well, this happens

When three cops brought their suspect in for questioning, this man wasnt having it.

When told to sit down, police went to cuff him.

Thats when this man popped up out of his seat and laid into one of the officers.

He removed his coat and flung it at two more.

But instead of escaping out the door of the interrogation room, he took on yet another

officer who had heard the commotion and entered to try and calm the suspect.

Instead of calming, the suspect took on this new officer, until they were both against

the corner of the room.

Getting caught up in the heat of the moment was his gravest mistake.

He could have fled through the open door.

Instead, the other two officers were able to subdue him and haul him into another room.

The CCTV footage was captured in Shenyang, China.

Its unclear if the suspect was charged.


Brendan Dassey Most viewers know Dassey from the Netflix

series that brought the case against Dassey and his uncle Stephen Avery into the spotlight.

Viewers are as polarized by the show, with some considering the producersnarrative

biased, while others believe Dassey and Avery were framed by the county police departmentor,

at least, that they werent given a fair trial.

Whatever your thoughts were on the verdict and the trial, most who have seen this interrogation

video of Dassey find it disturbing, to say the least.

The 16-year-old was without a guardian or legal representation present during his four-hour


His IQ is also below 70.

Some say police were asking him leading questions and that Dassey was simply telling them what

they wanted to hear, not necessarily the truth.

Dassey was questioned four times over the course of 48 hours.

During the interrogations, he was told critical details about the events, which he then incorporated

into his confession.

He was also told throughout that the police would help him if he confessed.

(Editor note: If you can find this part of the interrogation, it would play well for

this section of the script: Officer: What else happens to her in her head?

Its extremely, extremely important you tell us this, for us to believe you.

Come on Brendan, what else?

(pause) We know, we just need you to tell us.

Brendan: Thats all I can remember.

Officer: All right, Im just gonna come out and ask you.

Who shot her in the head?

Brendan: He did.

Officer: Then why didnt you tell us that?

Brendan: ’Cause I couldnt think of it.)

Watch the entire interrogation and decide for yourself.

Are all of these disturbing details coerced by police?


Lee Rodarte The passing of 21-year-old Savannah Gold at

the Bonefish Grill in Mandarin led straight to the door of the grills manager, Lee


The pair had been involved in and off-and-on relationship.

A relationship that took a dark turn.

In the interrogation video, you can see that there are holes in Rodartes story.

He keeps changing it, for one thing.

But the story - as police tell it - was that before her shift that fateful night, Gold

and Rodarte had an argument in Rodartes car, sitting in the grills parking lot.

After a struggle, the car drove away.

In the end, Rodarte confessed his guilt to police and led them to her body, which hed

dumped in a body of water.

Rodarte called the incident anaccidentand unintentional.

He said he will face the consequences of his actions.


Adele Sorella This woman stood accused of taking the lives

of her children in 2009.

The bodies of her two daughters, 8-year-old Sabrina and 9-year-old Amanda, were discovered

in the Sorella family home by Sorellas brother, after he received a disturbing phone

call from his sister.

The two girls were found dressed in their school uniforms, lying side-by-side in their


Despite the fact that she pleaded not guilty, her interrogation video calls innocence into


Sorella was interrogated for four hours by Deputy Sergeant Francois Guy Delisle on April

1st, 2009.

In the video, Sorella sits with her arms crossed, and Delisle notes that he finds it strange

that she doesnt appear upset.

Sorella retorts that she finds itstrangeto be accused and is just trying to remain


During most of the interrogation, she holds to her silence, as advised by her lawyer,

and remains stoic.

She does claim to believe that her daughters are alive.

When confronted with photos of the scene, Sorella cannot look at them.

She turns them over on the table, but he wont let her run away.

He keeps asking her to explain.

Sorella continues to hold out, however.

In fact, despite having viewed these photos, throughout the entire interrogation, Sorella

maintains that her daughters are still alive.

Look into this womans face, and tell me what you think.


Lonnie Franklin Have you heard of the Grim Sleeper?

Well, youre about to.

This man was taking lives between 1988 and 2002 was nicknamed the Grim Sleeper, because

he took a 14-year hiatus from his spree.

The Grim Sleepers real name?

Lonnie David Franklin Jr.

The LAPD concluded that they were committed by one person.

But then, all went quiet for a while.

That is, until May of 2007, when 25-year-old Janecia Peters had her life taken.

DNA linked her passing to eleven other unsolved cases in LA.

A similar match was found in the family DNA of Lonnies son, Christopher, who was in

the system.

Police then used DNA found on a piece of pizza Lonnie threw out to link him to the incidents.

Imagine sitting in the interrogation room with this man.

Completely emotionless, he denied taking the lives of each and every one.

In May of 2016, Franklin was convicted of taking ten lives in Los Angeles during this



Brian David Mitchell Elizabeth Smart.

Shes a household name.

And for the wrong reasons.

The young girl was taken and held captive for nine months at the age of fourteen.

But do you know her captors name?

Brian David Mitchell was the evil behind the incident.

And you can see that evil unfold in this interrogation.

The bearded suspects insanity is on full display, as he goes on about how he is some

prophet, and he saidthe Lord ... deliveredElizabeth Smart to him, as well as other bizarre


In 2011, Mitchell was sentenced to life behind bars.


Chris Coleman This man was convicted of taking the lives

of his wife, Sherri, and two sons, Gavin and Garett.

Like the recent family annihilation carried out by Chris Watts, Coleman too had a mistress.

During his interrogation, Coleman is very defensive straight out the gate.

Deny, deny, deny.

Although he continued to deny throughout the interview, becoming emotional at points, the

evidence didnt lie.

Coleman got life behind bars without the possibility of parole.


Clifford Burns

Charged with taking the life of his wife, Patricia, on Christmas Eve, estranged husband,

Clifford Burns, was sentenced to 23 years to life.

On December 22nd, Burns sent his daughter, Autumn, a cryptic text, writing: “I have

a special gift coming soon something for everyone to talk about and it will be hand delivered

on foot not by car.

…” It had been eight months, since hed communicated

with his daughters.

Then, on Christmas Eve, he broke into the apartment, wearing a mask and full camo, as

his estranged family prepared Christmas Eve dinner.

He pushed his ex into a wall and, as daughter Megan tried to help her mom, Cliffs mask


He continued to take Patricias life.

Although Cliff fled the scene, he later turned himself into the local sheriffs department,

after leading them for a short time on a high-speed chase.

Still wearing his camo, he finally removed his jacket, which was when Warren County Undersheriff

spotted him and took him in to be interrogated.

He called Cliffcooperativeduring the interview - a five rollercoaster ride, oscillating

between aggression and some mild sentiment.

I just wanted to see my babies at Christmas,” he told him.

He blamed the event on the pressures ofthe system” - i.e. child support, restraining

order - and said that he loved Patricia, but shetook everythingfrom him.

He also said hedblacked outthe minute he arrived at the apartment.

Burnsdaughters, as well as Patricias daughter from another marriage, gave impact

statements at his trial, saying that they were forced to grow up early.

You didn't think about your own children,” Harley Burns said to her father before his

sentencing, while her sister, Autumn, said, “I lost my best friend."

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1.Morgan Geyser & Anissa Weier

Two 12-year-old girls attempted to take the life of their friend in the woods with a kitchen


And all to pay homage to Slender Man.

The horrible nightmare happened in May of 2014, when Anissa Weier and Morgan Geyser

led Payton Leutner to her passing.

Or what theyd planned would be her passing.

Leutner managed to crawl to the road where she was found and rushed to the hospital.

She luckily recovered.

The girls were interrogated separately.

During her interrogation, Weier appears distressed.

However, she seems a little out of touch with what theyd done.

At one point, Weier asks the woman interrogating her whether she knows how far shed walked,

as shesusually not very athletic.”

Geyser, on the other hand, seems more in touch.

At one point in the interrogation, she says, “People who trust you become very gullible.”

She also says later on in the interview that she told Leutner, “I'm sorry this had to

happen, but it was necessary.”

Both were sentenced to time in mental health institutions but were found not guilty by

reason of insanity.

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