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a guy I know is a boat mechanic so one Saturday he's on his own doing some work

on a boat and suddenly he comes to and he's on the ground he knew there was

water under the boat and he'd been working on so he assumes he's been

electrocuted and he's vaguely aware of someone behind him so he starts yelling

help help I've been executed and he hears whoever

is behind him leave he keeps yelling and avenge a guy in a neighboring business

hears them and comes to his aid when he's at the hospital he finds out he was

electrocuted someone had hit him on the back of the head with his own mallet

nothing was stolen from the shop meaning someone who was never caught was just

walking by and spontaneously decided to hit him on the back of the head for no


there was a young girl getting up in the middle of the day on neighborhood Street

in Springfield Missouri someone has street witnessed the event

and tried chasing the car on foot I always get the plate number and call the

police they sent our umbrella after a few hours

they indentified the owner of the vehicle and his residence but by the

time they got to his house they found the undressed body in a plastic tub in

his basement and she had been raped and shot dead the most top thing was that

this guy was a middle school coach and he had a child pornography in his house

as well as photos of young girls from his middle school we found out at my

Catholic High School that the murderer was the son of our theology teacher our

teacher left the school for over a week I'm sure trying to fathom how his own

son could commit such a heinous crime the murderer was sentenced to death this

year for the death of a girl hailey Oh her family as well as the family of the

murderer Lobby to change Amber Alert laws so they can be issue faster as the

kidnapping is reported


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