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Los Oliveros - Our Kitchen


Hello Youtube friends welcome to our kitchen

today we are going to present some simple but delicious hamburgers

the ingredients to prepare our hamburgers are:

beef sea salt freshly ground black pepper and brown sugar

here I have sirloin ground beef

It is very important that you go with your trusted butcher

to choose a piece of sirloin that is 70% meat 30% fat

that is milled only once

this will help to have a more juicy meat with better texture and great flavor

to season the meat the first thing we are going to do is

add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a tablespoon of sea salt

I grind it to have a homogeneous texture with black pepper

once we have ground the salt and sugar I add a tablespoon of pepper

I recommend that you put this mixture in a salt shaker that you have on hand

so that in this way they can add it much easier to the patty

I'm going to make each patty of approximately  200 grams

but at home you can do the weight you want, if they are for children it can be 100 grams

once we have the weight we need without squeezing the meat a lot we will shape the patty

and here we have our first patty

Something that will help us is to make a small hole in the center with the thumb that almost touches the bottom

This helps so that when you put it on the iron, you do not squeeze the meat

Once we finish shaping our pattys we will proceed to add our seasoning

and straight grilled

what I did was put a little bit of oil to caramelize well all our meat (bacon fat)

Once we have the meat on the iron or in the pan (it will give us the same result)

It is important not to squeeze the meat since this way all the juices come out, nor move them because in this way we cannot achieve a perfect seal

once it is ready to turn around we will add the other side of our seasoning

we must treat hamburgers as cuts of meat we will give the term that each person likes

either blue term or English that is nothing more sealed,

the middle term we will see how the meat is more sealed are slightly red in the center

or cooked that is a completely gray meat without leaving it dry

let's add american type yellow cheese

we are going to move our pattyr to the coldest area on the plate

at home you can do it on a plate this will help us stand the meat and that way the juices are distributed

we are going to add butter to each bun, this depends on the taste of everyone can make butter with garlic, fennel or only mayonnaise

we put it again on the iron or in the pan to have a warm bun

well here we already have our hamburger I hope you try it at home and that you like it