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today we will prepare meetha nimbu ka achaar.

December and janauary are the best months to make the pickle as this skined lemons are easily available in these months.

pickle made from thin skinned lemons are very tasty.

ingredients required:

lemons - 500 grams

salt- 70 to 75 grams(1/3 cup)

first we will cut the lemons,add salt to it let them melt.

after 20-25 days when the skin from lemons comes off we will put sugar and other spieces in it.

you can cut lemons into 4 halves or more smaller pieces(as you wish).

remove the seeds from lemons.

mix salt with the lemons and keep them aside for 20-25 days.

if you keep the container in the sun then it takes 17-18 days to melt.

cleanliness is a must while preparing a pickle, boil container in water, dry it in the sun then fill the pickle in it.

even while using o bowl or spoon take out pickle it should be clean and dry.

any impurity present in the pickle spoils it at a very fast rate.

with a spoon every 2nd and 3rd day so that the juice released from the lemons does not stay and the lemons on the surface dont remaind dry.

if we keep strirng the lemons then we will get melted lemons in 25 days then we will prepare the pickle by adding sugar and other spices.

the lemons have turned soft so now we will prepare the sweet pickle.


sugar- 500 grams

elaichi (cardamom) - 5-6 (peeled and crushed)

red chilly powder - 1/4 tsp

garam masala - 1 tsp

black salt - 1 1/2 tsp

first let us prepare the chashni.

to make chashni, put sugar (1 1/2 cup) and water (less than 1 cup) in a pan and heat.

after it dcomes to boil.

put the lemons in it.

allow the chashni to boil till it turns tjhick,

add the spieces : black salt, garam masala and red chilly powder.

cook for 5 minutes or untill chashni becomes thick.

check the texture of the chashni

put one drop of chashni in a bowl and after it cools off place it on your finger.

now try to stick the drop between your thumb and index finger.

while seprating the fingers a thread looking substance should come out of chashni.

turn off the gas

our pickle is ready.

we have removed the lemon seeds but those inside remained which we take out now.

it does not taste good when seeds come in between while savouring the pickle.

put elaichi powder in the pickle and mix.

elaichi give a fragrance to the pickle.

meetha nimbu ka achaar can be made in 2 ways:

1) we made the chashni with sugar added lemons and spieces then cooled till chashni turned thick.

2) to make lemons in a container we will add sugar and spices then keep in the sun for 4 hours.

we will stir the lemons once in a day.

chashni will be automatically formed and chashni will be made.

follow any method which you feels is easy.

fill the pickle in a container only after it is completely cooled down.

whenever you want to eat this pickle use a clean and dry spoon to take achaar out from the container.

nimbu pickle is very tasty and lasts up to 1 year.

try this reciepe ypourself and share your experiences with us.

we will meet again ni at

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