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It started when we were doing some recruiting several years ago

and looking at the available workforce

I know that were applying for the vacant roles we had in our offshore facilities

a theme became very apparent, a theme around skill set

a theme of diversity and those that were available to us to even interview

We targeted improving opportunities for those, offering education

educating our workforce to account for the demands of the future

and changing whos available to us, to supply our needs

To do that, we looked at the community

what the community that we operate look like

and so, we kind of set that as a goal

We then met with community leaders

We met with local educational institutions to see what was available to us

what are the programs like and from there

it kind of stemmed into what we now call our Internership Program

Our first interns went offshore in January of18

Nine have completed the course

with one of the nine, Bailey, was hired

as our first, female operator in the Gulf of Mexico

It gives us a chance to get experience

which is what most companies are looking for

There are opportunities

just because right now Im the only female out there

I wanted to go for Oil & Gas

cause it was a nice program

and I like it because everything that we did, we had hands-on

It's like a once in a lifetime opportunity

to be able to be part of something this big

It doesnt matter where youre from or who you are

It matters what youre to bring to the table

So, there seems to be a growing, interest from customers

in talking about diversity and inclusion

theres more attention, being placed on it

customers have sought us out as a leader in our industry

to help them to shape what that looks like

So, were working with another major operator in prioriting a program

and were in the process of placing interns with them currently

So, were looking forward to expanding on what weve done with BHP

For us, our company vision is to set the standard of operational excellence

by which every company in our industry is measured

So, that vision statement compels us to take the lead on this

and we also feel like we need to

be focusing on what does the workforce of the future look like

how are we building those talent pipelines

so that we can best serve our customers and create solutions for them

Diversity of thought is key to success

Developing the culture around transparent diversity

has set the stage for true diversity in bringing more forethought

different type thoughts to the table.

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