Practice English Speaking&Listening with: WIPE YOUR BUM with only a BUS TICKET

Difficulty: 0

Okay, now...

This is what you do if you're stuck in a crisis situation,

...where you have to do a poo,

and all you've got to wipe your bum with is a bus ticket!

Now, you fold it gently in half like that...

...and, carefully tear out a little half circle.

Now, the part that you're tearing out, not throw that away!

That comes in handy later, so save that!

Open up the ticket,

...and push your finger through...

...without tearing the sides!

That's it!

Now, we're ready to go!

Now, you go about your business,

(you know what I mean!)

And now you're ready to wipe your bum!

Now, can't show you the real thing so this will do.

(It's just a simulation)

Now, that finger is really covered with the wrong stuff!

So, you slide that off with the ticket,

...get rid of the debris...

...and throw that away, don't want that anymore!

Now, this little piece over here,

(remember that piece?)

This is where it comes in handy...

...for cleaning under your fingernail!

There we go, clean as a whistle!

Double-plus good !!!

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