Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess The Word And I'll Buy It Challenge!!!

Difficulty: 0

- Hey guys, it's Karina.

- It's Ronald from...

- [Together] Sis versus Bro!

- And today we're playing a game called

Guess The World And We'll Buy It.

- Dun dun dun.

- So basically, we're gonna be playing hangman.

One person's gonna be doing the hangman stuff,

while the other person is gonna choose

something expensive from this little cup we have here.

And if they guess the word, then

the other person has to buy it for them.

But if they don't guess the word,

they will not get that item.

- Wait, we're using our own money?

- Yes we are.

- Karina, I literally have zero dollars!

- Well, that's not my fault, you better win then!

- [Man] Bruh.

- Karin no, you can't do this to me!

- Well, I'm sorry, but now it's time

for rock-paper-scissors, who is going first?

- [Together] Okay.

- Rock, paper, scissors, shoot!

- No, no, no, no!

- Yay, I'm going first!

Wooh! All right.

Okay guys, I'm going first,

and Ronald's gonna choose something for me

so I don't know it, and I'm really hoping

that Ron's not gonna choose something bad.

Ronald, please don't pick an orange for me.

- It's gonna be an orange, yes.

Or a banana, that'll be perfect.

- [Karina] No.

- Okay, don't look, look away.

- Okay.

- Okay guys.


- [Karina] What is it?

- Nothing, nothing, nothing you need to worry about.

- Okay.

- Nothing, wait, how many letters does it have?

No, I ripped it, okay.

Oh wait, I can just spell the word,

I know how to spell it.

- [Karina] Okay.

- Okay guys, so I have my marker with me

and Karina only has six tries

because I don't want her buying anything.

- Oh no I better get this right.

- One...

Okay, I think it goes like that.

- [Karina] Is this supposed to be a space?

- Yeah. - [Karina] Okay.

Is that another space?

- Yeah, a space here.

- Oh gosh, this is gonna be really hard.

Oh no, I don't think I'm gonna get this!

- Okay, I think that is it.

Now, let's draw the little hanger thing.

Karina, you are gonna be formed right here

and there's going to be a pool.

There you go.

- Okay, first I guess I start with the vowels, so A.

- There's one there.

I think there's one there,

and one right here.

- Okay, I guess next E.

- There's one here.

- [Karina] Oh gosh, that doesn't look like an E, Ronald!

- It's cursive, 'cause I'm magnificent.

Okay, I think that's all the E's.

'Cause I'm smart, Albert Einstein once said.

(crickets chirping)

- Uh, I don't know.

- You don't know, Karina?

Good. - I'm gonna say I.

I gotta choose carefully.

Ooh, okay.

Is that I've?

- I'm not telling you. - [Karina] Oh, okay.

- There's one there.

Okay, so those are all the I's.

- Okay, there's a lot of vowels there

so I don't know if I should say the other two.

I think I'm gonna leave it for now,

'cause I don't wanna risk it.

- Yes, risk it Karina.

You have six lives still.

Six lives!

- Oh gosh, I don't know.


- No.

- [Karina] There's no S?

- No.

There you are, Karina, there's your head.

- Oh no, there's no S!

Oh gosh.

I'm gonna say something risky.

R, is there an R?

- Wait, wait, wait.

Wait, wait, wait.

Get rid of that.

- [Karina] Okay.

- There's a thing there,

and that's an R.

- [Man] Are you normal?

Are you normal?

- Oh Ron, you really messed up.

Okay, R.

Okay, that was pretty risky but I got it.

I don't know, this is hard!

- Guys, I know how to spell.

I go to school 'cause I'm smart.

- [Karina] Red, is this thing red?

- No, this is A.

- Oh that's an A.

Ron, your handwriting is so bad

I can't even tell. - But did you guess a D?

- A D, it's a D?

- [Ronald] No, you didn't guess a D.

- A, B, C, D, E, F.

F, I think I'll go for F.

- No F. - [Karina] No, there's no F!

- Okay, how do you put an F?


- [Karina] What?! - [Ronald] Like that?

- How do you forget how to put an F?!

- I don't know.

There you are Karina, there's your body.

Your little stick body.

- A, B, C, D, E, F, G,

H, I, J, K, L, M, N...

N, I'm gonna go with an N.

- N, yes I got an N, okay, N.

- [Ronald] Okay, I think that's all the N's.

- Q, R, S, T...

I'm gonna go for T.

Is there a T? - Uh, No.

- No, there's no T!

- Ha ha ha, there's an arm! (laughs)

- Oh, this is so tricky.

- Three more lives.

Three more lives, don't cross the road.

Three more lives.

- This is really hard, I can't tell what it is.

Also I can't tell because of your bad handwriting.

It's hard to tell what letter's what.

- So guys, I changed this is be a capital

because I'm not that mean, am I? (laughs)

- Okay, I think the next letter I'm gonna go for is D?

- No, Karina.

- No, there's no D?!

Oh no!

Oh no!

What is it gonna be?

What's the next letter gonna be?

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

(Ron mumbling)

- I know how to alphabet. - I'm gonna say...

I only have two lives left.

I'm gonna risk it and say G.

- Since when does that word have a G? (laughs)

- What is this?

N-E-A, E, red.

That's all I have so far.

(Ron laughs)

- Karina, this is an A. (laughs)

- That's so hard to tell, it looks like a D.


- Re! (laughs)

- Oh gosh, this is hard!

- I am so excited!

Just one more life and I don't have to buy it to you!

- Guys, I have no idea what my last letter should be!

Because I only have one more life!

I don't know!

- I want to help you, but I have no money,

so I don't want to.

- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L...


- No! - Yes! Yes!

Why did I need L for?

L, L is that it?

- [Ronald] Yes. - Oh no!

Okay, I still have one life left.

Ronald, if I got this whole body,

do I still have one more chance?

- No! - Or no?

- This leg, you're over. (laughs)

- No!

I'm gonna die because of a leg! (laughs)

Oh no!

A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H,

I, J, K, L, - Karina needs her alphabet!

- M, L, M, N, O, P.

- This is all one word.

Like one thing, but just in three words.

- So hard! - No, actually yes!

It's so hard you cannot get it Karina!

Like it's so difficult you don't even know!

- Okay guys, I think I'm just gonna try

to guess what it is.

So, I'm just missing one letter here.

- Wait. - I don't know.


Vanilla ice cream! (cheers)

- No, no, no, no!

- I knew there was supposed to be a V somewhere!

Ron chill, it's just vanilla ice cream!

- I have no money.

I'm gonna have to borrow some from you.

- No!

So guys, I was hoping for something more expensive,

not vanilla ice cream,

but vanilla ice cream isn't bad,

and so let's go to the store and get some ice cream.

Well, we're at the ice cream place

and there's so many ice creams to choose from.

There's even more over here.

I think I want-- - Wait, wait Karina.

You have to get vanilla.

You got vanilla, you have to get vanilla, Karina.

Oh, what about like raspberry or chocolate?

- No, no. - Oh chocolate looks so good.

You have to get vanilla, smallest cup.

- No the biggest. - Small cup, please.


(laughs) - Okay.

He wants a cup.

- [Server] What size was it? - A cup.

- [Server] This one?

- Yes.


- I don't even get a cone, Ronald.

- That's the best part.


It's gonna be very cheap, Karina.

- Oh no.

Oh I got a little cracker thing on top, ha ha.

- Wait Karina, but that's not vanilla ice cream.

So you can't eat that.

- Well it's not my fault there's a cracker thing on top.

- Well you can't eat it.

You can only try the vanilla parts.

- Okay, I'm gonna try it.

- Wait.

Let me get my change first. (laughs)

'Cause that's more important.

Can I try?

- No, you don't get vanilla this is my vanilla ice cream.

- Thank you,

very much.

- All right now I'm gonna try this.

Tastes really plain.

- So guys, we are back!

And now it's my turn Karina.

Take a paper from the bucket.

- All right, I'm gonna pick oranges for you.

Do you like oranges?

- No Karina you cannot pick, you have to randomly choose.

- Okay Ron, look away.

- I will look (mumbles). - Okay.

Um, this one seems good.

Okay, I hope it's not too expensive.

(gasps) Oh, lucky!


- (mumbles) So sarcastic!

- Okay.

- There you go, now get me something good.

- Okay.

- I need to be thinking.

Brain power, Albert Einstein power.

- Okay, now let's draw the hangman thing.

There, and since you drew water underneath me,

I'm gonna drew something with teeth underneath you.

- Is that a shark?

- It could be a shark.

Blood thirsty eyes. (laughs)

- Okay, A.

A, A, A, A.

A. (squeals)

- No A.

- E, E, E, E.

- Oh yes, yes, yes!

- Okay, there.

- What?

Okay, how is this gonna work?


What is this?


Oh my goodness, I am on a roll.

I am on a roll.

- I kinda hope you don't get this.

- You're so sarcastic.

- But if you fall, there is a shark waiting for you.

- No!

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

Wait, what's another vowel?


- [Karina] Nope.

- No!

I only have four lives left.

Okay guys, now, it's time to get what this is.

I'm kidding, I need to add more letters

to the foundation.






Okay, next letter's gonna be K.

(Karina laughs)

- [Karina] No.

- [Ronald] You didn't even check.

- I don't need to check.

- P?

- P... What do you think?

- Yes, there's a million of them.

- [Karina] Nope.

- No, I only have two lives!

Guys, I only have two lives,

I wanna get this item!

A, B, C, D.


- [Karina] C?

- Yeah, yes.

Co te. (laughs)

O i te.

This is such a long word.

I know it's not gonna be like an Apple product.

Karina's like-- - You don't know.

- What Apple product is Ite Cote Apple?

(laughs) Series seven.

- What's the next letter Ronald?

- A, B, C, D.


- [Karina] D?

- I only have one more life.

Wait, if I-- - It's screaming for help.

- If I get this one, can I guess the word?

- No, that's not how it works. - No?

Okay, I have to guess the word here then.

- [Karina] You don't have very many letters to guess from.

- Okay guys, what do I do?

Okay, I think I just have to risk it with another letter.

A, B, C, D, E, F, G.

F. (record scratching)


No, no, no, no, no!

Why did you do that?

- [Karina] You're like getting eaten.

- Okay Karina, spell out the word.

I'm gonna look away.

Please don't say it's something I really want.

Are you done?

Hollister clothes, oh okay!

Like who cares about clothing.

So guys, I'm really glad that the item wasn't something

that I actually wanted, 'cause who needs Hollister clothing?

And now, I'm ready for some juicy stuff.

Like some awesome things, like a PC, a Mac,

electronics, expensive things

that Karina doesn't want me to get.

- Oh no.

Okay guys, I'm so glad

that I don't have to buy anything for Ronald.

So now, we're gonna change the sheet,

and then it's gonna be my turn.

- You have to get something really cheap.

You want a banana, I'll get you one.

- Ron, I don't need a banana.

I want an Apple Watch Series 5.

- No.

- Okay guys, this is round number two!

And so far, I got ice cream.

So hopefully, I'm gonna get a new iPhone,

or another Apple Watch, or new headphones,

or something expensive.

- Karina, you better be ready,

'cause I'm gonna get you an orange.

- [Karina] Oh no. - Okay, I'm getting my thing.

Let's put this down.

Okay, look away.


- [Man] Oh my god.

- Yes, it's something expensive!

Yes! (cheering)

- No, no!

It's a banana!

(Karina laughing)

- Oi Ron, here's your marker.

- Oh my god.

Get away paper! (laughs)

- [Karina] It's iPhone isn't it?

- Okay.

Oh, I cannot forget this.

- Okay guys, I know this is something expensive

'cause of Ron's reaction. - No it's not.

No it's not.

- Am I allowed to say words?

- Right away?

- I'm pretty sure this is Apple.

- Well, okay Karina.

If you guess it wrong, then you'll lose right away.

So, are you sure about-- - What?!

That's so unfair!

- Are you sure about that?

- No!

- [Ronald] Okay.

- Okay, first letter, P.

- Mm... - Wait.

- Karina, no, you're not getting any ideas.

- Wait.

- No Karina.

No, I know exactly--

- I think I know what it is.


- No, no.


- It's Gucci!

I get to get something Gucci!

What could this possibly be?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

(gasps) (heart beating)

I know what it is.


- No, no, no!

- Pack.

- No, no!

- Yes!

It's a Gucci backpack!

- No, no, no! - I get to get a new backpack!

- Wait, are you sure about that answer though?

- Yes, I'm extremely sure Ronald.

It's a Gucci backpack.

- Then you are incorrect. (record scratching)

- [Karina] What?! - I'm kidding, you're correct.

- Yay!

I'm getting a Gucci backpack, yes!

(screaming) (laughing)

Guys, I'm getting a Gucci backpack,

and I guessed it right away!

- No, no, no, no.

- I'm so excited!

- No!

- All right, let's go to the Gucci store

and get my new backpack!

So guys, we're in front of the Gucci store

and I'm so, so excited, 'cause I'm about to get

my Gucci backpack, and I'm so excited!

- Karina, I can get you chocolate ice cream.

Remember last time, how you wanted chocolate ice cream?

I can get you it now.

- Ronald, I think I'm good.

I'm gonna go with my Gucci backpack.

Come on Ronald, let's go.

- Help me please.

- Okay, I chose the bag that I want Ronald.

I think I want this one.

- Wait, how much, how much?

- Uh, I don't know, it doesn't really matter.

- Wait, is it like $1000, 2000?

- Actually, we could check.

- 1190 euros?


- Well Ron, look at it, it's so nice.

Look at that.

- Oh my goodness Karina!

Why don't you pick like a small purse or something?

- Ron, it said backpack.

I have to pick a backpack.

- Guys, what just happened?

I spent $2000 on this backpack,

and I have like zero dollars right now.

Here you go Karina.

- Thank you so much!

I love it so much, thank you so much.

I always wanted a Gucci backpack.

I love it, so, so, so much.

All right, now let's go home and see

what I have to buy Ronald.

- Hopefully I make up for it.

So guys, I just lost a lot of money,

which is not very good,

so now I need to make up for it

and get something really expensive so Karina will have,

well, I will have payback.

- Oh no, I'm not really excited for that.

But I'm pretty sure Ronald's just gonna get oranges.

- Pick something.

- Okay. - iPhone 11,

Apple Watch Series 5, the list goes on.

- This one.

(Karina laughs)

- No!

No, no, no!

I already know it's a banana or an orange.

(Karina laughing)

- All right, let's write it.

- No Karina, you're kidding right?

Okay, Apple.


Two words?


- And then of course, we gotta draw

the shark-infested water.

That I know you will be swimming in.

- Even if I do get it right,

it's not gonna be something good.

Okay, A.



Oh my goodness, I.

What could it possibly be?


Okay, Karina I know this is something very bad.

- Ronald, you got all the letters correct so far.

You're pretty lucky.

- H.

Oh my.

- [Karina] You're on it straight.

- What?!


No I broke it.

No, I have got five lives.

Like why can't this happen when I get

like iPhone 11 or something?

Why does it have to happen now?

- Ron, I think your head has a dent in it.

(laughs) Woops!

- L.

- [Karina] L.


- Karina, - What?

- I know what it is.

Is it Lindt chocolate?

- Yes.

(Ronald groaning)

Ron, you're getting chocolate.

Chocolate's not too bad.

- Yeah, it's not too bad.

But, like, Karina you just got a Gucci backpack.

I need a million of these to make up for it.

Help me please.

- All right, let's go to the grocery store

and get Ronald Lindt chocolate.

- It's gonna be the best kind.

Expensive Apple kinds.

- Okay Ronald, I kind of feel bad for you

'cause you only got Lindt chocolate, but I'm kinda happy

'cause I don't have to spend a lot of money.

So, we got a whole bunch of different options for you.

Which Lindt chocolate would you like?

We got from 99% cacao, all the way up to 50.

We got a whole bunch of flavors up here.

We got some milk over here,

this is personally my favorite.

So, which one do you want?

- I think I'm gonna go with this one.

The hazelnut Lindt Creation, it's very scientific,

and you can't have any of it.

- Wait, can we please share?

That looks really good.

- No Karina, you have a Gucci bag, it's like $2000.

I am having this all to myself.

- Oh okay.

Well whatever, it's fine.

All right let's go, come on.

Okay guys, it's the last round, the last time to go.

I already got one good thing.

Ronald didn't really get anything good so far.

- So now, Karina can go once, and I can go once,

and that's it!

- Hopefully I'm gonna get an Apple Watch 11 or--

- Apple Watch 11, Karina!

- iPhone 11 or Apple Watch Series 5.

There's three more pieces of paper in here,

and I know one of them are in here.

- Okay Karina, I'm gonna pick.

Okay I picked. - Oh gosh.

- Karina!

I'm shaking.

- Yes, yes, yes! (cheering)

- No!


- Yes, I'm so excited!

- Okay guys, in case you didn't see it,

'cause I already knew what it was.

This is what the item is.

(Ronald crying)

- All right Ronald, here is your magical pen, here.

Ron which one is it, the iPhone or Apple Watch?

- You will see.

- Okay. - Wait, could I check

the first word?

Okay so guys, this is the word.

I'm gonna add the first word to make it more hard.

Okay, let's do it.

- What?


What is this?

- Wait, so you're not gonna get it.

And then I will win.

And then you won't get it.

(Ronald laughs)

- Um, Ron what is it?

Is it Apple?

Or Gucci or--?

- You will see.

- I don't know if it's Apple of Gucci

'cause there isn't any...

Oh gosh.

- Okay wait, I need to draw this Karina.

You are not having infinite lives.

Shark-infested water.

(laughs) That's a shark. - [Man] Bruh.

- (laughs) That's a shark.

- It's not a very neat shark.

Oh gosh, I don't know about this one.

I thought it was gonna be an iPhone or Apple Watch,

it was gonna be easy.

- It's not though.

- Okay, I'm gonna say A, 'cause I always start with A.

- No A.

- What?

It's gonna be an I.

- You wanna say I?

- [Karina] Yeah.

- [Man] Huh? - Okay.

- [Karina] iPhone.

- You already know.

Yup, that's it.

- Can I guess a word, and like--?

- If you guess the word, and you get it wrong,

it's all out.

But you can't just guess a word,

you have to guess the whole thing,

and if you get it wrong, you're all out.

- All right, I know that's iPhone,

so I can say P.

- What?

I'm really confused.

- Okay, what's next?

- [Karina] H.

- H?

- Phone.

- Oh yeah.

Okay, yeah.

- O.

- Karina stop bullying me.

- (laughs) N.

This is hard.

- [Ronald] She's gonna get it. - And E.

New iPhone Pro.

(gasps) New iPhone 11 Pro.

Yes, yes! - No, No!

(cheering) (screaming)

- I'm getting the iPhone 11 Pro!

Yes, I'm getting the one I wanted, yes!

I'm so happy guys!

Let's go to the Apple store so I could get my

new iPhone, yay!

- You got a Gucci bag, vanilla ice cream,

and now an iPhone 11 Pro. (cries)

- Ron, come on!

You gotta go bring your wallet,

and bring lots of money, 'cause I'm gonna get a new iPhone!

Let's go!

- Help me.

- Guys, we're at the Apple store.

I'm ready to get my new iPhone 11 Pro,

I'm so excited!

I got my Gucci bag ready to go inside the store.

Look, my new phone is all over the walls of the Apple store,

I'm so excited.

- Karina, don't you wanna have the first iPhone

that's ever created?

I mean, it's still a phone.

- Ronald, I had the iPhone 4 before,

and it's not good, so I don't want it again.

- Wait, but Karina, your phone is still working fine.

You can just use that one, why--

- Well, it has few scratches on it,

so, I kinda want to get the new one.

- Okay. - Come one Ron, let's go!

(Ron cries)

Guys look, it's right here.

- [Man] Oh my god!

- [Ronald] Karina, that's the max.

- [Karina] Oh, this is the max.

I don't want the max, I want the pro.

- [Ronald] Can I hold it?

Oh, this isn't even that big.

- [Karina] This isn't that big either.

It's pretty good.

- Is that the pro?

I think that's the pro, not max.

- This one's the pro.

(gasps) It's so good, look at that.

- [Ronald] Wait, can I hold it?

- [Karina] You can hold it.

- Oh that's perfect size.

But you're not having it. (record scratching)

- What?

They have loads of different colors.

Look, they have a blue one, they have radiance,

and black and red and everything.

- What? - It's amazing.

- Karina, how about you just get the normal iPhone 11.

Why do you want the pro or the max?

- Ron, it said iPhone 11 Pro.

Not iPhone 11.

- Why?

- Okay Ronald, this is what I want.

The white 11 pro.

- Karina, yours works perfectly.

This iPhone X is still good Karina.

- But Ronald, I kinda want the new one.

You know, it has a better camera,

it's nicer, it has no scratches on it,

and it's nice. - Okay fine.

Help me please.

Okay guys, this is not a good day for me.

I got Karina a Gucci backpack,

and now an iPhone 11 Pro.

This was so expensive.

Karina wanted the one with the most gigabytes,

so I had to get it.

And now Karina, here you go.

- Thank you so much.

I'm gonna use it all the time,

like I would with any other phone.

I love it so, so much.

Thanks Ronald!

- You're not welcome.

Okay guys, this is the last round for me

and I'm completely devastated.

Karina's got a new iPhone 11 Pro.

And now I'm here, about to get some

vanilla ice cream or something like that.

- Okay. - [Ronald] Pick the thing.

- All right.

Okay guys, there's only two left

and I'm pretty sure the Apple Watch is in here,

and something else, probably a bag.

So I'm gonna have no reaction,

so Ronald has no idea what it is.

- No please, have a reaction Karina, no!

I had a reaction and you didn't.

- This one, I'm so nervous.

- [Ronald] Karina, have a reaction!


Karina, you're scaring me.

Is it good or bad?

I hate when you look at me like that

'cause I know it's gonna be an orange.

- (laughs) All right.

- New...


Okay, this is not the Apple Watch is it?

- [Man] Nope.

- Apple. (cries)

- We're gonna have more than one shark.

- [Ronald] Karina no, you're stressing me out.

- To make the stakes higher.

That's not a very good shark.

But you know, there you go.

- Karina, okay, A.

- A.

- What about the second word? (laughs)

- [Karina] There's no A in there.

- [Ronald] Okay, E.

- E, are you sure?

- Yes, Karina I know it's in there.

Tea? (laughs)

No, I didn't say that Karina!

I meant tea as in the drink. - [Man] Bruh.

- As a joke.

- Oh okay-- - Okay, T, whatever.

Oh, I should've looked at

you pointed your marker over there.

Uh, O.

- O, are you sure?

- Yes Karina, it's in there, I know.



- One leg is all the way into that shark's mouth.

- Karina, it's not over yet.

A, B, C... C.

- C, are you sure? (laughs)

- Yes, it's gonna be off.

- No!

Atoc is that something, atoc?

Can I get that at least?

- [Karina] No, I don't think so.

- T, no I said T.


- [Karina] You already know what it is now.

- Oh, Nerf gun!


So guys, I was really hoping for a Apple Watch

or a iPhone 11, but I just got a Nerf gun,

which isn't that bad, not that bad.

But it's not gonna make up for a iPhone 11 Pro

and a Gucci bag.

- Ron, you already have about 20 Nerf guns.

Are you sure you need more?

- Yes. (laughs)

I'm gonna get the most expensive one.

- So guys, we're at the toy store,

and right behind us we got a whole bunch of Nerf guns.

And since Ronald got me the Gucci bag,

and the iPhone 11 Pro, you can choose

any one of these you want.

Except these ones, these are not Nerf guns.

- Okay Karina, I would choose the most expensive one anyway,

I don't need your permission.

So I am gonna get this one.

But the problem is, it's only $36.

- Hey Ronald, it's not my problem.

If you want it, you can get it.

- Okay.


- So guys, I am back with my haul.

I love this challenge so much

'cause I just got a new iPhone!

Look at that, I got the iPhone 11 Pro!

- And since I bought it, that will belong to me.

- No Ronald, it's mine.

And also, I'm not done, I got...

A Gucci backpack! - You're not done, oh wow.

- Look it's so nice.

I'm gonna wear it all the time,

I'm gonna put my iPhone 11 Pro inside it

and take it with me everywhere.

- Karina has the set and it's all thanks to me.

What have I made her? (laughs)

- So guys, I really hope you like this video.

So we can do this again!

(Ronald babbles)

- Dislike this video

'cause we're not doing any of these again.

- Ron, next time I can get you chocolate ice cream,

how about that?

- Oh, like that's gonna make up for $3000.

- Maybe. (laughs)

So guys, we hope to see you,

if you did, smash that like button--

(Ronald babbles)


- Don't smash that like button,

and we will see you all next time.

- What? - [Both] Good bye!

- You see, you said bye.

(upbeat music)

The Description of Guess The Word And I'll Buy It Challenge!!!