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Take a look at this. Sold by us last year. The customer came by and I secretly went to wash him.

Yes there I am again. New week, new opportunities, we say again.

We are working hard on the newly arrived cars. Here in front of me is the Volkswagen Polo we bought last week.

New model, driven 55,000 kilometers. Really a top cart.

After having done some shopping last week, they must of course be beautifully presented.

What a picture. Busy with the newly arrived cars. Mercedes Benz GLC 350 E for the photo shoot.

Online soon,

The sold Q7 will cross the dike. Sold to a customer from Lelystad. I hope he has a lot of fun with it.

New stock. Mercedes C-Class, 2016. Just peek, 70 on the clock.

Sliding roof in it and a detachable towbar. Also new in. A golden 108. First owner. Less than 21,000 kilometers.

Then we have the blue A45 AMG of 2016. It will be covered tomorrow, today is Monday the tenth.

Tomorrow it will be covered with some stickers, because we are going to drive a Rally with it.

Also newly arrived the Mercedes GLC 350 E is ready.

Our Audi RS6, just arrived Skoda RS, the Octavia. A golf machine, a golf manual transmission.

Also with a roof in it. Here we have a Kia. Here we have a GLC also a 350 E in the Salor not gray, 2018. A very nice car.

Do we still have a C diesel. A Ford Fiesta ST, 2018. C350 E.

That's how it goes, you can drive approximately 25 to 35 kilometers with a full battery.

If you demand a little more power from the car, it will switch to petrol. We still have two Aygos. This red one and a bit back the white one.

Ford K exchanged for an Aygo. Distribution renewed and overhauled.

Then we have a nice Italian. The 500C with a very nice interior. Look, Ho. Is closed.

Look. We just go into the garage. The AMG is already in the bridge.

We are going to assemble the summer slippers. And have a look. 19 inch AMG rims, that suits him equally well. How beautiful isn't he ?!

Look, you are at home in quarantine and you still want to admire one of these cars, you can call us and Dani will explain everything. That's nice.

We just got a call from a customer because they heard a strange noise under the hood.

He joined here and we did some research.

Here I have the multi-string in my hands. It is not surprising that he heard a sound.

We are now going to replace the multi-string. At the beginning of the week we are on our way to Germany. Battle for punch. Car found.

Car was still available but was in high demand. So we decided to start driving immediately. We are on our way to Germany to pick up something beautiful.

The navigation is connected to the phone by means of Apple Carplay.

Three hours of driving, a piece of cake.

It is a bit warm in the car, so I have my seat ventilation on.

Then it gets nice and cool.

Saturday three weeks ago we sold this very nice Mercedes C 350 E.

The finances still had to be arranged, which unfortunately took three and a half weeks.

But just had a phone call that everything is going to be put into operation. This one has also been definitively sold.

Just refuel. That must of course happen in Germany.

Just bought a new V class. Have a look, 8 persons.

What a beautiful bus, what a beautiful bus. 360 degree camera on it. Ho it's full. So, we are on our way back from Germany.

We are on our way to Enkhuizen again and we have bought a very nice Mercedes V-class. A V250 Diesel.

With 138,000 kilometers on the clock. Really a top car, which we have been looking for for a while.

We had a customer who had applied to us for a v-class and we have now found him.

It is really a winner, so we are very happy with that. Really pretty.

Are you also looking for a car? Do not hesitate to call us, we often work on request.

We import a lot of cars. We are often in Germany, Belgium, Austria and even France.

We look very broadly. Are you looking for a car now? Feel free to call us or drop by, I would say.

So the exchanged bus goes to Hungary.

This white A45 AMG goes to the cleaner and will soon be online at

And this nice Toyota Aygo was also sold last Saturday. We have given a major service and it is now being delivered. Satisfied customer, we happy too.

Today we have two Mercedes on the bridge. Here we have a V250 diesel that we got from Germany this week. It gets a big turn.

Two new front tires, because it has been sold.

This A-class, new model A 180 diesel, is also on the bridge. The summer set is mounted and the oil is changed. Also sold.

Volkswagen Golf 7 on the bridge, for a small turn.

The summer wheels are mounted under the sold a-class, so it can go down again.

This nice mini couper is here for a Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection. We are going to deliver this sold A-class today.

Nico calls the customer, because this Nissan is here for some maintenance and we have found that all four tires need to be renewed.

Nico has a brief consultation with the customer. Just hear which brand of tires should be underneath.

We are allowed to make some kilometers again with the trailer.

There is a broken down car near Naaldwijk, so a nice ride ahead. Then we will pick it up and repair it again.

The car that I am going to pick up is here at the Mercedes dealer where I am now arriving.

I will hear where it is inside and then I will charge it and take it with me.

Still always nice to come here again. I see some new b class here. New police cars.

Nicely lined up. Always nice to see such things.

And yes, such a ride also gets you a bit hungry, so that includes a stopover. With a nice sandwich. I say "Enjoy your meal!"

Yes, after having owned our trailer for over a year, we tapped the 50,000 kilometers.

There he is.

On to the next 50 thousand.

So, just on the way to Zwaag. Are we going to deliver the SLK 2004 convertible. We would actually do it on Thursday last week.

Only we had to renew the amplifier, because the radio was bad.

We are almost there. She's looking forward to it, so am I. So we're going to deliver it.

On the way back I will pick up Joey on location, because he is delivering sold SLK here.

Just explain how everything works. This is logistically responsible again!

And then we can go back together nicely.

Car unloaded at the garage. We will fix it as soon as possible. Here we have a Kia Rio, overhauled and ready for sale.

Because he has already been sold. Delivery next week.

And the Nissan for small maintenance, which has four new tires underneath. Hoppa, can it safely on its way again.

Guys, our A45 AMG, we have come up with something nice for that. Look, suppose you see this and you think "I have to have this one, in this color.

Grab your camera. Keep above it. Click, and you are at the ad. Top or not?

Do you know what it is? If you work a car company, washing cars is also part of it.

Normally that is of course not always the nicest job, but with some cars you don't mind.

Look at this. Sold by us last year. The customer customer came by and I'm going to secretly give him a wash.

This is a very nice ass, you know. Porsche carrera 4s.

What a picture guys.

Here it is again, washed and well. Drying up in the sun.

Look at it. Hear it sound. This makes you very happy as a car enthusiast.

The traded-in Volkswagen polo. We received it yesterday, so that means mounting a Cancer sign.

This will soon be on our website Super nice au to, automaton.

Seat heating in the car. Really a super nice Polo.

Have a look. How many kilometers does he have? 126,000 kilometers.

Cruise control is also there. He also has. Super handsome car.

Soon on our website

The Mercedes v-class is ready for delivery. Has had a major overhaul, two new front tires.

And it has been MOT inspected one more time. It has been cleaned and well.

Delivery this afternoon and otherwise maybe tomorrow. It depends on how much time the customer has left.

But it is ready. With this weather you immediately feel like converting cars. What a weather.

So we will deliver the bus tomorrow. I'm going to put him in here tonight. What a device.

Electric sliding door and six rear seats.

Everything full leather.

Behind the wheel. What a boss thing. This is great. A really cool car.

I am standing here next to the A45 AMG full metic, 381 HP.

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